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What is mail: Definition and 112 Discussions

  1. E

    Effective Postal Mail Strategies for Reaching Customers | Share Your Tips!

    Hey Everyone!Last season I did a mailing (mini catalog w/letter) to my customers as a way to reach out. The mailing was kind of pricey (54 people at around $0.50 each). What do you do?My customers are varying ages and some will admit email is lost on them. I tried to send something by mail to...
  2. P

    Pampered Chef Surprise in Mail

    I am always excited when I get home from work and see a manila envelope from HO. So when I got home last night and saw one I was puzzled as to what it could be. Much to my extreme surprise and delight was my $200,000 career sales pin! So excited:love:
  3. G

    Best Way to Mail Mini-Catalogs?

    I was wondering what is the best way to mail mini-catalogs? Shoudl I put them in envelopes or just mail them as is? Should I put a flyer or note or anything with it? What is your experience?
  4. S

    Has Anyone Gotten Their April Newsletter in the Mail Yet?

    I was hoping to get mine today but it didn't come. I have a recruit trying to decide to join March or April. Can someone tell me what the April bonus is? You can send me a PM if you would like. Thanks Sarah
  5. naekelsey

    How much does it cost to mail a host packet?

    I just about died when I looked at the price to mail a host packet! Is it really almost $5.00 to mail one??? I remember when it was $2.00. I knew it probably went up a little but not that much.
  6. M

    Flyers (Instead of Mail Invites)

    Does anyone have a flyer format that they email to hosts who dont want to mail out invites because they see these people everyday so they want to be able to hand them something rather than have to pay to mail it out... Thanks in advance!!!
  7. wadesgirl

    Mail Mini Catalog: Does One Stamp Cover?

    I want to mail a mini catalog with 2 sheets of regular paper in it. I don't have time to go to the PO ahead of time to check that it doesn't charge more than a 1st class stamp. Anybody on here know?
  8. babywings76

    Stop Junk Mail Annoyance: My Journey to Financial Independence & Wealth

    I hate getting these... This is supposedly from "Mike" email address: [email protected] Who ever that is! "To all of my friends who didn't have the chance to see me on the channel 20 news last monday discussing my blog, and financial success story. I am forwarding you the News Article, so...
  9. P

    MailChimp vs. iContact: Comparing Costs and User Experience

    I need to reduce my costs and am very interested in Mailchimp...anyone have experience with both companies? I am very very happy with iContact I'm just not happy with the price, and MailChimp is much more wallet-friendly. Would love feedback!
  10. babywings76

    MailChimp vs. iContact: User Feedback and Cost Comparison

    I'd like to get some feedback on how people who use MailChimp are liking it. I currently use iContact, but I'd love to get away from having a monthly fee.
  11. M

    New Consultant - Mail Information Now or Wait?

    Hi all, just resigned tonight after being out of the business for a year. I have a letter I found on here that I want to send out to as many people as I can think of to get bookings, at the very least some orders. Do I mail it out now, or wait until I get the PC debit card and set up my website...
  12. babywings76

    How Early to Mail Out a Host Packet?

    I just booked a few shows for Feb & March. Usually I mail packets one month before the party, so it doesn't get lost or they lose track of it and their excitement. Just curious how you all do it. (This is regarding bookings that you make later over the phone or e-mail...not ones that you book...
  13. M

    Syncing a Palm Pre Plus with Yahoo Mail

    Hello, I am signing back up with PC this afternoon after a couple of years off (so excited:D). Anyway I just got a new phone (Palm Pre Plus - LOVING IT!!:love:) and I know that I can sync it with yahoo mail and Gmail. I know that PP3 can sync with Gmail. Does PP3 sync with yahoo :p? Thanks so...
  14. babywings76

    Letter/Flyer to Include W/ a Catalog to Mail

    I have a few people who have requested that I send them a catalog. I'm trying to decide what to include with it. Should I just write a hand written note and include it with the upcoming host/guest specials? Or does anyone have some sort of typed up letter that would be good to send?
  15. C

    Canadian May Consultant News (By Mail)

    I'm not sure what's happened this month, but I didn't receive my hard copy of the May consultant news at all, and it's the last day in May on Monday... Did anyone else get it? I'm trying to make sure I'm not losing it...(pregnancy brain is bad!) I'm quite sure I would have remembered if I had...
  16. K

    Question About Prize Drawing Voice Mail Message

    I'm doing some follow up calls from the booth I did over the weekend. We had a "register to win a prize" sign at our table. On the mP3 download about booths in consultant corner, they say that when you get an answering machine you can leave the message saying that they were the winner of the...
  17. chef131doreen

    I Just Got My Rolling Case From the Mail Man

    The Mail man just brought me my Rolling Case . This is GREAT even good for a carry on for a plane it's a GOOD SIZE lOVE IT
  18. C

    Results After Cyber Monday E Mail

    I sent out the customer connection e mail to my somewhat regular guests and I try to stay in touch with them so I sent the email for cyber monday and added free shipping for all orders 60.00 or over if they contacted me on mon with their order, and I am so shocked that I got 10 opt outs for "do...
  19. Monty060609

    Is It More Than a Stamp to Mail Mini Catalog?

    Does anyone know if it is more than a regular stamp to mail the mini catalog with the invite sticker? I bought the labels today and I'd like to mail them tomorrow. I'll have to go to the PO anyway, but I just thought I'd ask here first.
  20. J

    November Voice Mail Message Suggestions

    I'm trying to keep up with my PWS and voice mail and change them each month according to what is going on. Last month I had no problem coming up with wording for my voice mail message but this month it's a little more challenging. Any suggestions? TIA jj16:)
  21. dannyzmom

    Pampered Chef Calendars - How to Mail Them?

    Has anyone figured out a way to mail them that is cost effective? They are such an odd shape to ship.
  22. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Amazon & Mail Lady: The Unstoppable Duo!

    I can't help myself. This is what I think of when I see those two thread titles today, (Amazon and Mail Lady) and my brain just puts them together and sees this:
  23. chefcharity

    Mail Lady Asks About Our Products - A Reminder of Business Everywhere!

    I just got my mail and my mail lady left me a note asking about a product we carry. Can't remember if I have left her a catalog or just thought about it, but apparently she pays attention! There is business everywhere!! Going to invite her to my customer appreciation at the end of the month.
  24. P

    Urgent Problem Sending Emails With Web Mail

    Does anyone use a Roadrunner email address to send their newsletters, outlet updates, etc. to their email mailing list??? I go to Tasty Tidbits and email myself the newsletter. Not a problem with doing that. The problem is that when I click on "forward" so I can edit and personalize, the...
  25. C

    Do Any Canadians Mail Out Invitations?

    Does anyone here mail out invitations to guests before parties (using the host's guest list)? It seems so many of the US consultants do that, but I'm wondering if that would be feasible here, as we don't really rely on 'snail-mail' as much.
  26. D

    Can't Access Mail? Here's How to Fix It

    Anyone else having trouble getting into their mail?
  27. P

    Director What is the cost to mail a Season's Best through the mail?

    Does anyone know offhand who much postage is necessary to mail a Season's Best through the mail in a matching size envelope? I really don't want to have to take them into the Post Office. Thanks!
  28. P

    Consultant News: On-line or In the Mail?

    Does the Consultant News still get mailed out or is it only available on-line?
  29. L

    Host Letter for Mail Out Packages

    I know there is a lot of info already in threads and I have tried the search. Got some great ideas but does anyone know where here I can find a letter that I can add to my mail out packets that hilights what the host needs to do! Silly things like put the cheques in my name, not "Pampered Chef"...