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What is asking: Definition and 49 Discussions

  1. esavvymom

    2 Questions Direct Sellers Need to Stop Asking

    This is an article from Direct Seller Speaker, Julie Anne Jones. (Click on the title of the article below, if you want to go to her website for more info, etc. I am not affiliated with her, but do try to give credit where it's due.)
  2. ChefPeg

    Asking a Longtime Friend/Co-Worker for Host Benefits: Is it OK?

    Let's say a host is a good friend of yours/co-worker for 20 years... She decides she doesn't need to purchase a host special. If you wanted one, would you ask her if you could use the benefit for yourself and pay for it yourself? Or is this addressed in the contract as a no-no? (can you...
  3. H

    This Site Is Always so Helpful. I Have a Customer Asking if Our

    This site is always so helpful. I have a customer asking if our sprinkles have perservatives. Shes allergic to it. Does anyone know? :mad:
  4. C

    Asking for Prayer for a Young Girl.

    A little background: about 8 years ago, friends of ours adopted a little girl who, at age 7 had spent her entire life in and out of the foster care system...bouncing back and forth between foster care, and an abusive, drug addicted household. Then she was adopted by Steve and Shelley. She...
  5. babywings76

    Host Asking Me About Outlet & Hwc Items for Her Show

    I have a catalog show host that just e-mailed me this: For some reason the 'outlet' items and the cancer items are not available from your site but are on the PC site, is there a way we can fix that? What's the best way to respond?
  6. E

    Other Ds Rep Asking for Customer Lists?

    I am rather new (since Aug 2010) and I have a freind that has been in direct sales for 2 companies (not PC) for over 2 yrs. And she has been offering suggestions and advice and even helped me make contact with an organizer of a very nice up-comming vendor show. Now she is PUSHING me to have...
  7. E

    Rant Other Ds Reps Asking for Your Customer Lists?

    [SIZE="3"]I am rather new (since Aug 2010) and I have a freind that has been in direct sales for 2 companies (not PC) for over 2 yrs. And she has been offering usggeations and adivce and even helped me make contact with an organizer of a very nice up-comming vendor show. Now she is PUSHING...
  8. R

    What Happens If You Don't Qualify in 90 Days? - The Truth About Recruiting

    What happens to you if you DON'T qualify in 90 days? I have no idea. Do you? :eek:
  9. plannerose

    I Feel Silly for Asking This but What Are Product Bags? What Is the

    I feel silly for asking this but what are product bags? What is the difference between the mdeium and large and the difference between them and the shopping bags? :D Rose
  10. esavvymom

    What Are You Asking for for Christmas?

    Ok...my DH and I don't normally really 'do' Christmas gifts for each other (because we actually always end up buying what we want ourselves when all the sales are going on :blushing:). But I have two boys who really want to get mommy something for Christmas....we typically do take them...
  11. P

    Book Parties with Friends: An Intro to Asking on Facebook

    How do you ask people on facebook to book shows from you? Is there a script that can be sent to all your friends? I have never done this before. Can I ask my friends on facebook if they would like to book a party from me?
  12. P

    Mom Mad for Asking Daughter to Clean Up...

    I need some non-biased feedback on whether I did the right thing or not. My neighbor/friend has a 8 year old daughter who comes over my house frequently. Last week she was at our house and she wrote her first & last name on my 8 year old son's wooden desk in his room. This desk is not easy...
  13. J

    Success Story: Asking Everyone Pays Off!

    Just wanted to share....one was a Home Office Lead (I was a HO lead, too!), just wanted to know how to sign up and has her first shows ready to go.The other is a past host that has been on the fence for quite a while. Moral of the story -- some will be easy, some will take time, but all are...
  14. chefkathy

    Posts on Cs Asking Basic Questions

    I don't know, maybe I'm just crabby lately, but there seem to be LOTS of questions about basics of the business on CS lately. Yes, I know it's a resource, but it should not be ones only source of training. Many of my responses to such questions have been "have you asked your director?"...
  15. C

    What Do You Think This Email Is Asking Me?

    I seem to always get the most interesting emails from customers and hosts.... Here is one I received this morning....I've emailed her back for some confirmation, but I'm just not sure what she is wanting from me....am I supposed to recruit this person, or what? (oh - and this email comes...
  16. K

    I Hit the Host Jackpot by Asking Everybody!

