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What is wanted: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. P

    Find the Perfect Dots Dinnerware: Shop Now and Save!

    ISO dots dinnerware. Please let Me know what you have available and prices. Thanks
  2. Sandyj

    Find the Perfect Tool Turnabout #2171 in Back or White - Shop Now!

    Looking for a Tool turnabout, back or white #2171. Don’t mind if it is gently used.
  3. Amanda McDaniel

    Table Cloth Wanted: 79606 Delivery Needed

    I desperately need a table cloth. Anyone have one? Shipped to 79606. Thanks so much!
  4. K

    Pampered Chef Logo Tablecloth Wanted

    Looking to buy a PC logo tablecloth or runner.
  5. Heather8345

    Pampered Chef Table Cover Wanted

    I am wanting to buy a table cover with the pampered chef logo on it. Anything similar to the attached photo below. It can be the old logo or the new logo. I have several vendor parties coming up and would like to make that an addition to my table set up. If you can email me a picture with a...
  6. JenniferB

    Wanted: XL Pampered Chef Women's Shirts/T-Shirts

    Does anyone have Pampered Chef women's shirts or t-shirts, XL, nice condition that they would like to move out of their closet? Drop me a note, [email protected] Thank yoU!
  7. baychef

    Spices Wanted: Contact My Consultant for Purchase

    Have someone looking for a spice turn about. Please pm me and will give you information to contact my fellow consultant for purchase follow through. Thank you!
  8. DebPC

    All You Wanted to Know About Eggs

    Interesting information...
  9. lynncolvinpc

    Pie Gate Wanted: Looking to Purchase - Any Help Appreciated!

    I have a customer looking for a pie gate! Does anyone happen to have one I could purchase? Thanks!
  10. Jasmine

    I Am Looking for Pampered Chef Shirts

    I think I probably need a size med. unless its form fitting them maybe a size lg
  11. TrudysOwn

    White Scissors Wanted - Please Contact With Price

    Does anyone have a pair of white scissors we used to carry? I have the black ones we currently carry but would like another pair of the white ones. If you do, please let me know the price you want.Thanks.
  12. N

    What Should My Help Wanted Flyer Say for My First Vendor Event?

    Hi! I am doing my first vendor event on the 8th and would like to have a help wanted flyer to put up but I'm not sure what it should say? Please help!
  13. dollfangs

    Wanted: Oval Baker - Any Color!

    My best friend's oval baker just broke and since we don't sell them anymore I can't order her another. Does anyone have an oval baker they would like to sell? Either color is fine
  14. VeronicaW

    Get Your June & July Order Forms Now – Don't Miss Out!"

    Need Order Forms for June & July please!
  15. B

    Cookout Fundraiser for Basketball Team: Recipes Wanted!

    So, I'm doing a fundraiser show for a basketball team and they want to do it in the form of a cookout. Does anyone have any recipes that they would recommend. I'm going to have fruit and use the different wedges and fruit cutters. All ideas are appreciated.
  16. J

    February Cross Over Bag Wanted - $35+ Shipping

    Looking for February Cross Over bag. Will pay $35 plus shipping.
  17. C

    Quick Stir Pitcher Charm Wanted

    ISO Quick Stir Pitcher Charm. I earned all the charms and it was stolen when they broke in our home. HO does not replace so I am piecing it back together. Any help is appreciated. Won't be back on till Tues. Thanks (reasonable price only please)
  18. C

    Buy Wanted: Looking for [Product]

    if anyone has this i am interested in purchasing it. Thanks!
  19. J

    Wanted: Snowman Spatulas - Must be Delivered by 19th

    Does anyone have any snowman spatulas you're willing to sell? I have a customer who would like to get 8 of them before the 19th when she goes out of town for Christmas.
  20. C

    Discontinued Chefs Tools: Small Serving & Slotted Spoons Wanted!

    I have a customer looking for the small serving spoon and the slotted spoon in the chefs tools we discontinued. Anyone have these new in the box?
  21. C

    Maximizing Success at Vendor Events: Tips and Tricks for Booth Owners

    I have done many vendor events and have not had much luck, either with orders or interest when I do follow up calls. I know it must be something I am doing wrong, considering how much success so many have doing these. Any helpful hints or tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  22. K

    Wanted: Picnic Basket with Blue Dots - Krista

    If anyone is looking to get rid of their picnic basket with the blue dots, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands :) PM me and let me know how much you'd like for it. Thanks! Krista
  23. heulflodyn

    Where Can I Find a Discontinued Wine Bottle Opener in the UK?

    Hi, I'm located in the UK and bought a wine bottle opener before they were discontinued over here. My son is wanting one, SO I wondered whether anyone could help me out? It looks as if PC might be changing the design in the US next month? It was the #2157 item Thanks Natalie
  24. B

    Wanted: Pretty in Pleats Going Places Tote

    Anyone have a Pretty In Pleats tote from the Going places collection they'd like to get rid of? I'd prefer a new one. Or is there anyone submitting 2 shows that doesn't need anything and would be willing to get it and sell it?
  25. kisrae

    Microwave Blackberry Cobbler Recipe Wanted!

    Does anyone have a blackberry cobbler recipe for the microwave they can share?
  26. esavvymom

    Consultants Wanted in Raleigh, NC & Surrounding Areas

    I am looking for consultants in the RALEIGH, NC and surrounding areas. You will meet leads from all over the Triangle area and nearby I'm sure. Another consultant team and I have recently signed up for a Vendor booth at the upcoming Kids Exchange consignment sale held at the NC State...
  27. R

    Lap Board Search: 10 Wanted (White/Burgundy)

    Hi everybody I am in search of Lap Boards... I would like to have 10 more can be either the white ones or burgundy ones. Thanks!:chef:
  28. C

    Looking for a New Item? Let Me Know!

    Im looking for one of these, new please. Let me know! Thanks!
  29. L

    Mini Pie Pans: Feedback Wanted!

    Looking for feedback on the mini pie pans. What do you think of them?
  30. Deb Bixler

    Looking for a Deep Dish Baker? Contact 717-751-2793!

    Any color new dd baker needed! 717-751-2793 [email protected]