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What is blue: Definition and 68 Discussions

  1. Q&LDezyn

    Discover the Perfect Blue Chef's Knife - In Stock Now! LMK if You Need It - 1516

    Hello, looking for this knife if anyone has it. LMK
  2. F

    Looking for More Details on the Blue Cardigan Logo Sweater for Sale?

    Selling this sweater for $25 plus shipping (estimate around $6). Prefer VENMO for payment.Its a pretty cornflower blue. Buttons all the way up with light rufflle down middle seam. Wore maybe twice. XL, but runs small. Logo is embroidered. Hat Logo on right sleeve. From smoke free...
  3. Niki Kate

    Pan-Fried Steaks with Balsamic Vinegar and Blue Cheese

    I made the pan fried steaks with balsamic vinegar and blue cheese. Use the balsamic very sparingly otherwise the steak tastes sweet.... almost giving the impression of rotting.
  4. W

    Iso Blue Can Opener and Tablecloth-Old Logo

    ISO BLUE Can Opener and tablecloth-Old Logo, preferably in Wisconsin, but will pay for shipping from any US location.
  5. C

    forSale: Cobalt Blue Easy Release Cheese Knife

    This has never been used. I am asking $10 plus shipping.
  6. kcnancy

    Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size Xl

    Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size XL Light blue and white size XL never worn logo top. List Date: 6/4/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Light Blue and White Women's Logo Top Size XL -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $20.78 + $6...
  7. F

    Brand New Director Style Navy Blue Chair

    I have a brand new Director Style folding chair for sale. Never used. Took out of box just to take pictures. Comes with carrying bag and shoulder strap. PC logo on back. Both arms have cup holders and also little mesh bag on side arm to store things. $45 includes shipping.
  8. 1PamperedMommy

    Blue Silicone Oven Glove with Five Fingers: When Was This Last Sold?

    I have a customer who says a friend purchased a blue silicone oven glove (with all five fingers), but I've never seen it before. Does anyone know how long ago we sold this, or have one available?
  9. Admin Greg

    Discussing Blue Products: Tips, Complaints, Praise, Reviews, Ideas & Thoughts

    Please discuss the Blue Products. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  10. DebPC

    Celebrate with Red, White and Blue: Holiday Decor Ideas

    These could work for a number of holidays.
  11. K

    Wanted: Picnic Basket with Blue Dots - Krista

    If anyone is looking to get rid of their picnic basket with the blue dots, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands :) PM me and let me know how much you'd like for it. Thanks! Krista
  12. byrd1956

    Looking for Dots & Blue Glasses for Sale?

    I have the following products for sale: 4 dots dinner plated $40 plus shipping (new- no box) 2 dots coffee & more cups $10 plus shipping (new - not box) 4 dots small colored glasses $29 plus shipping (new in box) 4 blue plastic tumblers $10 plus shipping (new in box) 2 HWC pink dots squares...
  13. Ginger428

    Blue Cheese & Cream Cheese Delights: A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Does anyone remember this, it was awhile ago. Had cream cheese,blue cheese, crushed peppercorn & garlic.... TIA!! I think it was in a CN....
  14. P

    Why Are Blue & Purple the Only Options for PWS Design?

    I wonder why the only two colors there are to choose from for our PWS designs are blue and purple for Nov/Dec?? Red? Green? :(
  15. naekelsey

    Fs: Blue Simple Additons Carrier

    I am selling a Blue Simple Additions Carrier. It holds your SA. Can be used for parties or just used to store your SA. It is no longer available through PC. It is new and never been used. For some reason I bought 2 but only use 1. I love it.. I am asking $40 plus shipping.
  16. C

    For Sale: Light Blue Vinyl Pampered Chef Banner - $15 + Shipping

    This is the light blue vinyl PC Banner for sale. I am asking $15 plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested! I do have paypal so I can ship it as soon as it is paid for.
  17. I

    Director Learn the Rules for Blue Dot Bingo | Tips and Tricks for Winning!

    does anyone have the rules for Blue Dot Bingo?:help:
  18. C

    Can Blue Cheese/Bacon/Potato Crisps Be Made on a Stone as Nachos?

