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What is cookbook: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Denise K

    Variety of Retired Items Available

    I have the following items I am selling. The number in parenthesis before each item, designate how many of each are available. The prices shown are the retail first, and what I am selling them for after. I also have a number of PC Totes available. Inquire as to what you are looking for and I...
  2. Tenille V.

    Lot of 44 Vintage Season's Best Recipe Books

    Sell Lot for $53.60 ($40 for books & $13.60 for shipping medium flat rate box). Paypal only. 44 Vintage Season's Best Recipe Books (new, no stickers, a few with slight marks - see pics) F/W 2011 - 13 F/W 2013 - 4 (1 has slight mark at top) F/W 2014 - 11 (1 has slight mark near spine) S/S 2014 -...
  3. M

    Sale: Cookbooks - Prices & Shipping Info

    i have the following cookbooks for sale: All New Soup, Stews and Chilis $5 Dinner in your deep covered baker $5 It's Good For You $8 All the best $8 Main dishes $8 Stoneware inspirations $8 Cooking for two or more $8 Delightful desserts $8 29 minutes to dinner volume 2 $8 29 minutes to dinner $8...
  4. C

    forSale: 11 Season's Best and 1 Cookbook for a Cause

    These are from a few different seasons. I am asking $9 for them all plus shipping.
  5. esavvymom

    How to Find Which Cookbook Has a Certain Recipe?

    Does anyone know how to find on Consultant's Corner, how to search for recipes where it gives you the original cookbook it is found in??remember in old CC, we could search for a recipe or ingredients, etc....but it would tell you what cookbook that the recipe was printed in. If it was Season's...
  6. W

    Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook

    Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook Looks New * Will combine shipping if you purchase multiple items from me 56 recipes including burgers and smoky ribs to vibrant veggies and much more. Includes grilling basics and grill master's tips for perfect results. List Date: 6/24/2014 For more...
  7. W

    Gluten-Free Cookbook: Delicious Pampered Chef Favorites - On Sale Now!

    Gluten Free Cookbook Looks new *Will combine shipping if you purchase multiple items from me The Pampered Chef Favorites Made Gluten-FreeEnjoy favorites like Chicken and Broccoli Braid and Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies 19 recipes in all with these new, gluten-free recipes. Includes color...
  8. E

    Where Can I Find the TLC Cookbook - Volume 1?

    Hello! I have a customer who is looking for the TLC cookbook - volume 1. Does anyone have one they are willing to sell? Please let me know if so & for how much. Thanks in advance!!
  9. kam

    Where Can I Find Cookbook for a Cause Vol 1 with Celebrity Recipes?

    Trying to organize today (haha) and it seems as though I can't locate (or never had) Cookbook for a Cause vol 1. I could have sworn I had it... Can anyone tell me some of the the celebs/recipes included? Or can someone post a pic of the cover? THANKS!
  10. C

    Where Can I Find Recipes from the First Latin Cookbook?

    Hi all! I am looking for the recipes in the first latin cookbook. I thought I had the book, but I can only find two of the second one. I love Latin cooking and would really like to make something out of that cookbook at my open house this weekend. Does anyone have any/all of the recipes typed...
  11. MissyPC

    Roundup From the Heart Cookbook Bundle Help

    Hello All. Does anyone have a flyer or a signup sheet with the special "Roundup from the Heart" Cookbook for a cause Bundle? Was thinking of leaving a sheet and copies of the book at my son's daycare or at work in the lunchroom for a week and get some orders? Any thoughts? I mean 30 orders makes...
  12. Admin Greg

    Gluten Free Cookbook: Tips, Complaints, Praise & Reviews

    Please discuss the Gluten Free Cookbook Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  13. M

    Confused about August Cookbook for a Cause Ordering

    Does anyone know if we were able to earn this in August? I thought I saw somewhere that they would send it with our bag that we earned for submitting 2 shows in August. Received my bag and no cookbook. I e-mailed HO and they said it was supposed to come with our free bag......I...
  14. babywings76

    Lost My DCB Cookbook: Need Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

    For some reason I can't find my Dinner in Your DCB cookbook. :( I sure hope I didn't lose it at a host's house. Anyway, I really wanted to make the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Would someone be willing to type it up for me? :D :chef:
  15. M

    Alternate to "Cookbook" Fundraiser

    I am looking to start offering sports teams, etc fundraising opportunities ...I like the "cookbook" fundraiser idea ...but does anyone have an alternate to the cookbooks... like other products ... I am hesitant to offer the entire catalog ...but am looking for perhaps "grilling items" or maybe...
  16. babywings76

    Which Cookbook Is Better for College Kids?

