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What is raffle: Definition and 39 Discussions

  1. MrsNetNut404

    Affordable Raffle Prizes for Booking Brunch: Ideas & Budget Tips

    My director suggested I have a raffle for my booking brunch next month. I thought that was a great idea, but I am having a hard time deciding what to offer for the raffle prize. I can't offer anything too expensive. I was thinking something in the $15-$20 range. My director also suggested...
  2. M

    Mystery Host Party "Raffle"- Opinion?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to have my own party in February where I raffle off the hostess benefits (like a mystery host) and it will be my first time doing something like this. Two questions: 1. Is it okay to put the show in my name as the host for online ordering purposes, or will that...
  3. babywings76

    What Are Effective Items to Donate for Charity Raffles?

    I'm thinking out loud here, so please bare with me. I'd love any other ideas or suggestions you guys may have. I have a past host who is close friends with a mom whose daughter has cancer and is undergoing major treatments. They are doing an online auction on their blog and have asked people...
  4. M

    Want to Boost Your Pampered Chef Business? Try Donating Raffle Gift Baskets!

    Hey I play at my local bingo hall often and they ask me if I would be willing to donate some once a month for their raffles they do. They said I would recieve free play once a month in return and would promote my business. Anyone ever done this and if so what did you make. I was thinking like a...
  5. C

    Win Big with a Large Bar Pan and Recipe File - Perfect Christmas Raffle Prize!

    My daughters school was asking for raffle prizes to be donated next week to be raffled at the concert. The only thing I have extra is a large bar pan. Can anyone think of a creative way to wrap this? I was thinking of including a recipe file with some recipes to make on the large bar pan as well...
  6. D

    Scrapbooking Event Ideas: Oct/Nov Bookings & Raffle Prizes

    I can't make it to a friends scrapbooking event but she's offered to give everyone some info and do a raffle if I like. Does anyone have something on maybe half a page about Oct/November bookings or any ideas on what I can give her? There will be about 40 people there so I can't afford to do...
  7. 2

    Understanding Raffle Legality by State | Ticket Fundraiser Guide

    I found this after reading another thread questioning this. I really hope to do a ticket fundraiser soon. Jennifer
  8. starrmarie

    Has anyone tried a 50/50 Raffle Fundraiser before?

    I'm going to do a fundraiser with my daughter's daycare. I saw someone's flyer for the 50/50 Raffle Ticket fundraiser. Here is the attachement for the flyer (and I am working on the raffle tickets) I will give the daycare. Has anyone else done anything like this? and how did it work out?
  9. C

    Join the Fun with Our Basket Bingo Raffle | Spice Up Your Chances to Win!

    Hi all I am doing a PC basket with several spices for a basket bingo event at a elem school and they said I could do a raffle. I am not sure what to do as far as raffle offers. Any Suggestions? Thanks In advance
  10. kcmckay

    What items should I include in a raffle basket for a senior center fundraiser?

    I haven't really looked through yet to see what I want to include yet, but still want to welcome the wealth of ideas I can get from you brilliant cheffers:D! On march 22nd I'm participating in a bowling type fundraiser for the local senior center in my town. I happen to work at bank branch in...
  11. N

    Christmas Raffle Flyer for Open House with Consultation Services

    I'm doing an open house with 5 other types of consultants tomorrow. I need to make a catchy Christmas Flyer for my table. Each customer will be greeted at the door when they come in and for filling out a contact sheet they will get 1 raffle ticket, they will also get one raffle ticket for...
  12. LBurke

    Open House Raffle: Help Boost Sell-a-thon Sales!

    I am having an open house at my home Sat and am looking to help boost sales for Sell-a-thon. I was thinking of doing one of those raffles where you purchase a square for a dollar or something and then the winner gets free product. I think the premise is that you try to sell $150 in squares and...
  13. N

    Help, Need Raffle Basket Ideas by Fri

    I thought I was going to be given more time to put together but I received a phone call about the silent auction basket I was going to do for my booth on the 30th. I had no time to get products from my group. They want the silent auction basket items by tomorrow (Fri). I have some old SB, a new...
  14. janej76

    Help Needed: 100-Squared Raffle for HWC Fundraiser

    Hi everyone I'm being really lazy here, as I could do this myself, but thought someone here might already have one... I'm looking for a square divided into 100 number squares. This is for me to sell each square for a raffle at my HWC fundraiser on Tuesday. Does anyone have one set up...
  15. NooraK

    RSVP: Should Non-Attendees Get Raffle Tickets?

