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Pampered Chef: Booths Anyone have family expo demo ideas?

  1. pampered2007

    pampered2007 Member

    Hello! I have a childrens/family expo coming up soon and I am looking for some ideas to add to my own. I am having 2 tables put together so I will have quite a bit of space. Half of the table I want to display my best selling products and/or the new consultant kit along with having a "free show" drawing, catalogs/order forms, and recipe cards/mini catalogs to hand out to everyone who visits my table. I would like the other half of the table to be a hands-on demo table with child friendly products. Some demo ideas include: using the roller to roll out play dough, beads/glitter in the pitcher, creative cutters to cut out shapes, use art supplies in the tool turn-a-bout to color a picture to take home, etc. I may also put corn feed in a bucket and hide candy in it. Kids can use measuring cups/spoons to search for their buried treat. I will have someone helping me at the table with the kids too!

    Does anyone have any additional ideas to add? I really need bookings so I want to put an extreme amount of effort into this. I would appreciate any ideas that you have to share. Thank you!
    Oct 3, 2009
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