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What is expo: Definition and 94 Discussions

  1. tasoula76

    What can you expect from Pampered Chef at the Bridal Expo this Sunday?

    Hi everyone. I'm doing a Bridal Expo on Sunday. I need to send an email with two lines for a shout out that the dj will be saying about Pampered Chef. Any ideas? Thank you
  2. leshelman

    Bridal Expo and Showers - Registry

    In my other thread, found here: http://www.chefsuccess.com/f52/bridal-expo-showers-81532/#post915153 I stated that I would also share my ideas that I found for the Pampered Chef Wedding Registry. Here are some files I have found and tweaked a bit. Please take my information out before using...
  3. leshelman

    Bridal Shower & Expo: Tips, Ideas, and Resources

    I have recently been looking high and low for any and ALL information on bridal showers and expos. I wanted to take a minute to share what I found here on the website (all in one place to help simplify the next person's search for bridal information!). I have attached a bunch of items and I...
  4. leshelman

    Planning a Bridal Expo: Tips & Ideas for Decorating Round Tables

    I have been invited to participate in a Bridal Expo / Bridal Fair on January 25th and 26th. The cost is $100 for the two days, meals and snacks/drinks provided. They are also supplying us with one 8ft Round Table with table coverings / linens. FIRST- I have no clue on what I need to take...
  5. M

    Start a Successful Pampered Chef Business at Women's Expo!

    So, I am really new to PC.... Haven't even made money yet! I spoke with a lady who is doing a women's expo. It will be two times this year and 6 times next for $300. The event had 5000 in attendance last few they had this year. 20- 30 other vendors. No other PC. The lady doesn't like avon...
  6. S

    Photos From My Booth on Tuesday (Wedding Expo)

    Did my first wedding expo on Tuesday and id say it went fairly well. Not as well as i had hoped of course, but thats life! :D I got 1 potential recruit and 8 potential wedding shower hosts, but no bookings :( . Hopefully my follow ups will be a success!Would like some feedback on my booth set...
  7. C

    Need Help Crafting a Bridal Expo Follow-Up Email?

    Does anyone have an email that they use following a bridal show? Like, nice meeting you, etc... I am having trouble finding the words!
  8. C

    How Much Do You Pay for a Bridal Expo?

    I recieved a flyer today for a Bridal Expo . .. I was wondering if I should even invest in something like this?!?!? Here is what they are offering - Platinum Sponsor: 8’ x 10’ booth with Pipe and Drape Table covering and skirting for 8’ table 40 :30 second commercials on either KMCD or...
  9. M

    Must-Haves for a Stunning Bridal Expo Booth: Tips from First-Time Consultants

    Another consultant and I are doing a booth at a pretty big bridal expo. Both of us have never done one beofre. What are some things that we should have on or table? And how to decorate? All ideas are welcome!
  10. D

    Home Expo Event-Sauce Ideas Needed

    Hello Fellow Cheffers, I am preparing for a Home Business Expo for next month and plan on having samples of our pantry products (the oil dipping seasoning and sauces). Does anyone have ideas for uses with the sauces? I will not have access to a microwave or stove. I plan on having breads...
  11. dmfink

    Newbie Bridal Expo: Recipes & Samples

    I will be doing a bridal expo in July. I have never done this before and I am a little nervous, but very excited. I wanted to showcase some of our recipes and do samples at this event. I was thinking for drink samples doing the strawberry lemonade, but I am not sure what to do for eats...
  12. C

    Bridal Expo Follow-Up Event...suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning a follow-up event from a bridal expo I attended this weekend. The event will be for brides and their bridal party to come and finalize their registries, for the MOH/etc to book a date for their Pampered Bridal Shower, and to also learn how the PC biz opp can help...
  13. H

    Maximizing Your Bridal Expo Success: Tips for Contacting and Booking Clients

    I just had to share I did my first bridal expo yesterday and am a little over whelmed (in a good way) I had family and friends help me out and I now have 500 (no I did not put an extra 0 in that :love: ) contact sheets and within that many many bridal showers and registries. How do you decide...
  14. California Girl

    What items should I bring to a bridal expo as a Pampered Chef consultant?

    so I am going to a bridal expo very soon and i only have the items from my kit, should I borrow items from my upline?
  15. deanna_g

    Planning a Bridal Expo: What Are the Costs & Benefits?

