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What is opinions: Definition and 71 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Opinions on the New White Round Stone

    I earned mine. Looks nice and the recipe ideas coming out are good. Will be interesting if people who already own a round one will also buy this. Also if people who don't own a round stone will jump in.
  2. DebPC

    Is the Deluxe Version of New Seasons Best Worth the Extra Cost?

    Now that we've had the $2 version for almost a season, do you like the deluxe version versus the old style $1 one? should PC scrap it or keep it?
  3. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Rib Eye Roast - Opinions Requested

    I suddenly found myself in charge of making a beef roast for Christmas dinner. I'll be baking it here at home, then transporting it for dinner at the family homestead. (Not to worry, it's over the river and through the woods, probably a 20 minute sleigh ride.)Anyway, this roast is a beauty...
  4. P

    Opinions on Bbq Flexible Basket???

    For those of you who have the new products....what are your thoughts on the grill basket? Placing my sample order and I'm on the fence on whether or not to get it. Thanks for your help!!
  5. chefheidi2003

    Opinions and Suggestions Please

    I am considering purchasing the Thank You cards from Merrill to use as our thank you cards for our wedding. Opinion: Do you think that it would seem that I am trying to advertise my business? Do you think it would be tacky to use for my wedding thank you cards? Suggestions: If I do...
  6. PampChefJoy

    Your Opinions Wanted - a Survey

    If you would like to share your thoughts about the "future" of what Tasty Tidbits may be, please help me out by completing this survey. It's about 10 questions and should take no more than 5 minutes. Thanks! Tasty Tidbits Future Services
  7. NooraK

    Posting Notes of Speakers - Opinions Please

    What's your opinion on posting the notes of a speaker from an event? I'm not referring to notes you personally took while listening, but the actual notes that person put together to get ready for their presentation. The reason I ask is because the speakers are quite willing to share this...
  8. A

    SL to SB: Opinions from Those Who've Switched

    For those that went to SL can you please tell me, will I love the new SB? I could not attend and cannot wait to get that darn changeover box to get my SB!
  9. deanna_g

    Save on Postage: Asking Guests to Chip In for Mailing Invites - Expert Advice

    I typically send out invites for my guests and am sending out mini-catalogs right now. Well, my host for August 11th got me all her addresses and she has SO many! That's a great thing, but it's going to cost me nearly $30 to mail all these! What would you do? Would it be fair to ask her to chip...
  10. PampChefJoy

    Rebranding and Simplifying: Opinions on My New Photography Logo

    I am contemplating re-branding my photography business -- I've had the same logo for 2 years and not quite feeling so connected to it anymore. I've vowed to make 2010 a lot simpler and I wanted to simplify my branding... Here is the current logo and the new concepts. Not sure if I want to...
  11. DebPC

    Opinions on a Secure Way to Join?

    Hi All, Seems the old password "Throughout" which everyone had to look up in the Director Policies to be accepted isn't working too well anymore- due to changes. Any suggestions? I want to preserve this sight for Directors and up and Team Leaders working towards repromoting. Since I am in the...
  12. pamperedalf

    I Need Your Opinions Not on Pampered Chef.....

    I know I'm not on here much, but I would like your opinions pretty please!!! Okay Chef Success Friends, I need your opinions. I have started really getting into making Jellies & jams & a local grange is certifying there kitchen so I can legally sell my jellies & jams at the farmer's market &...
  13. NooraK

    Brand Yourself with Design Her Gals: Get Opinions!

    I like the idea of "branding" myself, and have been considering starting to use a Design Her Gals (http://www.designhergals.com/) character on my correspondence and such. Those of you who use these, can you give me your opinion?
  14. J

    Trying the Pass Around Salsa - SW Seasoning or No? Opinions Wanted!

    OK....I haven't ever done the pass around salsa, but I have an upcoming show where I'd like to try it. I've searched the old posts here, and I have a question. I saw 2 different versions of the pass around salsa - one that uses the SW seasoning and one that doesn't. All the other ingredients...
  15. KellyRedHead

    Friday Night Show Dilemma: Seeking Opinions for April 17th Booking

    Hi Everyone! Just looking for your opinions here. Whether its yes, or no I will look at what everyone gives me as their opinion, no hurt feelings so bring it on.LOL! I have a show booked for April 17th. Now I don't always book shows for Friday nights, because we usually do something with...
  16. janetupnorth

    Is a Beaded Serving Set a Practical Purchase for Frequent Entertainers?