    My niece is attending college and has an apartment. She got invited to a show with another consultant and asked me for my opinion on which cookbook she should get. She's contemplating either the Make it Fresh, Make it Healthy and the Cooking for 2 or More. Thoughts?
  17. S

    Discover Delicious Grilling Recipes: A Guide to the Great Grilling Cookbook

    Hi all, I do not have the Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook yet. Can anyone please tell me what recipes are in there. I am a pick eater, don't like fish, seafood, or mushrooms. So if the recipes have these there is no reason for me to buy this cookbook. Also looking for what is listed in the...
  18. 1PamperedMommy

    Looking for Iso Cookbook for a Cause?

    I have a host this month who did not realize that the Cookbook For A Cause was not coming back in the Spring/Summer catalog, and wants to purchase 10 of them. Did anyone stock up and have some to sell?
  19. C

    Where can I find .Doc or .pdf files of cookbooks?

    Hi! I have all of the cookbooks, but now I have an iPad and I would like to have them on there. I was going to start typing them up, but I was hoping someone else may have already typed some of them up. Does anyone know where I might find any books in a .Doc or .pdf file? Thanks, and...
  20. wadesgirl

    Simply Sweet Cookbook: Lemon Pucker Cake

    I'm making the Lemon Pucker Cake from the Simply Sweet Cookbook tomorrow. The first step says to use dry bread crumbs to line the pan. Is there a good substitute if I don't have bread crumbs? I have 100% whole wheat bread I could put in the food processor if I need to but wanted to check...
  21. E

    Spin on Salads Cookbook Question

    I have a customer who purchased the Spin on Salads cookbook. She is questioning whether there was a printing error as most of our cookbooks have the recipe on the opposite side of the picture (pic on left, recipe on right) and this cookbook has the picture on the front and the recipe on the back...
  22. C

    Help with Guest Special: Free Cookbook & Easy Read Cup/Opener?

    Can someone help me with the guest special please? If the guest spends 100.00, do they get the free cookbook and easy read measuring cups or opener, or do they only get to pick easy read cups or opener?
  23. winklermom

    Cookbook Fundraiser: How to Successfully Raise Funds with Delicious Recipes

    I'm considering offering a cookbook fundraiser to a couple of organizations but before I move any further along with the idea, I thought I would see if anyone has ever done anything like this and, if so, how did it work? I had thought to offer the cookbooks for a flat price that will...
  24. R

    Iso Dots Tote/Snowman Apron/30Th Anniv Cookbook

    Looking for these three items. The cookbook, I do not care if it is signed or not. The apron and the dots tote are my priority. Please email [email protected] if you have one to sell. That's the fastest way to reach me. Solicitors are not allowed to contact me with offers of...
  25. M

    Get Your Copy of TLC Cookbook: Volume 2 Now | Special Offer Inside!

    We are selling the TLC cookbook, Volume 2 this year. I was not a consultant last year, but learned that Volume 1 was available as a download. Does anyone have access to that? If so, could you email me at [email protected]. Thanks!!
  26. L

    Delicious Recipes from a Cookbook: Worth the Extra Effort!

    I am really liking this cookbook. These aren't "fast and easy" recipes, but the results are worth the little extra effort. (If you are looking for 'healthy'...these aren't it either (:eek:)...but if you're going to consume sugar, fat, and calories, better it be from something exceptional vs from...
  27. Dina Atnip

    Need Cookbook: Delightful Desserts - Anyone Selling?

    I have a new consultant that would like to have the cookbook Delightful Desserts does anyone have a couple they would like to get rid off? Thanks in advance.
  28. C

    Delicious Tarelles: My Daughter's Cookie Masterpiece!

    My daughter made the Tarelles cookies last night. YUM!!!!
  29. T

    Surprise Delivery: Fedex Drops off Microwave Chip Maker & Cookbook!

    HI! My fedex guy usually is never here before 4pm - so I was a bit surprised to see him at 11 w/a small box. Inside were the Microwave Chip Maker & Cookbook for a Cause 2. YAHOOOOO! Wanted to let ya'll know they were being delivered...I wonder who will get theirs next??
  30. wadesgirl

    Do Not Order the New Round up Cookbook yet

    I sent in my supply order yesterday which included new materials for recruiting (even though I have a ton of current stuff UGH!) and the new round up trivet and cookbook. I got a call from HO today that the cookbook is not available until the 15th. She said I have two options, hold my supply...