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What is fall: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. D

    List of Free Product Fall 2018 Levels

    I’m looking for a list of products my selling levels
  2. J

    Spoiler Alert! 2018 Fall Products!

    Quick cooker.They also announced it would 60% off for consultants until the end of the month.
  3. K

    Fall 2017 Items and Summer 2017

    The following items are available, price plus shipping. I will need your zip code if you are interested. New fall items 2017 5" Utility Knife $34.00 8 " Bread knife $56.00 Champagne opener $20.00 Champagne stopper $5.00 Family sized microwave popcorn maker $25.00 Fluted cake pan $15.00 Flutter...
  4. A

    Where Did Pampered Chef Get the Ombré Cake Stand in Fall Catalogue?

    I've seen the post in here but can't find it! The cake stand that's used to display the ombré cake in the fall catalogue...does anyone know where Pampered Chef got that?!
  5. K

    Are these Fall 2016/2017 new items still available for purchase?

    ↑ if you are interested in any of these items let me know. Deep covered baker gray $49.00 Large Entertaining Platter $23.00 Medium Entertaining Platter $20.00 Microwave Popcorn Maker $14.00 Whipped Cream Maker $14.00 Kids cookie baking set $$38.00 Actual shipping will need to be added, so I...
  6. Tenille V.

    2015 New Fall Product Open House

    Hi All, I'm holding an open house to preview the new fall product & get some sales/bookings for Sept. Does anyone else have a flyer of something similar? TIA!
  7. DebPC

    What New Fall Products Are You Most Excited About???

    I love the idea of the Veggie Stripper- I haven't gotten mine yet. I love the idea of the Pizza Cutter being able to cut right to the edge with the new add on. Our new Gluten Free flour got a lot of buzz at a recent fair I did. Is it me- I think the new Tote Bags are a bit pricey?
  8. B

    Iso: Charms From This Past Fall & Table Cloths

    Looking for the following: Present Measure-All Cup RockcrokALSO in search for the black table cloths. My zipped is 57625. Not wanting to spend over $8 per charm, and $40 table cloth. Thank you!
  9. DebPC

    How Are New Fall Products Selling?

    I just had 2 catalog shows and 1 live show this month. No orders were taken for any new products.
  10. DebPC

    What's Everyone Making at Their Shows This Fall?

    I have my first 2 shows coming up in a week and wanted to see what everyone else is doing.
  11. K

    Is Queen of Shoppers back for the Fall 2014 season?

    Is there an updated Queen of Shoppers for the new fall/winter catalog? TIA
  12. DebPC

    Get Ready for Fall: Check Out Our New Product List!

    Greg will be posting individual threads for each product next week.
  13. MissChef

    Urgent What's New for Fall 2014 at Pampered Chef?

    Is there not a thread about new products and the summer conference.. Do people come on here anymore??!! this use to be the most lively place and I can't believe I can't find any discussions about it.. Is there something I'm missing or don't know about??
  14. P

    Explore the Sept. Host Special Flyer: Is the Covered Roaster New?

    Has anyone looked at the September host special flyer? Is that Covered roaster a new product? http://new.pamperedchef.com/iceberg/media/pdf/public/p7232-072014us-septhostflyer-julycn.pdf
  15. T

    Ordering Fall Paperwork: Important Info & Deadline

    Does anyone know when we can order the new paperwork for fall?
  16. DebPC

    What Will Doris's New Fall Stoneware Piece Be?

    In her video Doris mentioned a new stoneware piece for the fall. Anyone have any ideas of what it might be???
  17. DebPC

    Fall Wish Lists: Latest Must-Have Products

    What's on every ones wish list for new fall products?
  18. H

    What to Do With Outdated Catalogs: Ideas for Fall 2013

    I ordered far more catalogs then I needed for the Fall 2013, now they are basically no good-- what do you all do with outdated catalogs? Feels a waste to throw them out...
  19. C

    Interested in Purchasing Fall Winter Catalogs?

    I have 2 full packs of catalogs for sale. Let me know!!!
  20. J

    Get Ready for Fall Business with Our Affordable Supplies Package - Only $35!

    5 join us fliers 4 season's best Pkg. Show Planners 4 Show Envelopes including planners and catalogs Pkg. Sales Receipts 4 pkg. Fall/winter mini catalogs 4 pkg. invitations 25 fall/winter catalogs Show drawing slip pad Booking and Recruiting Slides $35.00 for all and free media mail...
  21. P

    Fall Must Haves (Or Have Nots)??

    In your opinion, what are the fall must haves? What do you think will be a big seller? I'm trying to figure out what samples I want to order and would appreciate any feedback!
  22. esavvymom

    New Fall Products for 2013- Videos and Samples on Cc

    For those of you who could not attend a meeting locally, the new product videos are now online....at least on the non-beta Consultants Corner. Under Products and Recipes,--> Product Marketing --> then Seasons of Success Videos. I would imagine the recipe videos areon there somewhere too. Or...
  23. P

    Fall Launch Is This Weekend for Some of Us!

    REALLY!!!! I am suppose to see the new products this Saturday and the pictures are already posted here. Very disappointed in the individual who did it. Why should I waste my time driving three hours one way and spending a beautiful Saturday inside? Thank you for spoiling it! :thumbdown: I...
  24. P

    Fall Sample & Changeover Kit Arrival: Updates & Info

    Does anyone know when we will be able to order fall samples or when our changeover kits might arrive?
  25. O

    Discover Exciting New Fall Products | Seasonings Galore!

    Hi Does anyone have any brilliant ideas as to what the new Fall products will be - especially with the constant mention of "seasonings?":p
  26. R

    Reagan Seeks Ideas for Fall Craft Fair Letters

    Hello everyone! Just registered to the site and have read a lot of great ideas. Thanks for sharing! With the craft fair season coming up, I am wondering if anyone has any great letters or letter ideas to send to schools, churches, etc. to inquire about fall fair? I searched the forms...
  27. R

    Fall Rumors & Directors Kit: Excitement for German-Irish Director!

    Any rumors of what fall will bring us? I know there was a super secret meeting in Cali and the fall line was shown/discussed...and im german and irish so im impatient! plus im a director so when should i receive my director kit....this is my first pre-launch kit
  28. DebPC

    Fall 2013 Paperwork Changeover Dates

    Thought I would add these to CS for future reference... Business Supplies • June 30: Last date to order a spring Quick Start Box • Aug. 11: Last date to order spring 2013 business materials • Aug. 12: First date to order fall 2013 business material and product samples Pre-order your fall...
  29. Intrepid_Chef

    Securing Career Sales: Should My Show Fall Through?

    So I thought I was poised to have a show this month. It didn't arrive until last night (no payment til today) and it turned out not to be a show, just an order. For$60. I was active in January and won't lose career sales unless my March show falls through. Or rather, unless it is turned in in...
  30. P

    Lightweight Vest & Sweater - Perfect for Spring & Fall!

    black lightweight vest size L - perfect for spring and fall. I got lots of leads when I wore it! from Merrill - great condition Has the logo on the left side, fits true to size. $20 or BOBlack cable knit sweater size XL logo on upper left side of sweater - $20 oboLight blue zip up...