    For those of you who have held raffles for items in conjunction to an Open House or something similar, here's a question: When having "RSVP" as one of the ways of getting ticket, do you -give tickets to those who RSVP, but say they are not coming? -give tickets to those who did RSVP that...
  16. ChefMary412

    Gift Ideas for a Church Golf Tournament Raffle Under $40

    Our church is having a golf tournament with a raffle. I was going to do a little basket for the raffle.. what should I put in it? I wanted it to total $30-40 bucks. I was thinking the new spice/dip gift set and the SA small bowl caddy with bowls.
  17. whiteyteresa

    Relay for Life Raffle: Win Big Prizes and Support a Good Cause!

    Question is coming - just want to give you some background ( that this is soooooo long) I belong to a Relay for Life Team and usually we do a Bingo in May (this year May 3rd) with PC products - this year our team can't get any prizes sponsored this year. We have lots of products (15 prizes...
  18. C

    Selling Raffle Tickets for Open House: Ideas and Advice Needed!

    Hello all! I have posted a similar question here before, but had little response. My open house is in one week so I need some HELP!! Has anyone ever sold raffle tickets for an item in order to help recoup some out of pocket expenses? For example, Ultimate Mandoline . . .tickets $1 each...
  19. C

    Fiar/Festival Raffle: A Fun Way to Cover Event Expenses

    OK, so I know we can't sell items on ebay,etc. But does anyone "raffle off" an item at fairs/festivals/open house, etc to help recover some expenses?
  20. redsoxgirl

    How do I handle taxes for donating a PC basket to a charity raffle?

    I'm planning on donating a PC basket to a charity raffle. How do I figure out the taxes on it or whatever? Do I just write down what I donated and hang on to it till tax time?
  21. A

    Holiday Raffle Ideas for Your Multi-Vendor Bazaar

    In a few weeks, I'm going to be one of the hosts at a multi-vendor bazaar. Each of us is planning on raffling something off, but I need suggestions! Since it's a holiday bazaar, I'd like to stick with that theme. I like the ideas in the Holiday mini catalog, but I'm not sure what price range...
  22. L

    Raffle Tickets: Free Template Search

    Does anyone have a template for raffle tickets? I did a search but did not find anything.
  23. DebPC

    August Kick Off: Raffle, Demos & Training!

    August Kick OffMy team and I are getting together with several area directors and their teams for a Kick Off the middle of August. We are having a raffle for a free set of cookware, plus demos and training. This way we all share the planning and work and our consultants get to see other leaders...
  24. kisrae

    Interested in a 50/50 Raffle Fundraiser?

    Does anyone have any info on doing a 50/50 fundraiser? I have a couple of people who are interested in fundraisers,but their not really on board with the "normal" way of doing a PC fundraiser. Thanks
  25. J

    Ticketless for Raffle? Need Blank Tickets - Help!

    I forgot to pick up tickets for the raffle i'm going to be doing at my show.... I have searched throught the files and can't find what i'm looking for... Does anyone have a file with Blank tickets that can be cut out to use as raffle tickets?? TIA
  26. hoosierchef

    Join the Fun and Support a Good Cause: Raffle at Our Upcoming Fundraiser!"

    Hello. I have yet again another Fundraiser! :p It's either feast or famine! LOL Anywho, this fundraise is in two weeks. I have some extra products laying around. I though about donating one and letting the sorority have a raffle for it and all the $$ going to their charity. What do you...
  27. T

    Help Needed: Raffle Ticket Fundraiser Flyer

    Hello Everyone! I am doing a raffle ticket fundraiser and wanted to know if anyone has a flyer that highlights pictures of the most popular PC products? I didn't want to hand out catalogs to everyone because I would need over 150 catalogs but thought of puting a flyer with some pics of just...
  28. T

    Revamped Pampered Chef Raffle Form

    I received a bad copy of this raffle form (you know...copied one to many times and it just wasn't crisp and clean) from my directors. I don't know who's idea it was but I recreated it and thought someone else might like it too.
  29. M

    The Pampered Chef TeamLooking for Raffle Ticket Ideas for Fundraiser?

    I am currently trying to book a fundraiser, and I am pitching the idea of having a kick-off show, and then have the participants sell raffle tickets for a PC shopping spree. I looked up the rules for raffles for my state, and it is fine unless I plan on raising more than $25,000 or something (I...
  30. S

    What are some creative ideas for a holiday open house raffle?

    Has anyone ever done a raffle at their holiday open house? I would love some ideas or the flyer you used for your open house...Thanks