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What is benefits: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Discover the Benefits of CinchShare: Get a Month Free!

    I heard about CinchShare at NC. It's a social media sharing site that allows you to schedule posts to Facebook or Pinterest up to 2 months ahead. You can do links, pics, text. It's easy to use. The cost is $10/month, but PC consultants who sign up by the end of this week (it may last longer than...
  2. meganmcg

    Does Fundraiser Organizer Get Past Host Benefits From Bookings?

    Hi all Does the organizer of a fundraiser get the past host benefits from the bokkings when the parties are held? Thanks!
  3. MissChef

    Hosts: Learn How to Use & Maximize Benefits of My Pampered Chef Website

    I was wondering if anyone has a flyer that could be added to a host pack that would replace the old flyer "How to use my website" and "How to Maximize your host benefits by using my Pampered Chef Web Site. I WANT IT SPECIFICALLY FOR HOSTS! Not just customers.. So they know the benefits of using...
  4. DebPC

    What are the benefits of Himalayan sea salt?

    Good to know.
  5. AJPratt

    Exploring the Benefits of a New Career Plan: A Chef's Guide

    Any thoughts on the new career plan?:chef:
  6. DebPC

    Benefits of Shredding Your Own Cheese

    Shredding Your Own Cheese
  7. DebPC

    Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
  8. K

    Compating Other Direct Sales Co. Host Benefits

    Sorry - "comparing" Closing out a cooking show and the host could not understand why she could not use her hostess dollars towards her half price items. Other than explaining it to her when we met originally and it saying it clearly, albeit small print, on the host benefits chart, I began...
  9. T

    Host Benefits: Past Hosts and New Hosts - How to Enter P3

    I had a show in June someone booked a party for July but never had it. She called me last week t have a show this week. My question is, do the past host benefits work for her friend or not since she didn't have it when she said she would? If the past host still qualifies for the host...
  10. Senkimekia

    Maximize Your Savings with Our Host Benefits Flyer | Get Exclusive Deals Now!

    I'm trying to put together a show book and I made a host benefits flyer to put in it so I am sticking it on here to share, just getting into things so sorry if not the best for my first attempt :) It's late and I've been staring at a computer screen for hours so let me know if you spot any...
  11. kam

    Host Benefits Page From Fw12 Catty

    Last season someone had asked for a pdf of the Host Benefit Page that was in the catalog. I went ahead and re-did it for the FW12 Catalog. Not sure if anyone woudl use this or not. I have also attached my standard Host Rewards flyer, too. Last updated in SS12, but none of the products shown...
  12. ShellBeach

    Didn't Realize August '12 Benefits Were Tiered!

    Yikes! I have a host who booked an August show specifically to get the steak knives. She wants 2, possibly 3 sets. Entering the orders last night, I saw the red dot in P3 and just now realized the steak knife set is level 2 - she needs $650 or more in sales to choose it at 60% off. Oh noes...
  13. ChefPeg

    Asking a Longtime Friend/Co-Worker for Host Benefits: Is it OK?

    Let's say a host is a good friend of yours/co-worker for 20 years... She decides she doesn't need to purchase a host special. If you wanted one, would you ask her if you could use the benefit for yourself and pay for it yourself? Or is this addressed in the contract as a no-no? (can you...
  14. V

    Problem With Host Benefits in P3

    I am trying to figure out why my host benefit says the Host has earned $140, but that the remaining benefit is $115. The party is being co-hosted and I have not put anything in the computer for either host. I double (even triple) checked to make sure that I entered it as a cooking show, not a...
  15. wadesgirl

    What is the Best Way to Draw Names for Mystery Host Benefits?

    Just to see what everybody else thinks of this - my original break down of my mystery host show was as follows: 10 people - $100 in orders each = $1000 party With January host benefits (1) $150 winner (1) $100 winner (3) $55 winner (4) 1/2 price winners (1) host benefit winner This...
  16. T

    When Will I See the Benefits of My $200 Sale?

    So I missed my goal of $15000 in sales by $104 last year. I submitted a $200 show on the 13th so I should have $15000 in sales now and be eligible for the 2% raise. I guess the question is when will I see it. I have a show closing the end of the month but I don't think it will be affected...
  17. R

    Host Benefits Expiring Notice & Shouldn't Be Expiring

    This makes the 2nd email I have received a cc about 2 different hosts, saying that their host benefits are expiring in January. BUT.. both have had at least 2 more shows since then. I'm sure I will be receiving a phone call from them. Doesn't the software keep up with the same person who hosts...
  18. J

    The Benefits of Stoneware Pie Birds: What Else Can They Do?

    What other uses do they have? All the stoneware pieces come with one, so why are they sold separately? Thanks!
  19. K

    Looking for a Versatile Host Benefits Flyer? Look No Further!

    I need an exciting flyer that gives host benefits that I can give out to prospective hosts. Anyone have anything that is not geared to one specific month, something I can give year-round? Thanks so much!
  20. Christ Follower

    Microwave Chip Maker: Exploring the Benefits & Answer Questions from JS

    I can give you a list of excuses but I won't. I will simply say that I haven't even taken my Microwave Chip Maker out of the Box (I know... Stone me now I'm a horrible Consultant). I am actually going to use it tonight! I PROMISE! In the meantime... The newsletters went out today and I...
  21. chef131doreen

    Promoting to Director: What Benefits Do You Get?

    Question here I can't believe I don't know this .... When when you promote to director what do you get , I know 250 points each month, what about bonus points that is what I don't remember Thanks
  22. babywings76

    Unlock Amazing Benefits with Client Angel: Julie Ann Jones' Webinar

    Did anyone listen to the free webinar that Julie Ann Jones did about the Client Angel?
  23. esavvymom

    Past Hosts Turned New Consultant- Benefits Question

    My SIL is going to be signing up as a consultant sometime in July. She's just closing up a cooking show we did this past weekend. Her aunt was going to have a PC cooking show sometime in the future with a different consultant (I don't know if she'll use her niece now that she's signing or...
  24. deanna_g

    Planning a Bridal Expo: What Are the Costs & Benefits?

    So, we have a team of people attempting to put together a Bridal Expo here in my town. I'm curious, for those of you who have had booths at Bridal Expos, how much have you payed for a booth space? Obviously it needs to cover the rental for the hall, advertising, and insurance costs. Typically...
  25. L

    Urgent Need a Single Sheet With Host Benefits?

    Making up envelopes for a show I have in a few hours... I'm trying something new... going to give potential bookings an envelope with a guest list sheet to fill out and return to me, (holding the "real" host packet hostage like many of you do) but I'd also like to include a SINGLE SHEET that...
  26. T

    Explaining the Benefits of DCB: A Challenge for Everyone!

    Okay, so I know this might sound dumb, but I had a contact e-mail me the other day from out of state saying that a friend of a friend of a friend got my e-mail saying the DCB was back, and that the friend was really excited about it. The one e-mailing me said she asked the other friend why they...
  27. K

    What Are the Challenges of Hosting a Pampered Chef Fundraiser?

    Ugh! I just finished my first HWC fundraiser tonight - not only was it a very small show - 3 people & under $250 in sales, but I obviously didn't understand the host benefits very well, because now I am at home entering the sales and realizing that 1. the host/chairperson has to pay...
  28. O

    Organizing a Host Club: Benefits & Challenges

    Hi Has anyone ever organized a Host club? One of my regular hosts suggested that. She belongs to a Stamping Group and they do that on a regular basis. She suggested that I find 12 hosts - or send an email out and ask for a volunteer for each month who would be committed to holding a show...