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What is pays: Definition and 28 Discussions

  1. aried

    Pays to Have Your Card on a Magnet

    Got this email today! Made my day! "Hi Ann, My name is Diane from Ogden. I saw your business card on a fridge at a house I clean and wondered if you still sell pampered chef. If so, maybe you can help me. I am wanting to put together an item for a silent auction. I have the cooling...
  2. ritabenson

    Boost Your Sales with a Personal Website: How I Made $114 Overnight!

    I was so worried about not receiving enough sales this month to have the $150 min. and out of the blue I got and online order for $114. :love: So glad I put my website on EVERYTHING. :chef:
  3. chefkathy

    Director Mrs. Jennings: Being Prepared Pays Off!

    I am a familiar face at my son's school and slowly but surely the staff is getting to know that I am a PC consultant. We were late to school earlier this week (overslept--oops!) so I had to walk him in and sign him in. The school secretary says "Oh, Mrs. Jennings, I need a couple of those...
  4. smspamperedchef

    Does Wearing Logowear Lead to Potential Customers and Consultants?

    Went to IHOP for dinner sporting my PC shirt tonight. A waitress that brought us our food (she was helping out our waitress) noticed my shirt and was SO excited to have found a PC rep, as the one they knew moved away. I went to the van to get her a catalog and the host specials and asked her...
  5. P

    Two Shows This Weekend: Hard Work Pays Off!

    I did two shows this weekedn. Which may not sound like a lot to some people but they wore me out. Both shows did very well and still have orders coming in so I will be very excited when the commission check comes in.:D
  6. B

    Yesss, the Extra Touch Pays off

    I'm doing the happy dance. I had an HO lead online order this summer for $165 incl. the DCB. Thankfully she provided an address and e-mail. I sent the DCB baker recipes along with a note saying "next time you want to order over $150, let me know and you'll get a discount" and I added her to my...
  7. J

    Success Story: Asking Everyone Pays Off!

    Just wanted to share....one was a Home Office Lead (I was a HO lead, too!), just wanted to know how to sign up and has her first shows ready to go.The other is a past host that has been on the fence for quite a while. Moral of the story -- some will be easy, some will take time, but all are...
  8. taterbug

    Tax on DCB Bundles: Who Pays? Free Shipping Too!

    When you sell a DCB bundle, who pays tax on the guest's free gift - you or them? For example, if your bundle comes with the "free" pocket thermometer, do you pay for the thermometer, plus tax or go ahead and charge them the tax? Also, for those who offer free shipping, do you pay the tax on...
  9. L

    Who pays for the catalogs at my daughter's preschool?

    I am getting ready to make a proposal to my daughter's preschool. My question is who pays for the catalogs? Does it come out of their final donation amount or is this my expense? Many thanks, Laura
  10. esavvymom

    Selling on E-bay Pays Off: Get Spring Samples Without Breaking the Bank!

    I just sold several items on E-bay and now I can get my Spring samples without dipping into my regular budget!! WAHOO!!! :thumbup: (It's also how I got my kit and first round of sample products! No money out of my 'regular budget' pockets.)*and NO, they weren't PC items. :D*
  11. N

    Who Pays the Taxes on Fundraiser?

    Someone asked me the other day if her organization will have to pay the taxes on a fundraiser?!?! Does anyone know the answer to this??
  12. susanr613

    Maximizing Your Health and Savings: Why Asking Pays Off

    I thought I had made peace with the fact that I am not persistent enough to buy the Wii Fit and that I would be a gym rat instead. The gym rat thing has not been working especially over the last month. :grumpy: DS and I were at the mall tonight and he wanted to go to Gamestop and play with...
  13. chefkathy

    Are You Following Up for More Bookings and Sales?

    (also posted on CS) I've had two experiences within the past 24 hours that I wanted to share: 1. Called a customer who attended a show TWO YEARS AGO. In previous CC calls, she indicated an interest in hosting, but we had never connected. I called last night and started asking her about...
  14. DebbieJ

    Maximizing Success: The Power of Follow-Up Calls for Booking Direct Sales Shows

    I've had two experiences within the past 24 hours that I wanted to share: 1. Called a customer who attended a show TWO YEARS AGO. In previous CC calls, she indicated an interest in hosting, but we had never connected. I called last night and started asking her about her favorite products...
  15. susanr613

    Making OOB Calls Pays Off: My Story of Success

    I've been struggling with bookings, and have pledged to do 3-2-1 no matter what. Well, I am glad I did! I made OOB (out of the box) calls tonight. One woman was absolutely thrilled with her DCB and was planning on calling me in September to order two more for relatives. Plus, her boss wants...
  16. Intrepid_Chef

    It Pays to Attend Your Cluster Trainings!

