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  1. L

    Pumpkin or Other "Fall" Recipes

    I'm having aparty next Friday night for my in-laws. I thought I would do a "fall" theme with some fall recipes and/or something with pumpkin in it. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  2. P

    Vegitarian Fall Receipes

    Do anyone have any?
  3. P

    Fall Theme Party?

    Hi Everyone I talked to my host this morning her party is October 9th. She told me that she would like to have a fall theme party. Any ideas of receipes or how the theme would work? Thanks :)
  4. C

    Mystery Host Flyer for Fall

    I just made this my first flier. Tall me what you think. :)
  5. jenniferlynne

    I Need Help With Fall Product Order!!!!

    Can we really not order the sample packages with the Pampered Chef Credit Card? I am going to have a booth set up at a Taste of Home Cooking School and I wanted to display all the new Fall products. When I went to order the products that I did not earn, it said Debit card or Pampered Dollars...
  6. C

    Need Feedback for Fall Recipe Selections

    Hi everyone, I am making all of my host packets for the Fall/Winter season ahead of time, and I'm including a list of recipes that my hosts can choose from. Some of these I've done tons of times, some are new. I also include a Theme Show flyer, with other recipe options, but not ingredients...
  7. luvs2sellit

    New Fall Products on Ebay

    Just thought I would tell all of you that I just saw 2 of the roasting pans on ebay!! :eek: The same person (which we all know has to be a consultant) also has several of the other new fall items for sale.
  8. M

    Fall Flyer

    This is a flyer I created to highlight all of the host and guest specials available during the months that will be my Super Starters!! I am using it inside my show folders so that each guest gets to have a copy. Hopefully it will encourage some bookings!! This is my first flyer attempt... I...
  9. P

    Fall Training

    Hello Everyone I have a question...I just got the schedule from my director for the Fall training. Is this something that is mandatory? I work a "very" full time job The training site is about 40 minutes from my house and it's during the work week. If there are tele classes or online...
  10. B

    Fall Theme Ideas

    What are you doing this fall to generate excitement and increase attendance? Here are the theme ideas that I am planning on offering in the next few months. My themes in the coming months will be: August - "Ice Cream Sundae Bar" or "Back to the Fall" (you know...Back to the Future)...
  11. M

    What New Fall and Winter Products Are Must Haves for 2005

    Hi I was wondering what everyones opinion is for the must haves to demo for the new fall and winter season. I am trying to decide what I want to buy to demo for this season. I see the new microplane adjustable grater in quite a few recipes in the new season's best but wanted to know what other...
  12. D

    Fall Bookings

    This past week I made a bunch of customer care calls and I think expressing your excitement for all the new products will get people interested in fall bookings. I spoke to one of my September hosts today and she is really excited about the specials. If you want a great Fall schedule, stress...
  13. Nell's-a-Cookin'

    New Fall Catalogs

    Since I started in February, my starter kit already had the new Spring catalogs. When can I order the new catalogs for the fall? Do we do anything different when it is the new season? thanks!
  14. pamperedmom2owen

    Crazy Fall Bookings!

    I'm so excited! My fall calendar is booking up already! I've got 5 in August, 4 in September (plus I'm doing a fair), 2 in October and 2 in November already! I'm going to conference next week (Session #3) and know that this will help even more!! Woo Hoo! Hope everyone else is doing great too!
  15. C

    Fall '04 Catalogs/Opportunity Brochures

    May '05 & Fall/Winter '04 Consultant Supplies Available: 10 Fall/Winter 2004 Catalogs My information is on the back, but can be easily covered. 10 Opportunity Brochures Fall/Winter 2004 Still sealed in package ~ 2005 Spring into Success Video :) Please e-mail me if you are...
  16. C

    Earn the Fall Products?

    I was sweating it until about 10:30 last night, but I made it!!! Really didn't think that I would, had a few hosts that waited until the last friggin minute to close their shows, but got up to over 6k!!!!! I can't wait to go to conference and see what the new stuff is!! :D :D :D :D
  17. PampMomof3

    Fall Changeover Kit

    Hey guys! I am in my third month and was reading about the Fall changeover kit that we will get the end of July. What is included in that kit? Are we charged anything for it? I'm sure there is definitely going to be somekind of charge to get new catalogs and such. Can you guys please let me...
  18. S

    Fall 2004 Napkins

    Does anyone out there have a set of the Fall 2004 Napkins and table runner in the colors of the SA Entertaining set they want to sell. Have a host that fell in love with the colors and would like a set.
  19. P

    New Fall Products - Can You Quess

    Has anyone thought about what the new products are going to be? One of my fellow consultants thinks it is cookware. :rolleyes:
  20. A

    Tips From Nancy Jo Ryan on Fall Products

    Fall Season Popular fall items (sold during preview month): Fork &Spoon Toaster Bags (be sure to use in wide-slice toaster) Worked well to reheat pizza. Cheese didn’t stick, but only a small piece can fit. Entertaining Set –Display at parties and introduce Simple additions as a concept...