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What is winter: Definition and 55 Discussions

  1. esavvymom

    Don't Forget- Winter Blowout Sale

    For those of you with a personal website, make sure you have sent your customers an email telling them about the Winter Blowout Sale starting at midnight tonight (Jan 22)..... When they did a blowout before (was it last summer??), it was one of my best online sales months EVER! I think I had...
  2. C

    Interested in Purchasing Fall Winter Catalogs?

    I have 2 full packs of catalogs for sale. Let me know!!!
  3. aried

    Welcome to the Winter Marketing Season!

    November CN came in the mail today with the winter marketing guide and a holiday mini catalog.
  4. K

    Winter Shows/Holiday Show Recipes

    Hey everyone! I am doing a Recipe Preview for my team and was wondering what you are making at your Winter/Holiday parties? I had thought of a gift type party and then maybe 2 others they can learn and choose from for what they feel confortable with. Any suggesstions? Thanks in advance!
  5. E

    Winter One-derland Party: Savory Food Ideas

    My question isn't technically about a theme show...but it could be if you wanted. My daughter is turning 1 on the 27th. So we are going to have a winter one-derland party for her. Any food ideas? I plan to make the frosty the snowman cake for the big event...but what about some savory wintery...
  6. pampchefrhondab

    Bracing for Another Winter Storm

    Well we didn't get hit as hard as some of you from the last storm, but now they are calling for more tomorrow night into Wednesday morning. Sounds like we might get up to 9 inches with blowing a drifting. We only got about 3-4 with the last one, but the drifts in my back yard are about 4 feet...
  7. Meigs

    Fall / Winter Catalogues for Sale - Make an Offer

    Hi Everyone, I have quite a few new Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogues that i am not going to use before the end of the season. Please make me an offer. Thanks so much!!! =-)
  8. R

    Fall / Winter Catalogs for Sale!

    I'm not entirely sure how many, but I have at least 1 unopened pack of 25, and some others from a partially used pack. I have not marked any of the ones that are for sale :) I will accept paypal. Email me if interested: [email protected] thanks!
  9. C

    What to Do with Old Winter & Fall Catalogs?

    What does everyone do with their old winter and fall catalog's? I learned the hard way that the prices had changed in the spring/summer. I hate to throw them all away they are so expensive. Any Ideas???
  10. turtle15

    Have Winter Catalogs to Trade for Spring!

    I have 25+ Winter catalogs that I would love to trade for spring catalogs. Or, I will sell them too. I had a Feb. host decide to switch to a March show. Let me know if there is any interest!
  11. chefkathy

    Fs: Winter Catalogs and F/W Minis

    I have 3 unopened packs of Winter Catalogs (with SA on the front). $10 plus shipping I have 2 unopened packs of F/W Minis (25 Ct) $2 each plus shipping. I also have one opened but unstamped pack of 24 minis--$1.50 plus shipping. Best way to reach me is via email jenningsdeb at gmail dot com
  12. DebbieJ

    Fs: Winter Catalogs and Fall Minis

    I have 3 unopened packs of Winter Catalogs (with SA on the front). $10 plus shipping I have 2 unopened packs of F/W Minis (25 Ct) $2 each plus shipping. I also have one opened but unstamped pack of 24 minis--$1.50 plus shipping. Best way to reach me is via email jenningsdeb at gmail...
  13. BettieC

    Get Your Winter Catalogs Now - Limited Supply, Free Shipping!

    I have 2 packs of 25 each winter catalogs, if anyone is in need of them I can send them out asap for 14.00 each shipping included
  14. K

    Get Your Winter Catalogs Now - Limited Stock Available! | FS

    I have 4 unstamped unopened packages (25 in each pkg) of Winter catalogs for sale. PM me if interested. I checked with my cluster and nobody needs any - I don't want to get stuck with over 100 extra cats!
  15. wadesgirl

    Interested in Winter Catalogs for Sale?

