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What is prize: Definition and 86 Discussions

  1. Ember Lewis

    Notepads, Lemonade Lady, Money Bag, Photo Mats, &Door Prize Box

    Please add shipping to all items... notepads-2 sets of 5 $5 PC letterhead pack of paper and lemonade lade sweet success pack $5 money bag PC and my cluster photo mats $10 door prize boxes $5
  2. Sara Dawn

    Maximizing Vendor Event Success: Tips for Attractive Prizes and Incentives

    I have signed up for multiple vendor events in the next month or two. I have two this weekend (on the same day) and one at the end of the month. I have two set up for next month. I was going to do a drawing for a Round UP From The Heart soup bowl set but after reading some of the posts here...
  3. A

    Booking/Door Prize Slips - Sold

    Booking/Door Prize Slips I have two of these. Would like to sell both for $1.00. I use flat-rate priority mail with USPS, as that is usually cheapest and includes tracking and insurance. Shipping weight is approximate. Shipping cost will be determined with buyer's zip code. List Date...
  4. kreaser

    DIY Prize Wheels - Tips, Templates & Inspiration

    does anyone out there have a small prize wheel that they have made or bought for fairs etc? My hubby said he'd make one for me this week but wanted to see if anyone had pics out there or any internet links that has free templates or any other info that would be helpful...
  5. B

    Nylon Pan Scrapers as Guest Prize

    Help me! Am I going nutz or has TPC been filling my orders incorrectly for the past two years? In the past two years when I've ordered the Nylon Scrapers from the Supply Order form and I order "1" I've received ten packages that each have 3 scrapers which include. To me that has been a...
  6. cookingwithlove

    Win Big at Your Next Event With a Spinning Wheel Prize Giveaway!

    Anybody know where I can get a spinning wheel for prize givea-a-way at a booth?
  7. cookingwithlove

    Printing Custom Prize Drawing Slips into a Note Pad

    I use my own prize drawing slip. I would like to get them printed into a note pad. I tried Vistaprint, but their note pads are too big. I just want mine to 1/4 page. Any suggestions?
  8. emiscookin

    What's the Best Door Prize for a Pampered Chef Party?

    The past couple of cooking shows I have done, I made the Citrus Peeler the Door Prize. I thought it was a decent door prize until I saw the look on the "winner's" face as I handed it to them and then I thought..."Oh boy...maybe it's a crappy door prize." :( The more I thought about it I...
  9. K

    Question About Prize Drawing Voice Mail Message

    I'm doing some follow up calls from the booth I did over the weekend. We had a "register to win a prize" sign at our table. On the mP3 download about booths in consultant corner, they say that when you get an answering machine you can leave the message saying that they were the winner of the...
  10. S

    Play the Hawaiian Island Game & Win a Special Prize!

    Since this year is a trip to Maui I have been playing a game at my show and the thing is it has really increased my sales at my last two shows. People are thinking about how they are helping me earn a trip to Hawaii and are placing larger orders PLUS I have got quite a few bookings. Here is...
  11. C

    Who Won? Excitement Builds for Prize Winners

    So has anyone heard anything about what they may have won? I am anxious to see the win list!
  12. T

    Winning a Door Prize: My Exciting Experience

    Here is a door prize slip that was given to me.
  13. taterbug

    Tracking Online Sales for Prize Rewards

    I intend to award prizes for various level of sales, shows booked, etc. I will write each player's name on the order forms I give them, but how can you keep up with which sales come from which player when people order online?
  14. C

    Win Big with a Large Bar Pan and Recipe File - Perfect Christmas Raffle Prize!

    My daughters school was asking for raffle prizes to be donated next week to be raffled at the concert. The only thing I have extra is a large bar pan. Can anyone think of a creative way to wrap this? I was thinking of including a recipe file with some recipes to make on the large bar pan as well...
  15. C

    Unique Door Prize Ideas for Tomorrow's Booth

    We have a booth tomorrow and I was wondering... What you give out as your door prize? My director usually gives a cookbook. I was wondering about some other suggestions.
  16. 1

    What to Give Away for a Door Prize?

