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What is haves: Definition and 13 Discussions

  1. P

    Fall Must Haves (Or Have Nots)??

    In your opinion, what are the fall must haves? What do you think will be a big seller? I'm trying to figure out what samples I want to order and would appreciate any feedback!
  2. R

    Must Haves With $300 Pampered Chef Bucks, 40% Off, and New Products!

    I have the fortune or misfortune to have my fourth month and the new s/s products all at the same time. I have a lot of products as I have been buying PC for nearly 10 years, and I am looking for some advice on the higher end items that are out there. I have $300 PC bucks to spend between...
  3. M

    What are some must-have items for a successful cooking show?

    To all the seasoned consultants out there, I'm wondering what you consider your must have things to take to a cooking show. I know the DCB is probably on that list but what else makes a big impact? Thanks! T-4 to my first cooking show!
  4. L

    New Products......what Are Must Haves and Why??

    Hi all, I didn't earn products and I'm still struggling to decide what I want of new and which samples to order (and what I can afford) so I'd love input from those who have new products and have used them or shown them and see what you can't live without or what you think will sell best...
  5. turtle15

    New Consultant Supply Order: Any Must-Haves?

    I am placing my 1st supply order. Any must haves for new consultants?
  6. RosieTrips

    Maximizing Success at Bridal Fairs: Expert Tips and Strategies for New Leads

    I am doing a bridal fair this weekend and hope to have some success with new leads?! I've been reading the threads and I am a little nervous about how it will go as it doesn't sound like the overall all trend is that great. The organizer said they expect 300-350 brides and about 700 people...
  7. jenniferp417

    Top Training Must-Haves for Boosting Your Success: Tips from a Direct Sales Pro

    Ok. I need a fresh start. I have a call scheduled with my director next week to talk about how to meet my goals, but in the meantime: I need to take the training courses online. I need to read my paperwork - my binder, etc. I have the DVD that came in the old kit, I need to sit and watch...
  8. hoosierchef

    Merrill Supply Must Haves......

    Well, since I'm getting ready to place an order with Merrill.....I was wondering if there were any other items everyone thinks are "Must-haves" from them? I would love to have the Banners, Yard & Car Signs, but those will have to wait. I'm thinking more along the lines of supplies. :D...
  9. KellyTheChef

    What Are Must Haves to Bring to Conference?

    I didn't want this to get buried on another thread, so I am starting a new thread. I already posted part of this somewhere else, so bear with me! This is something I typed up after attending conference in 2004 (that was my first conference, this is my second.) Remember, we will hear/learn a...
  10. K

    What Are Your Kitchen and Show Must-Have Products for the Season?

    I am thinking about products I want to get for show and home use - What do you consider your must haves Are there any new fall or spring products that you can't live without or really love??? I am thinking about kit enhancement and such already
  11. tripletmommie

    What Are Must Haves When Beginning

    Hey there everyone! I am just getting started and I am super excited. I have not received my kit yet but I just had a consultant do a show at my house and I am ready to SELL SELL SELL! I realize you need your PC items, and I bought a portable fold up table to take to shows with me. Can any...
  12. J

    What Essential Items Should I Add to My Kitchen Show Kit as a New Consultant?

    I'm a new consultant and my first show is 8/20. I have 3 kitchen shows coming up in September and a couple more in October. I would like to know from experienced consultants what product(s) you think would be a "must have" to add to my kit. I can't spend a lot right now, I plan on adding to...
  13. M

    What New Fall and Winter Products Are Must Haves for 2005

    Hi I was wondering what everyones opinion is for the must haves to demo for the new fall and winter season. I am trying to decide what I want to buy to demo for this season. I see the new microplane adjustable grater in quite a few recipes in the new season's best but wanted to know what other...