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What is eggs: Definition and 38 Discussions

  1. Estelene Nichols

    Cooking Eggs with an Egg Cooker Stone: Issues & Solutions

    Hey y'all, I have really loved the egg cooker stone but I found that one side cooked well and the other side didn't cook well. So I sent mine back and got a different one. I am finding it happening again with the 2nd one. Anyone having this issue? I use it almost every day!
  2. DebPC

    All You Wanted to Know About Eggs

    Interesting information...
  3. kam

    Looking for Thread on "Baked" Hard Boiled Eggs

    I am almost certain there was a thread on here in the last month about putting eggs in a muffin pan (?) and baking them in the oven for hard-boiled eggs. I am almost certain DebPC started it - but not 100% on it. I even think I commented - but now I cannot find it to save my life. I have...
  4. DebPC

    Can Adding Vinegar Make Boiling Eggs Easier to Peel?

    Tip: When boiling eggs, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water to keep the eggs from cooking out if they crack. Also, remove from heat immediately and add cold water to the pan to cool them quickly. They will peel more easily.
  5. DebPC

    Baked Eggs - Delicious and Easy!

  6. DebPC

    Easter Treats: Chickie Deviled Eggs, Bunny Cream Puffs & Bunny Fruit Bowl

    Chickie Deviled Eggshttp://img145.imageshack.us/img145/9500/250512797993399328kikte.jpgBunny Cream Puffshttp://img839.imageshack.us/img839/1593/bunnycreampuffsb62cf958.jpgBunny Fruit Bowlhttp://img543.imageshack.us/img543/8099/bunnyfruitbowl.jpg
  7. DebPC

    Easy Egg Substitute for Brownies - No More Running Out of Eggs!

    I hate when this happens. I went to get the eggs out of the fridge and the carton seemed amazingly light. Only 1 egg left-ugh! Got on the internet and found the tip below. Mine are in the oven- has anyone done this? No Egg Brownies- Unsweetened Applesauce + Baking PowderAmount: 1 Egg = ¼ cup...
  8. 1PamperedMommy

    Can You Make Scrambled Eggs and Omelet in the Microwave?

    I know I've seen the directions on here before, but I could not find them. I have a customer who wants to know how to make scrambled eggs in the microwave in prep bowls. Can anyone share??
  9. P

    Successfully Making a DCB Dump Cake sans Eggs

    Has anyone ever done a dump cake in the DCB with good success? If so, do you have a good recipe? Recipe must not have any eggs. Thanks for your help! :)
  10. dme.grant

    Making Deviled Eggs in the MFP: A Showstopper Recipe!

    Has anyone tried making deviled eggs in the MFP? I have a show next weekend and I think it would be a great way to show off the MFP and the cool and serve tray. Not sure if the egg would get smooth enough though since I also like to use the easy accent decorator and if things are too big it...
  11. A

    Can I Make Egg Whites in a Prep Bowl?

    So I know there's a quick recipe for eggs in your prep bowl where you just scramble eggs, add salt, pepper, cheese, etc and microwave. I have a customer asking about if they can do it with egg whites. Does anyone know? I haven't tried egg whites yet. Thanks!
  12. M

    Perfectly Prepared Deviled Eggs for the Office: Tips and Tricks

    I plan to bring Deviled Eggs to work tomorrow in the Cool 'N Serve. 1. Can I make them tonight, and bring them in tomorrow? Or do they need to be made as close to the time we will be eating them as possible? 2. Should the inserts be frozen? If my eggs sit on them for an hour before...
  13. K

    Quick & Delicious: Making Eggs in Prep Bowls

    I just put 2 eggs & a little salt and pepper in the 2 cup prep bowl covered with a little wax paper and microwaved for 1 minute. I'm quite impressed...yummy eggs...really fast. What else do you use your prep bowls for?
  14. kcjodih

    What are the best fats to use when cooking eggs?

    Non stick or stainless? What size? What temp? With butter/oil or without? No matter WHAT I try my eggs are a disaster - sunny side up for DS and over easy for the rest of us. Tips anyone?
  15. natural

    Recipe Needed Creab Eggs Benedict

    I am in need of some new Brunch ideas and saw this recipe mentioned on one of the threads but no recipe..anyone have it? Sandra
  16. J

    Poaching Eggs: Tips & Techniques for Perfect Results

    Hi...One of my customers asked for a tip on poaching eggs. Does anyone know of any tips or techniques on doing this? Thanks!
  17. L

    Review: Fettuccine Carbonara W/Poached Eggs

    This recipe is in Volume II of 29 Minutes to Dinner. Yummy. A dish I can see making fairly often. It came in within the 28 minutes indicated...despite my poaching the eggs too long. It's also extremely cheap to make (unless you buy parmesean cheese just for this recipe). The bacon...
  18. wadesgirl

    Can Cool Whip Survive Until Now? How Long to Bring Eggs to Room Temp?

