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  1. C

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Product Use & Care Cards

    Does anyone know if it comes with one? I don't have it myself, and I had a guest ask if it came with one. Thanks, Sandy
  2. S

    Theme Show Ice Cream Show for MOPS

    Can anyone help me? I am having a ice cream show for a MOPS group and I have no idea what to do. I looked up some ideas in the cookbooks, but would like some advice from others. :o Thanks Tina
  3. Q

    What cookies have you tried - Ice Cream Sandwich maker?

    I bought a pack of cookies today by "Franz" They were just a little small, and they were all slightly cracked so when we spred the ice cream they cracked more!! Also posibly a little thin. I saw the "Archway" which has been tried. The only type I found were oatmeal, iced oatmeal, dates and...
  4. R

    Ice Cream Sandwhich Torte

    Season's Best recommends using the Simple Additions Large Square Platter. We prefer two other ways: #1 - Chillzanne Rectangle Server (but the torte is too high to put the cover on, a little annoying to cut torte on. # 2 (Preferred) - Cutting Board - Place the cutting board in the freezer...
  5. D

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    Just wanted to let everyone know. I love this thing, I have been making Ice Cream sandwiches for 3 days now at my house. Just wanted to let you guys in on a quick tip. If you want to use homemade cookies, get the already pre-formed Pillsbury cookies from the Dairy section of supermarket...
  6. S

    Theme Show Ice Cream Party

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions I have been looking at. June 5th I am hosting an Ice Cream Party for kids so if yall have any suggestions please let me know. Wish me luck; all the people who have seen it have loved the flyer even if they can not come so I am hoping that will be a big...
  7. C

    Theme Show Ice cream sandwich maker & meat rubs

    Does anyone have any tips on how to use the new ice cream sandwich maker without making a big mess? Has anyone tried the new meat rubs yet? Any tips or suggestions on how to sell them?
  8. L

    Tip on Ice Cream Torte

    Ladies, I just made the Ice Cream Torte (S/S Season's Best 2005) and it is delicious and very easy!!! I have one tip that might help since cutting it was not that easy... The directions say to use the 12 ice cream sandwiches, 6 on bottom, 6 on top of the filling... this is fine, but if...
  9. PampMomof3

    Ice Cream Dipper

    I have the ice cream scooper and I did a practice demo last night (my first kitchen show is tomorrow night!) and my father asked me what the scoop is made out of? He said that it looks like aluminum and that he wouldn't buy it if it was. Does anyone know? I would like to know that way if any...
  10. P

    Berries n cream wonton cups from Its good for you cookbook

    I am at work and a co-worker would like this receipe for tonight. Can anyone please help me out??? THANKS
  11. DebPC

    Theme Show Ice Cream Social

    Ice Cream Social or Mad-Hatter's Tea Party. Here's what I have saved in my emails... Mary Jo Oyer-Dir. We did this at our last cluster meeting as if we were at a show and it went well. I have one coming up this week too. I think you need to decide with the hostess if you want to break up into 4...
  12. DebPC

    Theme Show Ice Cream Social

    by Linda Brusven Ice Cream Social Kitchen Show Here's the scoop on a Great Time! * Call all your guests the night before and let them know to bring a banana. This will also help to find out from those that didn't RSVP, and we'll be doing a fun thing with the bananas! * I will prepare...