    So I hosted a "spring kickoff" that was officially on ice. I made some stuff in the vain hope neighbors would trudge through the blizzard, but in the end, it was just me and Roomie eating the chicken nachos and brownies. (At least they were good!) I trudged ahead, dug out, and headed to my...
  17. ChefJoyJ

    forThose Who Mail Invites - Who Pays Postage?

    I decided to be proactive with my business and that I would mail the invites for my hosts, for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons was that I could be assured that they actually went out...and also that I would know how many went out. I was reading a thread where someone said that...
  18. Kitchen2u

    Robyn's Determination Pays Off: A Mom's Tale

    You're going to get a kick out of this . . . Robyn got her wisdom teeth out Fri ~ took vicadin on Fri, not needed on Sat, but needed on Sun. So I tell her, "I'm going to have to cancel your driver's test on Tues ~ you can't be on vicadin and taking the test." ~~ "NO! I will NOT be on...
  19. P

    Persistence Pays Off: My June Journey

    Going into June my month was strong (5 shows + 1 catalog) ... then 1 host cancelled and 1 went MIA. But I persisted ... I kept calling the one that cancelled since I knew she really wanted those Forged Steak Knives and tried pushing a catalog show. She called me tonight and REBOOKED a show...
  20. M

    How Guest Pays With a Gift Certificate

    Okay, a customer has a gift certificate she wants to use at a show to pay for her order. How do you do that? I don't see anything on P3 -- just check, cc, consultant gift, etc.
  21. The_Kitchen_Guy

    inHonor of Tax Day in the Us - Who Actually Pays the Taxes?

    In honor of tax day, WHO ACTUALLY PAYS THE TAXES? In figures for tax year 2003, as released by the IRS in Fall of October, 2005, we see this pattern: The bottom 50% of wage earners pay 3.46% of the federal burden. The top 50% pay 96.54% of the federal tax burden. The top 50% of...
  22. mandydollie

    Have You Tried the Pampered Chef Lottery Game for Your Hosts?

    Good Morning girls. I had a show last night and for the past week the host has been playing the Pampered Chef lottery game. She ended up selling enough squares so that the winner at last nights show ended up getting another $70 in FREE products. This pushed the show over the $600 mark and she...
  23. I

    Who Pays Their Husband or Other?

    My husband washes most of my dishes so I've paid him (use) here and there, but I have no idea what is a reasonable amount. I'm hoping some of you seasoned consultants will tell me how to figure out his paycheck, and even my own. I just keep my PC stuff in that bank account and use it only for...
  24. C

    Host Coaching Pays Off!!!! Keep at It!

    Well, for those who read about my Saturday show with 30 guests attending, here's the outcome!!!! I was there from 9:30a.m. - 5p.m. Yes!! I didn't type that incorrectly!!! There were 25+ people there! We closed the show THAT day! I had 3 past hosts in attendance & got several bookings...
  25. M

    Successful Hosting Pays Off: 4 Shows & a Fair!

    WELL!! My hostess was rather flaky and invited the moon. I tried to "reel" her back in and get her to confirm these people. She said she could never get ahold of anybody to confirm. She must have took 12 books from me to "give" to people. I finally said "who are you giving these books too!!!"...
  26. P

    Fundraiser Next Month: Who Pays for Food?

    I am having a fundraiser next month. They want me to demonstrate the products. Who pays for all this food??
  27. B

    How Can Pampered Chef Catalog Orders Boost Your Sales?

    My husband was visiting court today, he had to pick up some papers from the secretary of the judge. He told her his wife was doing Pamperd Chef now and she ask for a catalog and wants to order some things for the people in her office. I could'nt belive it. She called him after he left and asked...
  28. C

    Who Pays for Fundraisers and What Percentage Gets Donated?

    Is it PC that donates a set percentage? Is it the consultant? What percentage usually gets donated and does the consultant still make anything from the fundraiser or is it a total donation? TIA! Caro in TO