    I have three unopened back of the winter catalogs for sale (25 in each pack). I'm asking $12 plus shipping. Please PM me if you are interested.
  16. C

    Shop Winter Catalogs for $15 - New and Old Options Available

    I have the new winter catalogs for sale. $15 for a pack of 25 (plus s/h). I also have some old summer catalogs. Also, I have some wedding brochures, and other new consultant things. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll be glad to get the prices to you. Thanks.
  17. Jennie4PC

    Rant Winter Snow: A Love-Hate Relationship

    Well not really but when it means I have shows that cancel becase of it, then that is when I hate snow. I am just hopeing that Jan does not get screwed up because of snow.
  18. P

    SLAH Winter Sale: Get Your Fix Now!

    I admit it - I'm a SLAH junkie :p Their winter sale is going on now and items are selling out quickly. Here's a link to my friend's website if you are interested. http://www.southernlivingathome.com/pne/pdf/announcements/20081201_WinterSaleFlier.pdf You can place an order through my...
  19. DebPC

    Director Has Anyone Ever Done or Attended a Winter Directors Retreat?

    We did an overnight at my directors home once. Anyone else?
  20. L

    Delicious Winter Stews and Soups for Cozy Comfort

    I just love winter comfort foods. I really enjoy a great bowl of hearty soup. DH doesnt like stew much, so I tend to make a hearty soup, like lentil, pea or black bean... Im on a black bean kick at the moment... love it. anyway - whats your favorite?
  21. elizabethfox

    Unique Games for Fall & Winter Shows

    Ok...so I have gone through all of the games here on CS and even some online, and I need new games for my shows! I have a small group of ladies that show up at almost EVERY one of my shows. I don't know how the heck they all know the same people I am doing shows for, but they have literally...
  22. N

    Discover the Best Deals in Our Winter Catalog | Limited Time Offer

    Is the winter catalog really worth it? Since the fall/winter '08 catty's are still good?
  23. C

    Order Winter Show Catalogs Now for Timely Delivery!

    Can someone tell me when the new catalogs come out? When should I order them to have enough time for the winter shows? PS - I just thought that I would share my excitement of booking two shows today! They wont be completed in my first 30 days so I dont qualify for the bonus but oh well...at...
  24. E

    Is There Going to Be a Winter 2008 Catalog??

    I'm a new consultant and I was wondering if there is a Winter 2008 catalog that is going to be coming out. I'm running low on the Fall ones and didn't want to order too many if a new catalog was going to be coming out.
  25. ChefJWarren

    Family Winter Vacation Ideas: Nearby and Affordable!

    I want to take a winter vacation this year with my family instead of buying Xmas presents. My DH and I are teachers so we have 2 weeks off (only want to be gone about 1 week, preferably after Xmas). Here are some stipulations: --two kids, 1 and 4 --live in DFW area, need to drive --no more...
  26. K

    Iso-2003 Winter Wreath Stoneware Heart Mold

    I have a customer who is interested in getting this to finish her 4 season collection. Anybody have one or an extra they'd like to part with? Laurie Director in PA [email protected]
  27. buckeyefan08

    Winter Storms: Experiences from the East Coast

    I know there are a lot of states being affected by the snow so I thought I'd ask how it's going. Since yesterday around 11 am we have gotten about 1-1 1/2 feet of snow. We are expecting another 6-10in. today, this on top all the ice from the ice storm on Wed. has made it interesting. Last...
  28. pampchefrhondab

    It's Going to Be Winter Forever!!

    I am so sick of this weather!:yuck: We have another winter storm warning tonight and tomorrow! This time ice then 3-5 inches of snow! This after rain all day today! It was so nice this past weekend I was so hoping we were done with the snow until November/December!
  29. MissChef

    Spokane Snowed In: 15 Years of Whiteout Winter Chaos

    It is sooooo bad in Spokane right now!!!!:cry: :cry: There is no way I can get out of my driveway!!!:cry: :grumpy: We got another 10 inches last night and there is about 2-3 feet of snow in our street!!! The suv's and jeeps and everything are stuck. My hubby has a big 4x4 with brand new...
  30. smilesarepriceless

    Need Brunch Ideas for the Winter?

    I've had 3 brunch shows so far..and each time I'vedone either cinnamon rolls or the ham brunch squares... I'm wanting to do something else SUPER YUMMY.. share with me ideas that people RAVE about the recipe at your brunch shows...so i can wow them!