    So, we have a team of people attempting to put together a Bridal Expo here in my town. I'm curious, for those of you who have had booths at Bridal Expos, how much have you payed for a booth space? Obviously it needs to cover the rental for the hall, advertising, and insurance costs. Typically...
  16. K

    Creative Ideas for a Bridal Expo Booth

    One of my superstars on my team is doing a bridal expo next weekend and is looking for some creative ideas to do at her booth. I have passed along some of my ideas, but would love to hear yours, too!:)
  17. J

    Bridal Expo Booth--Ever Done One?

    I'm thinking about doing a booth at a bridal expo in January. Since it is quite costly, I'd love to get input from others who have done them. Is it worth it? Any suggestions for a bridal booth newbie? I'd love to read anything you can share.
  18. L

    Booth Shifts at a Bridal Expo S. Ca

    I am looking for S. Californian Consultants that would be interested in sharing a bridal expo booth March 27 in Anaheim CA. Please respond to the thread or PM me. I will get you the details.
  19. C

    Boost Your Career at the Local Job Expo with Our Exclusive Booth Display!

    I'm going all out and renting a booth at a job fair being sponsered by a local TV station. I'm going to have the starter kit displayed on one table and the new spring products on another. I might have my laptop playing a PC video. This will be a major investment but if gets me a few recruits...
  20. B

    Is a Bridal Expo Worth the Cost? Weighing My Options

    So if you had the opportunity for an Bridal expo for 250 and or 350 is it worth the money. Two different ones have offered to allow me to attend and I am debating. I would offer to cluster and sell some times but want to know in advance if you think the prices is too high for prospective...
  21. E

    Need tips for following up after bridal expo? Let's discuss!

    I just did my first bridal expo and need some advise on what to do. I had them fill out the Bridal Show Drawing slips and I have 118 of them to follow up on. I have already emailed the ones back that were interested in a party and more info on becoming a consultant. I need some ideas on what...
  22. loreo

    Is Splitting the Fee and Leads with My AD a Good Idea?

    I just signed up for a big expo in our area. I have never done one before and I am very excited. I called my AD before signing up and asked her if the fee ($150) was reasonable. She said yes and then offered to split it with me. After talking a few minutes ( I think she sensed my hesitancy) she...
  23. P

    Anyone Have Family Expo Demo Ideas?

    Hello! I have a childrens/family expo coming up soon and I am looking for some ideas to add to my own. I am having 2 tables put together so I will have quite a bit of space. Half of the table I want to display my best selling products and/or the new consultant kit along with having a "free show"...
  24. C

    Recruiting Expo: Limited Turnout Despite Efforts and Expenses

    I rented a local community center $125 on a major intersection Saturday, had to buy an insurance policy $80, spent about $70 on ads for 2 different newspapers, and had 150 11 x 17 signs printed on cardstock $100. There were 6 other vendors besides me that paid me $25 each. Besides the few...
  25. C

    Need Help With a Name for Recruiting Expo

    I would like to rent a small recreation center and invite consultants from other home based businesses to set up tables and hold a one day recruiting drive. I want to put out advertisements for it but can't think of a good name to call it. Something like "Home Based Business Expo". Any ideas...
  26. O

    Boost Your Bookings with These Creative Expo Ideas: A Consultant's Guide

    Guys, first I have to say thanks for all of the great tips and documents that I have benefitted from after having been a "lurking" member of the sight for only two weeks. I am an orphaned consultant with a super hospitality director who's a little too far away to do meetings with and an awesome...
  27. niclowther

    Setting Up for a Job Fair/Career Expo: Tips and Advice

    Would anyone mind telling me or showing me how they set up at a job fair/ career expo? I have read thru the posts and I didn't see any discriptions or pics. Also, I know a lot of you have expressed that these events aren't very successful, but, I figure in these times and especially w/...
  28. Liquid Sky

    Maximizing Your Home Based Business at an Expo: Tips & Experiences

    Has anyone ever been a vendor at an expo focusing on promoting home based businesses? I have the opportunity to get a table for $100. It's not a job fair, but an event to promote small businesses and networking. Trying to decide if it would be worth my time and money. Anyone done one before?
  29. debswork

    Help! What Do You Do at a Business Expo?

    Ok, I been asked to do a expo Friday and Saturday cost is $225.00. I am going to join in with 2 other consultants but we are all new at booths. Besides what was said under this thread. I need details. Do I purchase items to sell? Try to get bookings of course but how do I promote it...
  30. Jessamary

    Preparing for Your First Business Expo: Get Answers Here!

    A month or two ago, I went online and emailed all the local chamber of commerces about expos, craft shows, etc. I had a few responses back, including one for my county seat's 2009 business expo. It's next month, and the price doesn't seem unreasonable ($75 for the day). On the form, it asks...