    Worth getting? I saw it at NC but not sure if it is worth it or not (at 60% off...). What do you think?
  17. F

    Get 20% Off + Additional 5% with January Booking | Customer Appreciation Sale

    I am considering offering a customer appreciation sale of 20% off all orders between now and 12/10. With an additional 5% off with a January booking. I am $520 from the 1st incentive level and want to generate sales because I am so close. Has anyone ever done this? Does it "devalue" the...
  18. heather223

    Invitation- Need Opinions Please

    I am thinking about switing to a full page invitation that will be printed Black/ White on colored paper. I was sending postcards, but I am going through a ton of color ink and it is very time consuming because things don't always align correctly when I print them. Can you please give me your...
  19. kam

    Delicious Fall/Winter Trifle Recipes: Share Your Opinions!

    I would really like to offer (push) trifles for my Oct/Nov shows (since the Dec special is the Trifle Bowl). I like to make a Pumpkin Trifle Recipe (that I got from here last year). But I would really like to offer one other. The new one from this Season's SB didn't thrill me to make. And...
  20. C

    Director Create a Successful Consultant Recognition Program | Pampered Chef Ideas"

    Hi all! I am so excited because I finally came up with a recognition progam for the Consulants in my downline; well at least I know partially what I want to do! I will be handing out 'I Put on My Apron' cards at each meeting. Unless the Consultant lives more than 45 miles away from our...
  21. PChefPEI

    Customer Appreciation Show Invites...need Opinions!

    Okay, so I have my invitations ready to print. I want to print them on pretty paper and fold them up "flyer-like" and mail them. My only trouble is that I can't figure out what to do about the directions to my house....in the middle of nowhere....sort of....;) I do have a seperate sheet...
  22. B

    Opinions Wanted: Forged Cutlery Set for My Show in September

    I am having a show in September and I'm thinking about getting the forged cutlery set when I earn a 50% off item. What is everyone's opinion of the forged cultery? How would you rate it against other brands? Could you live without it, or is it something you really use all of the time? Thank...
  23. susanr613

    Recipes for Romance - Guys' Opinions

    Hi again: Thanks for the replies to my previous thread. Now there's a twist. The Surprise Party lady bought a chocolate fountain so there go all the chocolate recipes. Now I'm thinking of savory foods....and would like a male perspective too. I'm thinking of a pizza recipe, like the...
  24. lisa717

    Maximize Your Direct Sales Success: Tips for Handling Persistent Bookings

    I have a girl who just participated in my Mystery Host show.....she was at a show of mine not too long ago-----My director has done her shows in the past......she liked the way I did the interactive show(My director does a no demo).....and wants to book a Sept show with me.....but said my...
  25. L

    New Idea to Increase Pampered Chef Business - Opinions Wanted!

    I need some opinions on this idea, please! I have a HUGE box of business cards from Merrill. When I first signed up for PC, Merrill had a promotion on business cards, so I got the BIG box of business cards and now have this abundant supply of cards! The problem is that I'm moving, (within...
  26. PChefPEI

    My Pws Name...need Your Opinions Please!

    My PWS name now is /mariefrancemyers. It's way too loooonnnnnggggg for my taste. The reason it is, is because when I signed up, I was told that it had to be our name. I checked with HO and I would be allowed to change it to /mfmyers. My business cards and fridge magnets all have my PWS...
  27. jrstephens

    Opinions Needed: Treadmill or Stationery Bike

    We are thinking of getting either a treadmill or stationery bike. There have been several nights that we have not been able to walk either for rain or my parents not being at home to keep the kids and I do not want Cole out in the "misquito time of the night." The last excercise equipment I...
  28. heather223

    Vonage: Reviews & Opinions Wanted!

    I was wondering if anyone on here uses Vonage? Do you like it? Dislike it? I was thinking of switching and was just wondering. Thanks for the help. :chef:
  29. J

    Boost Sales with a Delicious Prize: Chocolate Dessert Recipe + PC Products

    My first 4 shows are coming up starting in 2 weeks, all of my host are either family or very close friends. one of them suggested that they "compete" with one another wo see who can get the most sales and bookings. i was thinking about this and would like to put something together as a prize. I...
  30. PampChefJoy

    Ok Policy Police, Please Weigh in With Your Opinions..

    One of the features of the head chef and exec chef services that I am thinking about offering is a custom subscribe/unsubscribe page. It would have a web address of something like this: www.mypcnewsletter.com/chefjoy.htm (don't click on the link, it won't work). Basically it would take you...