    (1) I would like to get some feedback on what some of you give away for door prizes & how much do you give away at your shows? I usually give away a SB ckbk, paring knife, & citrus peeler. I try to give away at least 3 things, depending on what I have. Is this too much, not enough? (2)...
  17. muffetts

    Winning Door Prize: Retired Chillzanne Sectional Server + Rubs & Dip Ideas

    I'm putting together a door prize including the retired Chillzanne Sectional Server. I would like to include a couple of the rubs (since it's the special this month) and wonder if any of you have any quick dip recipes that would work in the server and use the rubs. I'll include the Moroccan...
  18. H

    Host Party Follow Up: Get Date Set for Door Prize Winners

    I hosted a party last night and on the door prizes I have three ladies who would be interested in hosting. I want to send an email out and kinda just touch base with them and try and get a date set. Does anyone have a letter or anything similiar that you use for this?
  19. A

    Door Prize Giveaway at Every Show!

    what do you give out as your door prize at each show?
  20. kcmckay

    Boost Bookings with a Door Prize Drawing | Live Cooking Show Tonight"

    I have a live cooking show tonight. First one since November:eek: And like always because my cooking shows always seem to be so spread out I feel like I'm starting over every time. Which is frustrating because I've been doing this over a year:rolleyes: Basically I'm curious when everyone does...
  21. Flamingo

    Urgent Creative Homemade Door Prize Slips for Girls - Get Inspired!

    Girls,,,,, Help I need a few choices of homemade door prize slips.... :chef:
  22. C

    Boost Your Booth Success with the Perfect Door Prize - Tips and Ideas

    In the earlier thread about cash and carry items someone mentioned about getting more leads. I get the most leads by having a nice door prize. Most of mine came from the mystery boxes at conference. I also use items from the outlet and from the sample packages. For my last booth I used a...
  23. M

    Slips From Door Prize Drawings at Booths

    does every one go through there slips all the time and have found some that are old people and still call them? i have tons of those that old people have signed u p for drawing at the booths and half are old people. so what do i do with those?
  24. babywings76

    Create Your Own Door Prize Drawing Slips - Free Printable Template

    I just made these, thought I'd share. Hope it came through okay...
  25. babywings76

    What Would Make for an Exciting Prize for My Fair Prize Drawing?

    I am trying to decide what I should have as my prize drawing for my fair on Tuesday. Should it be a gift basket filled with stuff? I don't know if the extra things I have are that exciting. What would make for an exciting prize? I was wondering if I should print out a picture of what the...
  26. Intrepid_Chef

    Get a Free Prize from The Pampered Chef at XX County Fair!

    I was listening to the "Booths Build Business" CD ... they were talking about messages that get returned ... and I found the following message to be intriguing ... "Hello, this is Diane from the Pampered Chef ... we met at the XX County Fair and I just wanted to let you know YOU WON THE...
  27. kcjodih

    Where's my Cs Contest #6 Prize, Greg?

    Hi Greg, I tried to email you but haven't heard back. I haven't received my prize for the 500,000th post (July 17th) and I'm concerned. I know you were on holidays but I'm worried it might have got lost in the mail. Could you let me know if there is a tracking number or anything I can use...
  28. pampered.chris

    Looking for an Open House Door Prize Slip? Can You Help Me Find It?

    Within the last few weeks someone posted an Open House door prize slip where the customer was to rate the food they tried and rate how interested they were in hosting, becoming a consultant etc. I have looked for it and looked for it and I can't find it...can you post this again?! I want to...
  29. WLMcCoy

    Win a Pampered Chef Prize at Homecoming Fair! Host a Show for $10 More!

    I am donating a Pampered Chef product for a door prize at a local town's homecoming fair. With the product I also want to put a little flyer that says if they host a show on or before December 31, 2008 they will get an additional $10 in free products. I need a flyer or help with some wording...
  30. J

    Anyone Have a Prize Drawing Flyer?

    I'm going to put a drawing box up a consignment sale. I need a flyer to attach to explain what the drawing box is for. Anyone have anything like that? Thanks so much! God bless, Amanda