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What is mold: Definition and 46 Discussions

  1. P

    What Recipe Ideas Can I Use with a Fluted Silicone Mold?

    I would like to get some recipe ideas for the Fluted Silicone Mold.Thanks
  2. VictoriaH

    Shop Cookie Mold Racks for Shipping to 67669 and Canada – Victoria's Picks

    I am looking for Cookie Mold Racks. These would be shipping to 67669Also looking for Canada cookie moldThank you! Victoria [email protected]
  3. G

    Find the Perfect Iso Cookie Mold Rack for Your Baking Needs

    I am trying to find the rack that holds the 4 large cookie molds. If anyone has one, I would love it! Thanks!!
  4. C

    What are the prices for these cookie mold stones?

    We are getting ready to move so I'm cleaning out everything and I came across some of the old stone molds. I have 4 heart ones and the bear one. I have no idea what to sell them for so shoot me a price and if you want all of them that would be GREAT! Here is what I have - they are in...
  5. pampered1224

    Uncovering a Rare Home Office Open Memory: Have You Seen the Cookie Mold?

    home office open? I remember it was warm but think it was late September or early October and I remember that you needed to sell $4000 in the month of August to attend a special grand opening tour. I did. I also remember getting a very limited edition stoneware cookie mold that is a replica of...
  6. Sheila

    Iso Gingerbread House Stoneware Mold

    I have a customer wanting this (VERY) retired item from the 90's. Anyone still have one new in the box?
  7. byrd1956

    Can baking soda paste and a brush remove mold from stone?

    My suggestions after seeing this was baking soda paste & scrub. She told me her mom got her some other brand stoneware for a small meatloaf and it can go in the dishwasher. She stored the 2 small pieces on top of her stone and found the black about 3 weeks later. It is powder-like when...
  8. C

    Looking for a Pampered Chef Jello Mold? Any Memories?

    Okay - I've been selling PC for 8 years, and I know we haven't sold a mold specifically for jello in that time, but does anyone who's been around a while remember if we've ever sold a jello mold? I have an online lead customer who is convinced that the jello mold she bought years ago came...
  9. C

    Mold on Stoneware After Water Leakage: Any Suggestions?

    Any advice welcome. Customer has 2 pieces of stoneware purchased last winter that she had stacked on top of each other and stored in a cupboard. Apparently there was water leakage in the cupboard over the summer and when she went to use them beginning of September found blue/green mold on both...
  10. Geekgirl69

    How Do You Use a Stone Mold for Farmyard Animal Shapes?

    I have a customer who has one of the farmyard animal molds and she just asked me how to use it. I started with PC long after these were gone from the line. Is there any place I can read up how to use it or can anybody here help me? TIA!
  11. bsaxman

    Iso: Gingerbread And/Or Schoolhouse Stonewear Mold

    Trying to help a good customer of mine track one down. Anyone got one or both they are willing to part with? Kindest Regards, Brandi :):) Thanks
  12. P

    Interested in a 2000 Anniversary Stoneware Mold for $8?

    Hi! I have a brand new 2000 Anniversary stonewware mold for sale in the box. I would like $8 for it, which includes shipping. If anyone is interested, please e-mail or pm me. Thanks!
  13. tabnat80

    Spring Form Pan With Heart Mold

    I have a customer who owns the older springform pan. She said that it came with a heart mold but every time she uses it, the liquid from her batter seeps under the mold. She wants to know what she's doing wrong. Any suggestions?
  14. B

    Looking for New Stoneware Heart Mold - Any Available?

    HI everyone, will you please check your closets. I am looking for one NEW stoneware mold. It can be any stoneware mold EXCEPT: Peace on Earth Patriot Heart and Anniversary Heart. Please email me with which one you have and the price. This is for a customer. Thank you. Brenda
  15. K

    Iso-2003 Winter Wreath Stoneware Heart Mold

    I have a customer who is interested in getting this to finish her 4 season collection. Anybody have one or an extra they'd like to part with? Laurie Director in PA [email protected]
  16. jbachen

    Toxic Mold: Seeking Advice for Family Health Issues

    Does anyone on here have any experience with Toxic Mold in their house? My entire family seems to be having strange health issues - fatigue, headaches, etc. and I would love to get the house tested, but I am almost afraid of what they might find out. I am also afraid that they might try to...
  17. B

    Which Stoneware Heart Mold is Missing?

