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What is bring: Definition and 90 Discussions

  1. C

    What Are Essential Items to Bring to Your First Vendor Show?

    Do you ladies have list of items to bring with you for your booth? what are the must-have items that you put on display? Thanks!
  2. Tropicalburstqt2

    Can you help bring Bolt home from Afghanistan?

    Here's a story that I hope touches all of you & you find it in your heart to donate & help bring Bolt home!! Even $5 helps!! Shaun has been sent overseas to Afghanistan 3 times in the course of his military career. This last time was his longest and toughest stint. While there, he made...
  3. Bren706

    Forgot to Bring Bag With Catalogs, Etc. to Show

    Oops! I got half way to my show on Thursday, a 45 minute drive and realized that my bag with guest folders, host kits, DPDS, door prizes, etc. was still sitting in my living room! :yuck::cry::eek::eek: We only have one vehicle, so it wasn't like I could have my hubby pack up the 3 kids and...
  4. ChefPeg

    Have You Ever Forgotten to Bring Something to a Show?

    Something you absolutely had to have for the demo? A piece of stoneware? A certain item you wanted to showcase? What did you do about it? For the show I did last Saturday, my host chose the Chicken Mole Pizza recipe. I forgot the mole rub! :eek: Luckily she had enough spices & such that...
  5. T

    Bring Holiday Cheer at Our Shopping Day!

    My office is putting together a Holiday Shopping day and we other vendors coming in and setting up booths (tastefully simple, a jewlry lady etc) I'm going to be setting up a booth to sell PC but am debating on if I should cook anything to have in my booth for people to sample. Anyone have any...
  6. J

    What Should I Bring to a Gift Gala Booth?

    I'm renting a booth at a gift gala next weekend. Wondering what to bring. I'm going to make up the batter bowl set and display holiday Catalogs for ideas. I wanted to serve some of the pantry items to taste. I noticed some of you said no food?! Why? I thought it would be a good way to sell...
  7. K

    What Extra Items Do You Bring to Shows?

    I'm preparing for a show I have tomorrow night. It will be my 4th show overall, and my 2nd show outside of my home (I had 2 grand opening shows). With each show I do I learn a little bit more!It's been a few weeks since my last show, and my inventory of PC items has seriously increased since...
  8. Shelly Flanagan

    What's in store for the new fall products at Pampered Chef?

    I am wondering if tomorrow we will be able to order our fall product samples because all fall business materials are available for regular purchase tomorrow. The "pre-order" ended today. hmmm.. I really hope so. I can't wait to get my hands on them.
  9. A

    Taco Salad for a Mexican Theme Party - What Dip Should I Bring?

    I am going to a party tonite for a mexican theme. I am making a taco salad and bringing beer bread. Any suggestions for a dip for it? Thanks, Amy
  10. wadesgirl

    Travel Checklist: What to Bring for Your Flight

    What do I need to print out for our flights? Or does the sheet in the packet I got count? I don't fly very often so I have no clue what to bring with me to the airport.
  11. J

    What Should I Bring to the Pampered Chef Spring Launch Meeting?

    I have not been to any PC HO meetings yet adn want to know what to bring. Do I bring a note pad, a bag large enough to bring home goodies? What is usually provided? My meeting is in the morning and I just now thought of it.
  12. California Girl

    What items should I bring to a bridal expo as a Pampered Chef consultant?

    so I am going to a bridal expo very soon and i only have the items from my kit, should I borrow items from my upline?
  13. 3

    Help With What to Bring to a Show

    I have a show that I am flying to do this coming up weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to bring? I will have a carry on and a checked bag. Thank you for your help ahead of time.
  14. chefheidi2003

    Help a Friend in Need: Should I Bring My Catalog Tote?

    I didn't know where to put this so I figured this was the best place. A friend of mine is just starting to sell MK. Tomorrow is her first team meeting..she asked me to go with because she needs to bring someone to do facial stuff on. I would not be flaunting it or anything. But would it...
  15. AJPratt

    Going to Friend's for Dinner, Not Sure What to Bring...