    I was at the store today, with my catalog tote of course, and chatted up the woman in line in front of me. She commented on my bag and that she loved PC, and we scheduled a party for later in the month. I asked what she did - ready for this? President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in the...
  17. Christ Follower

    I Have a Customer Asking for Some Recipe Ideas Using the Asian and

    I have a customer asking for some recipe ideas using the Asian and Chipotle seasoning/rubs. I searched the files and came up with a few things for the Asian (aside from my own suggestions), but could use some suggestions for the Chipotle rub. TIA!
  18. pamperedpals

    Can you pray for my bone scan tomorrow?

    I go in tomorrow for a bone scan at 10:00 am and was wondering if you all could pray that they finally figure out what is wrong with my left shoulder area? I am a medical mystery, as the X-Ray and MRI do not show anything abnormal and I am not responding to med's or physical therapy. I just...
  19. L

    Asking for Prayers for Dezy and Also if You're so Kind.......

    Hi all, I've again asked for prayers for my friend's daughter Dezy!! Some of you might remember previous posts…..she's been in and out of the hospital since Thanksgiving and she's going to be 18 on June 13th, can’t believe that!! What's really special about Dezy is that she's got...
  20. Kristina21

    Maximizing Bridal Market Reach: Tips for Displaying Wedding Registry Brochures

    I really want to tap into the bridal market here in my area. There are quite a few bridal stores and tuxedo shops that I would love to put our wedding registry brochure in, in a nice display of course. :confused: So here's my question: I know a few of the owners to some of these shops, should...
  21. P

    Host Asking for "Sassy Salsa" - What Is It?

    I figure someone on here can help me - my host for June said a friend did "Sassy Salsa" at her party a while back and that it went over really well and everyone bought all the stuff that was used to make it.She says it has something creamy in it. I have no clue what salsa recipe that would...
  22. L

    Asking Again for Prayers for Friends Daughter, Dezy

    I'm asking for (more) prayers again for the Mower Family..................... Hi all, I asked for prayers awhile ago for Dezy and praise God, she survived when doctors gave up. She's almost 18 in body years, but mentally she's about 7 and is a total survivor, she's been written off by...
  23. S

    Can Asking Friends and Family for Recruit Referrals be Effective?

    I'd like to ask friends and family for recruit referrals. Who has done this before, how, and what were the results?
  24. jrstephens

    Asking the HO: Can I Get One Item with Combined Purchase Amount?

    This is what I sent to HO: "I am wondering how it will work if I want to choose different items. I received the medium sheet pan as part of my sample package. I received the large sheet pan as my host rewards on my own show #80 How will my amount to select new products be figured...
  25. KellyRedHead

    Prayer Request: Asking for Help and Healing

    I have not had to ask for a prayer request before, but I feel it would make me feel better. Took my Mom by ambulance this morning to the ER having abdominal pain (on a scale of 1-10 it was a 9!) It turns out to be her gallbladder they think. While there she started having a fever, cold...
  26. J

    soI Know I Am Asking a Lot of ??S..

    but i thought i read somewhere and i thought my director told me that there are things that a new consultant can order on the supply list for free. where do i find that info? and how many times (incase i forget something) in 30 days can you submit a supply order?
  27. C

    Get Expert Advice on Your Pampered Chef Flyer | My Consultant's Corner

    Just wondering what your opinion is on the Flyer that I use. My Consultant's Corner - Resource for Pampered Chef Consultants For some reason, it's not showing up as a link in this post. Please go to my earlier post and check out the link and flyer. Thanks, Bobby
  28. lkprescott

    Host Coaching: Asking About Food Allergies

    Does anyone check with hosts during host coaching as to whether or not host or any guests have allergies to any foods? I didn't use to but after a show where someone almost freaked out at nuts (I had no advanced warning) I was preparing for the warm nutty carmel brownies. I felt bad and...
  29. Cindycooks

    Asking for Emergency Prayers Please......

    My very good friend in Virginia has a niece that has been critically injured in a car accident in Maryland - on Sunday. We are asking for prayers for Alyvia and family wherever we can get them. The doctors all say they have never seen anyone hang on like she has and we all know it is Jesus. I...
  30. krzymomof4

    Seeking Prayers for Health and Healing: A Personal Struggle with Uncertainty

    At this point I don't know where to turn, so I will turn to my fellow cheffers. This will probably be a long story, so I am sorry in advance. I just need to get it out. Christmas eve we took the kids to the movies. I ate too much popcorn and just thought it made me sick. I kept having...