    Hi everone, I have a customer that is missing one of the stoneware heart molds. She has the following three: Peace on Earth Patriot Heart Anniversary Heart Does anyone know which one she is missing? Also, does anyone have the one she is missing to sell? Thank you. Brenda K...
  18. chefann

    Interested in a 2005-06 Heart Mold? I have 2 for sale!

    I have 2 spare Patriotic Heart Molds available. They're new in the original boxes, with all enclosures (use and care). Somehow, I ended up with extras that I've been toting to vendor fairs, but I'd rather see them go to my friends here. $7 each plus shipping. I accept PayPal, check and money...
  19. roxylady

    Where Can I Find a Replacement for the Autumn Wreath Heart Mold with Acorns?

    I have a customer looking for the heart mold with the acorns, she had hers broken by movers and is looking for another to replace it as she has the entire set. I am 5mths new to PC and am not sure which one this is and if it can be purchased.
  20. ginamkiely

    Need Help W/ Gingerbread Train Mold

    Hi everyone, I just got the Gingerbread Train Mold for my son and wanted to know what else I could make in it. I don't have ingredients for gingerbread cookies but he's going insane for it and I want to make him something. Is there anything else I can do in there... pancakes? anything...
  21. M

    Looking to Buy 3 Cookie Mold Racks - Shipping to 12918

    Ok, I have a customer who is looking for 3 racks for the cookie molds. Does anyone have them to sell? If so how much? Shipping will be to 12918. Thank you.
  22. M

    Stoneware Gingerbread House Mold ?

    Does anyone have a one they woudl like to sell? My step-daughter (and on my team) is looking for one for a customer
  23. M

    Fs: Black Cookie Mold Stoneware Holder

    Best offer plus shipping. I have no need for it and "won" it last night at my cluster meeting. Email me at [email protected]
  24. J

    Is My Stoneware Moldy? Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Stoneware

    :confused: A past host from Feb. just called me to tell me she thinks her stoneware is moldy. She said it has little spots on it that are either green or black. I asked her if it looks like it could be the "seasoning" process and she said no. I have stoneware that I have used for 10 years...
  25. mbh06

    Stoneware Mold Holder - Can It Hold Other Things?

    I looked on the outlet and it has the stoneware mold holder. Does anyone have this and know if it will hold other things like plates? I don't have any of the stones, but it is pretty and would look good w/ other things. Thanks
  26. A

    Looking for a Gingerbread Mold Recipe?

    Hello~ I just found a Gingerbread Mold in Excellent Condition at Goodwill...yeah!! Does anyone have a recipe to make the molds?? Amy
  27. blushy4u

    Olive Oil Kitchen Spritzer: Mold Solutions

    Has anyone had mold problems using olive oil in the kitchen spirtzer?
  28. KellyRedHead

    Looking for a Patriotic Heart Stoneware Mold?

    Hi Everyone! My sister emailed me the other day. Seems when we closed out her show the end of August, she never told me she wanted the "Patriotic Stoneware Mold" (guess she didn't listen to me when I said we would no longer have these!) :rolleyes: So I was wondering if anyone had one they...
  29. D

    Is the Patriotic Heart Mold Still Available?

    I have a customer who would like the stoneware heart mold, please let me know if anyone out there still has one. thanks Donna
  30. whiteyteresa

    Help Needed: Patriotic Heart Stoneware Mold Recipes

    I am in need of help. I have several customers that want some recipes for the PATRIOTIC HEART STONEWARE MOLD. I tried to check on PC website under SHOW STOPPERS but it is gone. I told them about the jolly ranchers thing-a-ma-jig but I have never done it. I know that they had a few more...