    My family and I are going to an acquaintance's for dinner. I don't know him very well, but I work with him and we really hit it off. I have met his wife and kids and they, too, are just great people. Please forgive my ignorance, but they are Indian (Hindu) and I am not sure what to take with...
  16. ChefMary412

    What paperwork do I need to bring for my cluster meeting?

    So, I have a cluster meeting Monday night, but want to go over the things I need to bring (paperwork wise) now! What are the things from HO that I need to bring with me? -postcards from April, May, June -BINGO card
  17. L

    Will We Need Room to Bring Stuff Home?

    I am flying to conference, and I'm a new consultant. I don't want to have to pay for my bags, so am trying to pack light and just do carry ons. I bought a big purse for both carrying stuff during the days, and to have extra room, but will be getting a lot of stuff that I will need to carry back?
  18. C

    Preparing for McCormick: What to Bring & What to Expect

    This will be my first time attending and I was wondering what to bring with me to McCormick? Paper for notes? Large bag for carrying goodies? What is attire like? Once it's over will I have the rest of the time free or is there stuff happening at night too that isn't on the agenda...
  19. sharpechef

    2 Pampered Chef Logo Wear for Sale-Will Bring to Conference!

    Will bring to conference! Pink button down shirt 1x white dots t shirt XL both from Merrill and worn only twice! I lost 34lbs and they are too big for me. :p shoot me an [email protected] if you are interested!
  20. M

    When Should I Bring Up an Extension for My Consultant?

    One of my consultants just sent me an email that said she's taking her "one month off" and will be back at it in July. She has $6400 in sales and i'm wondering if i should bring up the extension. I thought of something like this "We may want to look at putting through a one month...
  21. K

    Party Snack Ideas: What to Bring After Dinner?

    We are attending a party on Sunday, which will probably start at 2:00. We probably won't be able to show up until 7:00. It was suggested we could bring some chips or something...i don't know about you all, but I never show up with just chips :) Anyone have suggestions on a snack I could take...
  22. kcmckay

    Craft Fair Essentials: What to Bring and How Much - Tips and Advice

    I'm doing a craft fair on Saturday. I'm wondering if less is more or more is better. I don't want to lug everything I own but I'm not sure if I leave some stuff out if it will be an issue. I had planned on doing one display w/all the new consultant kit products w/a flyer talking about...
  23. K

    How Much Change to Bring for Cash Sales

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this question:blushing: I have my first show Monday night, and I'm wondering what kind of money I should bring for my "change bank", in case of cash payments. I rarely use cash anymore, and don't really anticipate many cash sales, but I want to be...
  24. M

    Host Specials Bring the $$: My Best Month in 7 Months!

    Ok, so after my chaotic last ditch effort to earn my HWC products this month (and failing) at least my double incentive points are working in my favor! I just closed a $700 show. She only had 4 people attend her show, 2 of which were at the previous show she had booked from so she was...
  25. AJPratt

    Weekly Meeting Tomorrow...what Should I Bring?

    In addition to our monthly cluster meetings, we do an informal weekly meeting on Tuesdays. Its great because it helps us stay on track. I would love to bring a recipe. Is there something quick and easy that comes to mind?
  26. C

    New to Pampered Chef? Don't Know What to Bring? Get Advice Here!

    I am still new to pc and have been taking everything just about to show. I know scaring potential recruits. not sure what to bring? any input please.
  27. babywings76

    What's a Simple and Tasty Side Dish for a BBQ?

    This Saturday we're going to a BBQ/pool party. I'm supposed to bring some sort of side dish. What is a low fuss recipe that would be good to take? We are having hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and chips, so far.
  28. cmdtrgd

    Director Host Coaching to Bring More People: $2 Meals & Desserts for 40+!

    I have been host coaching my patootie off in order to get more people there "If people say they don't have any money, tell them to come anyway because they desperately need a night out. And, I might be able to help them - even if it is to teach them how to make a fast meal for their family...
  29. K

    Maximize Your Fundraising Table: Tips for Booking Successful Shows

    I bought a table at a fundraiser and was wondering if I bring the whole thing? I know the focus is booking shows. I must must must make a booking tree. Any ideas to ring attention to my table
  30. K

    How Many Pampered Chef Catalogs Should You Bring to Your Fundraiser?

    with you to the fundraiser? They cost so much. I've spent more then I've made.