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  1. B

    I got my cake mixes today

    I have not tried them yet but I can not imagine what can possibly make this taste like it is worth $8, for one 9 in one layer cake. I am waiting to cook this cake until something special comes up. Just curious about how every one feels.
  2. P

    Microwave cake

    Please help! I've tried the recipe for the chocolate cake in the Rice Cooker Plus (mix cake and add 4-6 scoops of icing) and have had a different result each time - none of them good! One time the cake fell apart when I flipped it onto the plate, the next time it was only half-cooked (talk...
  3. D

    Love to have recipe for microwave cake

    I would love to have the recipe for the microwave cake that has frosting in the bottom of the pan. :) :) :)
  4. P

    Doll cake photo needed

    Bride Doll cake photo needed Does anyone have a picture of a doll cake that's made up like a bride? I've read all the descriptions, but would like to see one. I intend to make one of these cakes for my first bridal show. I've seen the picture from Ginger, but it's a side angle and a little...
  5. D

    Bride to Be Party Cake

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had the Bride to Be Party Cake. I have a party to go to next Friday for a good friend of mine. She is getting married in Oct. and I thought that this would be a great dessert. Thanks! Deb + 2
  6. B

    Need microwave recipe for carrot cake

    I am looking for a microwave recipe for carrot cake in fluted stoneware. Does anyone have it? Thank you in advance.
  7. chefautumn

    3-2-1-cake in Fluted Pan

    Has anyone tried this recipe before? I have seen a few flyers with different variations of this recipe. I would just like some opinions about which ones are the best and easiest to cook. I have a show next weekend and there are supposed to be between 12-20 people in attendance :eek: . The host...
  8. N

    Better then sex cake

    Hi all- I'm doing a Desperate Housewives theme show and was wondering if anyone has a recipe for Better then sex cake. Please share. Thanks! Any other ideas are welcome as well. I've taken some ideas from Erica about the tempting tapas. Let me know what else you guys have!! :) Thanks bunches!
  9. Morvin

    Microwave cake in the fluted stone

    I'm looking for some inexpensive recipes and I like the idea of the 321 microwave cake however I only have the mini fluted stone I don't have the regular one can this be done in the oven? if so what temp and how long?? or can the microwave version be done in another stone?? thank you Heather
  10. K

    Where to get clothes for bridal cake

    Hi, I'm planning to make the batter bowl doll cake for a display in a bridal fair this Sunday, but I can't find clothes (top of dress and veil) for her. Any idea where I can find these? I got the doll pick at Michael's, but didn't see any clothes. Thanks!
  11. jdavis

    Pineapple upside down cake with 7up?

    OK, I asked someone at work what kind of cake he wanted for his bday this month, :rolleyes: and I was telling him I would just make it in the microwave with the stoneware fluted pan, and of course he said something I didn't know how to make. He said that he wanted a Pineapple upside down cake...
  12. W

    Anyone have Smores Mousse Cake recipe?

    I am searching for the recipe for the Smores Mousse Cake.....anyone have this??? Thanks! :o
  13. W

    How do make Microwave Cake???

    Ok I've searched and searched, I can't find exact instructions on making the microwave cake. Can I just use the boxed recipe or do I need to add ingredients? I just want to give it a try, I've never used my fluted pan before and I'd like to start trying this in a demo soon. Thanks! Wendy
  14. C

    Rice Cooker Cake?

    I was doing a craft fair and this woman said she was at a show where the consultant made a cake in the microwave in a micro rice cooker. It had the frosting melted at the bottom like the one you make in the fluted pan. Then she served the cake in dishes and cooked hamburger meat in the rice...
  15. janel kelly

    Watermelon Cake

    I got this recipe in my e-mail today. I thought it was the cutest cake and perfect for summer. I think it could possibly be adapted with using pampered chef tools maybe at a show. The cake could be made in the stones ahead of time. It was just a thought and it was too cute not to post on this...
  16. K

    Rectangle Stone Cake?