    I bought some cool whip right before Christmas and meant to use it then. Since some of my get togethers got cancelled, I'm just now getting around to using it. It's been in the fridge, is it still good? It says to use by Jan 19 if frozen... Also how long does it take to get eggs to room temp?
  19. J

    Do Floating Eggs Mean They Are Bad?

    I know there's a way to tell this by puting the egg in a glass of water. If it's good, it sinks, right? Or does it float??? I have a bunch of eggs past their date, but I know that doesn't mean they are bad, necessarily. Anyone know???
  20. KellyTheChef

    I Really Hate Peeling Boiled Eggs...

    Does anyone have a SURE FIRE way to make your eggs easy to peel once boiled? I have tried salt in the water, vinegar in the water, and BOTH of them in the water...Also, I have tried using ice cubes to really shock them and bring the temp down quickly. Oh! I also crack them (crack, then roll...
  21. KellyTheChef

    Why do my fresh farm eggs seem old?

    Hey all...I recently bought some fresh eggs at a local farm. When I got them home and went to use them, they seemed old to me. Things I thought I was supposed to look for in fresh farm eggs: BRIGHT yellow-orange yolk (these looked the color of store eggs) White part of the egg that...
  22. P

    Delicious Baked Eggs Benedict for Teacher Appreciation Breakfast and Lunch

    Can anyone tell me if they have made this before?> Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and we are doing a breakfast and a lunch and I was thinking that might be a good option for breakfast. Thanks
  23. AmieCream

    Looking for a Vegetable-Flavored Deviled Eggs Recipe?

    One of my host is looking for a deviled egg recipe that uses vegetable flavored philly cheese spread. Have you guys heard about it? She says it could be in the old celebrate cookbook...she has lost it, but loved the recipe. Any one have that cookbook? Thanks!
  24. ChefJWarren

    Why do our eggs stick to our executive pan?

    My husband and I love our executive cookware, but everytime he cooks eggs (sunny side up), they stick. He gets sooo frustrated! He keeps trying to go back to our old pans (they are gross and peeling, but NEVER stick). I had to finally throw them away so he'll stop using them. I have personally...
  25. L

    Is Egg Nog Safe During Pregnancy? Raw Eggs in Store-Bought Options Revealed

    I see that the egg nog options at my grocery store all say eggs, but does that mean they're raw? Technically this is my 4th pregnancy and yet somehow I've never been pregnant over Christmas holidays so I never had to worry over whether egg nog was safe for me to drink. I've avoided it this...
  26. B

    Brunch Without Eggs: Ideas for Brenda's Bridal Shower

    Hi everyone, I am doing a bridal shower this next weekend and they want me to demonstrate a recipe that does NOT have eggs for BRUNCH. Does anyone have any ideas for recipes for me? I really appreciate it!!!!! Thank you!!! Brenda:)
  27. jenniferknapp

    Easter Eggs - What to Do With Blown-Out Eggs

    ....Other than the traditional omelets, scrambled eggs, etc.... I am looking for recipes that require a lot of eggs! Also, should I try and keep them seperate so that I can later on measure them out for recipes? How long will these eggs be good for, in a batterbowl?
  28. jrstephens

    Cute Quick Tip: Trifle Bowl with Grass & Eggs

    I thought the Quick Tip for the Trifle Bowl with grass and eggs was very cute. I think if I can find the grass, I am going to that at my shows this weekend.
  29. KellyTheChef

    Iso Mustard Pickled Eggs Recipe

    I know this isn't really a PC type recipe, but here goes: We stopped in Amish country Saturday for dinner. On their salad bar they had regular (purple) pickled eggs that are soaked in beet juice/vinegar/sugar mixture. They also had YELLOW eggs that the waitress told me were mustard pickled...
  30. Jilleysue

    Struggling with Poached Eggs? Can PC Help?

    Hey does PC have a product to make Poached eggs in? Because I think it would be GREAT idea. We tried this morning and it was VERY VERY hard and I said I am going to ask all my friends here.:D