    I seem to remember readiing that these can be made on a stone as nachos - is this the recipe I am thinking of? It is so hard to get the potatoes to fit in the MMP. I usually end up slitting the sides of the potato and overlapping it a bit. Any other tips, if this is not the nacho recipe idea?
  19. aried

    Delicious Red, White & Blue Recipes for Every Occasion

    someone was looking for some recipe, here it what I had in my files.
  20. S

    Blue Cheese Potato Crisps on Stones?

    A couple weeks ago we were talking about doing the potato crisps on stoneware instead of the MMP. I was just wondering if anyone had a chance to try that yet and how did it turn out. TIA, Sandi
  21. ChefJWarren

    Size M Tops - Burgandy, White & Blue - $4 to $10

    Burgandy Knit 3/4 Sleeve Top - Size M $7 (uploaded weird but the color is burgandy/maroon) White Knit Short Sleeve Top - Size M $4 (has very small hole in bottom left hand corner-easily repaired can't really tell) Pampered Chef in pink stones Blue Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Button Up Collared Top -...
  22. jbondr

    Blue Pampered Chef Flip Flops for Sale

    Good News! :) I won the Summertime 2010 flip Flops. They arrived today. Bad News! :( They don't fit. I wear a size 8-8 1/2 usually. They seem to be about a 9-10 in womens. If you are interested PM me.
  23. P

    Iso Large Red,White and Blue Ceramic Bowl

    Anyone have a new or gently used large red, white and blue ceramic bowl from years ago, maybe the patriotic collection, that you are willing to part with. And at what price?
  24. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Is Tonight's Blue Moon on New Year's Eve a Rare Occurrence?

    Tonight is not only New Year's Eve, it is also a full moon tonight, in fact, it's a Blue Moon. Huh? Never seen the moon turn blue? You're right, you haven't seen it blue but you have seen a Blue Moon whether you know it or not. A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. A...
  25. P

    Savory Pecan-Crusted Blue Cheese Bites: Substituting Peanuts?

    I need to make the Savory Pecan-Crusted Blue Cheese Bites from the new appetizer cookbook for an event. The recipe calls for 2 cups of toasted pecans..... any thoughts if the pecans could be substituted with peanuts?! Got home and had the wrong nuts .. and won't be near the supermarket before...
  26. pc_jessica

    What is the style and size of the Merril Blue Jacket for sale?

    I am selling the Jacket that I bought from Merrill. Nothing is wrong with it is Brand new but it doesn't fit it is too big for me...and they wont take it back because that is the size I ordered ugh! Anwyas it is the Womens Full Zip Jacket in Blue, with the logo. I am asking what I paid for it...
  27. beepampered

    Iso Blue Cups From Patriotic Set

    I have a customer who want four blue cups that go in the patriotic set now posted on the outlet. Anyone have those available? Thanks.....BEE
  28. Shawnna

    Red White and Blue Dessert Pizza

    Several years ago we had a recipe for a dessert pizza that looked like a flag. I can't find the recipe anywhere. I looked thru the recipe files and couldn't find it there. Does anyone have it? I have a show Tuesday and that is what they want. I am hoping someone can post it here or email it...
  29. Sheila

    Creative Red, White & Blue Theme Recipe Ideas for Your Next Military Party

    My hostess wants to do a Red, White & Blue theme. I looked on Consultant's Corner and I don't have all the tools to do the recipes that I saw there. We are military & my director is moving off the island before the show, so I can't borrow equipment from her. So I'm stuck improvising. I'm...
  30. L

    Urgent Iso Price for Blue Star Ice Cube Trays

    Hi all, I got a couple of these and no idea what they cost, as I don't have receipt any more and I've been asked about them by a customer and she wants to add more to her collection and asked me.... "I know it's a long shot, but do you have or can you get me one or 2 sets of these. I don't...