    Hi Everyone! I had a customer who just bought a rectangle stone from me last month. She called me yesterday and asked if she could bake a cake in it and pop it out like you would in the cake pans? I've never tried it so I didn't know. To be honest, I just recieved my stone and I haven't...
  17. C

    Has anyone tryed to make a cake in the mini oval baker that comes in the starter kit?

    I keep reading about the 10-12 minute cake made in the fluted pan and want to try it, but don't have the pan yet! I have been thinking about trying it out on my mini oval pan as I have not used it yet. Has anyone tryed this? Does anyone have any good recipe suggestions for this pan as well...
  18. C

    Looking for pink champagne cake recipe

    Someone sent me one recipe for this cake, but I'm wondering if PC has published a recipe for this cake. I'd like to make this cake in my bar pan for a bridal shower to make petite fours or maybe even make this as a 12 minute cake in the fluted stone ware pan in the microwave. Could anyone help...
  19. K

    Barbie Batter Bowl Cake

    Where do I find the recipe for the Barbie Batter Bowl Cake? Thanks!
  20. A

    Micro Cake Time variation

    Does anyone know if the microwave cake can be cooked in the oven, and if so what would the temperature be and how long would you cook it?
  21. K

    Microwave Cake Help!!!

    Can anyone help?? I have tried the HWC Microwave cake (strawberry cake mix with white choc chips and cheesecake pudding mix) 4 times, and every time it sticks to the bottom of fluted pan and breaks when I invert it. I have tried spraying it with Pam w/ flour; spraying it, then dusting with...
  22. D

    Cake Tester/Bake Sale Idea for you....

    If your school is having a bake sale type thing, here is an idea you can use!! Take the Cake Tester and put Gummy Worms and other such things on it (like a skewer)...and you have a candy shish-kabob!! Not only are you the hero of the class moms...because you had this brilliant idea...
  23. A

    Skillet cake recipes

    I need some good skillet cake recipes. I don't have any of the cookbooks yet, I'm in my SS1. I've heard of the Turtle fudge skillet cake?
  24. P

    Blue's Clues Cake

    My son turns one on Thursday and I am really hoping to do him one of the blues clues cakes. I got the batter bowl with my starter kit and w/ kitchen enhancement I order the prep bowls, which by the way I love. What I wanted was some suggestions b/c I have not actually found this recipe. Would...
  25. P

    Stoneware Fluted Cake Pan

    Since cakes are relatively high fat, does this need any treating like the pizza stones do? I have a potential customer asking. Thanks Paula in TN
  26. K

    Cake Stencil Set

    I had a party a couple nights ago and a girl asked me about the cake stencil set. She said that she bought one and when she takes the stencil off the cake, the frosting comes with the the stencil. She says she's left it on until everything was completely cool, she's even put her cake in the...
  27. A

    Has anyone made a cookie cake?

    Hi everyone, I am new here, and LOVE this site. I just signed up for PC after going to my first party. I want to make a cookie cake for tomorrow. They kind made out of chocolate chip cookie dough. They sell them at the cookie place in the mall. Anyway, I was looking for any tips or...
  28. D

    Help Whip Cancer Cake?

    I'm looking for a recipe that I've heard about, that I believe is called the Help Whip Cancer Cake. I think it's a pink microwave cake, made in the stoneware fluted pan. If anyone has heard of this and could pass along the recipe, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to demo it next...
  29. Shawnna

    Microwave cake

    I just tried the Sunshine Cake-not sure if that is what it is called. I followed the recipe exactly. The recipe said microwave on high for 13 minutes or until cake tester was clean. The recipe said the cake would be moist/not seem done at the middle of the pan. After 13 min. the cake wasn't...
  30. M

    Checkerboard cake

    Ok.. got my pans out and ready to go.... can not find my recipe card. How much extra flour do I mix with my cake mix? Per mix or both? UGH... lol Thanks :) Help.... Please