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What is free: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. scottcooks

    How to Get the Pampered Chef Cooking Blender Free...

    I already own a BlendTec from Costco, a couple years old - use it a lot for smoothies.Instead I need the PC Cooking Blender, and so, I'll put the BlendTec up on Craigslist and OfferUp for $175, then use those funds to buy the PC blender at 139 plus shipping. = PC Cooking Blender FREE :-) A...
  2. D

    List of Free Product Fall 2018 Levels

    I’m looking for a list of products my selling levels
  3. J

    Soy Free Substitute for Garlic Herb Rub in Freezer Workshop

    I have a guest that cannot have soy. The freezer meal workshop utilizes the Garlic Herb Rub in most of the recipes. Does anyone have a good substitute for this? I'm thinking maybe some garlic powder or fresh garli + Italian Seasoning? What do you all think? Thanks in advance, Jammie
  4. mspibb

    Messenger Bags Free You Pay Shipping!

    Given to us at conference one year. I have two. I’d love to give them to someone who will use them!
  5. C

    Discontinued Stationary Lot: $25 + Free Shipping!

    I have some discontinued stationary products from Nancy's Artworks and Pampered Chef, asking $25 for the lot with Free Shipping.Included is:over 200 door prize slips blank door hangers (print all your info) 66 sheets- 2 hangers to a sheet checkered printer paper 16 sheets Perforated post cards-...
  6. Sarah Mitson

    How Can I Gift Items or Shipping to My Online Customers?

    Hi, I'm a new consultant and just had my very first sale (on a facebook show). I want to gift my first customer with either a small product or maybe free shipping but I don't know how to do that. I saw in her cart that I can add items, but how do I pay for the items added. And how can I pay for...
  7. mspibb

    Shop My Closet: Free Shirts Just Pay Shipping!

    i have several 2 and 3x shirts I would let someone have for shipping cost. I have lost weight and they are too big but too nice to throw away!
  8. A

    Need Free Items? Just Pay Shipping for Consultant Materials!

    Hi all! I was a consultant a few years ago and stopped. I had stored stuff in a box and now I am moving so I need to et rid of it. I'd hate to throw it all out, so I really just want the shipping cost. I would just ship flat rate, whatever it fit in.Here is what I have- Catalog bag Seasons Best...
  9. DebPC

    Gluten-Free Flour Reviews: Is it Worth the Hype?

    For those that have used this new product- is it a great alternative to regular flour? I have 2 good friends that are gluton free- but I'm not. Also is the price comparative to others on the market???
  10. raebates

    Discover the Benefits of CinchShare: Get a Month Free!

    I heard about CinchShare at NC. It's a social media sharing site that allows you to schedule posts to Facebook or Pinterest up to 2 months ahead. You can do links, pics, text. It's easy to use. The cost is $10/month, but PC consultants who sign up by the end of this week (it may last longer than...
  11. Deblyn

    Free Canada Day Flyer: Download Here!

    Does anyone have a Canada Day special flyer?
  12. Jasmine

    Have You Tried Hosting a Free Cooking Show at Your Vendor Events?

    At my last vendor events I decided to have a drawing for a free cooking for and prize, does anyone do this? I find that several of the recipes I make are very cheap and also it has someone booking that maybe wouldn't have. Thought Comments Concerns?Thanks
  13. jbondr

    New Purses & Packs - Save Up to $25 + Free Shipping!

    For Sale - Gray Purse $25.00, Black Pack Pack $25, Black & White Coin Purse $10. All items are NEW, never used. Prices include shipping cost.
  14. Intrepid_Chef

    Unlock Your Potential: Discover Our Free Programs for All Levels!

    I did not see this on the website.I missed out by four days and nine dollars on the $1500 level, so just wondering what I won't get ;-)
  15. A

    Can Hostesses Use Free Product for 1/2 Price Items?

    Is the hostess allowed to use her free product towards her 1/2 price items?
  16. ChefJWarren

    Free for All Level Values Host Consultant

    I'm $63 away from the $1500 level. Is it worth it to reach it? Does anyone know the value of the levels? Thanks!
  17. DebPC

    Who's Got Free Shipping Online Orders?

    I have one. Hoping for more tonight.
  18. mrslulu2012

    Does Hosting a Free Cooking Show Cost the Host?

    I am seeing a lot of people about offering a Free cooking show as a prize, so I wanted to know does it cost the host to put on a cooking show? I am new to all this and I am just trying to understand. what is a Free cooking show? what makes it free versus not a free cooking show? Thanks!
  19. DebPC

    Is the Free Round Covered Baker Automatically Added?

    I'll be sending in shows in the next couple of days that qualify for the free baker. Will they automatically include it or do we have to do something special?
  20. C

    Free Scanned Doc Editing Software?

    Anyone have any recommendations for FREE software I can download to my computer so I can edit someone's scanned Word or Excel docs or a pdf? Thanks!
  21. Admin Greg

    Have you tried this gluten-free Beer Bread Mix?

    Please discuss the Beer Bread Mix - Gluten Free. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  22. esavvymom

    Direct Sales Training Webinars (Free)- August

    I wanted to pass along the info for an upcoming series of Interviews with 24 different people- from direct sales folks, to CEOs, etc. There can be LOTS of valuable business training and information in these. The show airs EVERY MONDAY - SATURDAY … Dates: Beginning August 4, 2014...
  23. W

    Gluten-Free Cookbook: Delicious Pampered Chef Favorites - On Sale Now!

    Gluten Free Cookbook Looks new *Will combine shipping if you purchase multiple items from me The Pampered Chef Favorites Made Gluten-FreeEnjoy favorites like Chicken and Broccoli Braid and Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies 19 recipes in all with these new, gluten-free recipes. Includes color...
  24. T

    Free Bicycle Needed: Anybody Have One?

    Please let me know if anyone of you have a extra one that you would be willing to part with
  25. P

    Brand New Aprons for Sale - $15 & Free Shipping!

    I have three aprons for sale....none have been worn but are out of package. 1. Patriotic 2. Denim 3. Pink & Black Paisley $15 each.....FREE shipping.
  26. DebPC

    Level Up and Inspire: Join Our Free Community of Earners!

    Post when you achieve a new level and help inspire others.
  27. DebPC

    July's Free For All Promo: See How Many Shows You Can Catch!

    How many shows do you have booked for July's Free For All Promo?
  28. Intrepid_Chef

    Warning: Avoid "Bill Me Later" Free Trials!

    So I forgot to re-up with TT and went to the website. I clicked on the "free trial" (thinking, 2 weeks, what the hey) but wasn't entirely surprised to see the Paypal Screen. I went to pay and accidentally clicked on "Bill me Later." Just wanted to warn you that when you sign up for this it's...
  29. DebPC

    Free Cool N Serve Promo Announced

    Just found this on the website...