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What is spritzer: Definition and 34 Discussions

  1. Tad

    Question About Kitchen Spritzer

    I have a new kitchen spritzer. The instructions say to remove the sleeve prior to dishwashing by twisting off. I can not for the life of me twist the sleeve off. I have tried and tried. It will not come off...so I have not washed or used it. How do you get the sleeve off and is it really...
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    Problems With Glass Oil Spritzer

    My oil spritzer is a few years old. I remember hearing people complaining about it. They even mailed me a ring thingy. But i had no issues with it.Now it's not spritzing. It basically "pees" a stream of oil when I use it.Is there anything I can do about it?I'm not sure how long the warranty...
  3. byrd1956

    Recipes for Kitchen Spritzer: A Flyer

    Does anyone have a flyer of recipes for the kitchen spritzer?
  4. C

    Iso: Glass Part of the Oil Spritzer

    I have a customer who has "lost" the glass bottle for the spritzer - she thinks it might have gotten thrown away. If anyone has just the glass part, let me know. If the price is right, she may get a whole new one. Shipping would be to 81506. Thanks
  5. K

    Find the Perfect Kitchen Spritzer for Your Home - Shop NIP Options at Iso!

    I have a guest who wants another kitchen spritzer. Please let me know if you have one NIP.
  6. C

    Sudden Leak Problem with My Spritzer: Help Needed!

    My Spritzer has been working fine and all of a sudden it just puts out a stream of oil. I have tried hot water to no avail. Suggestions anyone? Thanks.
  7. Admin Greg

    Kitchen Spritzer: Discuss Tips, Complaints, Praise & More

    Please discuss the Kitchen Spritzer. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  8. DebPC

    Is Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer the Best Non-Stick Spray for Your Kitchen?

  9. J

    Troubleshooting Kitchen Spritzer Leaks: Tips and Tricks

    Has anyone else had this issue? Is there something that I am doing wrong/shouldn't be doing? Every time I get it out of the pantry, it's all oily and icky. Never take it to shows anymore. Plus, it comes out in a sturdy stream as opposed to a "spray/mist". Is that correct? Thanks for tips!
  10. lt1jane

    Another Use for the Kitchen Spritzer

    I'm sure this is pretty obvious, but I just put my Halloween window clings up. To make them stick to the windows, I grabbed my spare KS that I fill with water for parties and sprayed my windows. The clings go up easy, and slide a bit if I want to adjust placement. After the water dries...
  11. kam

    What Page Is the Oil Spritzer On?

    OK, I looked through the catalog 10x looking for the oil spritzer and cannot find it for the life of me. I found the suds pump - but no spritzer. At first I thought perhaps it was discontinued and I forgot - but I just looked it up online and it is still around. I got the info I needed...
  12. KayPT

    Leaking Spritzer Bottle: Normal or Not?

    Someone who bought the spritzer says (and I saw it as well) it is leaking all around the side of the bottle. Your hand gets covered in oil if you grab it. She thinks it is from releasing the pressure when you are done. It doesn't bother her, but it would really bother me. Is this a normal...
  13. J

    Help Needed for Kitchen Spritzer: Missing Pieces?

    Hi anyone out there have a kitchen spritzer? My customer doesn't know how to work it and I'm not sure if she got all of the right pieces. TIA
  14. P

    Effective Cleaning Techniques for Clogged Oil Spritzers

    Hi all, I have a guest who asked me about cleanning techniques for the spritzer. She said that it is clogged. I thought I would bring the question here for the experts. Is there any tips or advice you can share with me? Thanks
  15. ChefPaulaB

    Kitchen Spritzer Not Spritzing!

    I am having trouble's with my kitchen spritzer... I have 2 of them, one for canola oil and one for olive oil. Every time I go to use them lately, I pump it up and spray and it sprays just a tad and then nothing... and this is happening to both of them. They are both less than a year old...
  16. M

    Troubleshooting a Spritzer: Help Needed!

    a past guest just emailed me .. she bought the spritzer back in july and just now opened it.. she cant get it to work, she said she had her husband look at it too and cant get it to work, maybe there is a trick to it? I dont have one and havent used one so I am not sure if she is missing...
  17. Z

    Removing Old Oil Smell from Kitchen Spritzer: Tips and Tricks

    A customer asked me how to get the smell of old oil out of her spritzer. She already tried baking soda and it did not work. Any other ideas?
  18. P

    Lemon Juice in the Kitchen Spritzer?

    If I strain the pulp out of lemon juice, could I use it with the Kitchen Spritzer? I love lemon juice on my salads, but if I pour it on, it's way too much.
  19. S

    Need Just the Collar for Kitchen Spritzer...

    This is not available as a replacement part. :cry: Does anyone happen to have one??
  20. kam

    Making Brie Appetizer - Alternatives to Kitchen Spritzer?

    I would like to make the Brie appetizer recipe. I do not have the Kitchen Spritzer - what should I use instead to "spray" the bread with oil? I read somewhere else on here that Pam is NOT the same thing. So do I just try to brush some oil on the bread? (I am not sure about getting the...
  21. pamperedpals

    Kitchen Spritzer Wanted: Looking for a New One!

    I have a customer who is looking for new kitchen spritzer. Anyone have one they are willing to part with?
  22. C

    DIY Cooking Sprays: Recipes for Spritzer Bottles

    I have had several customers buy the Spritzer Bottles in hopes to make their own spray for cooking, they said that vegetable oil is too thick and wont spray out, can anyone help me with some recipes they can whip up for sprays or other liquids they can use???
  23. naekelsey

    Kitchen Spritzer and Suntan Lotion

    I had a light bulb moment while I was at Wally World (wal-mart) Do you think we would be able to put suntan lotion into the kitchen spritzer? I love the spray on suntan lotions but do not like the price!!!
  24. 4kids4me

    Discover the Convenience of Salad Dressing Spritzers - Reviews and Tips

    I was at the store yesterday and saw the new salad dressing spritzers. I was wonering how that would work in ours? Has anyone tried it? Thx!
  25. dannyzmom

    Help Needed: Reassembling a Kitchen Spritzer from the 70's

    I got an email last night from one of my elementary teachers (I was in elementary school back in the 70's!!!) who heard the I was selling PC (I grew up in a VERY small town - LOL). Seems she has a Kitchen Spritzer that is 10 years old - she took it apart, I guess to clean it, and now doesn't...
  26. P

    Delicious Swedish Spritzer Cookie Recipe | Quick and Easy to Make

    I have a customer who needs this recipe and I have not been able to locate it. Anyone have a good recipe for the cookie press??? Thanks! Sheila
  27. M

    Removing Rancid Oil Odor from Spritzer

    Does anyone know how to remove the rancid oil odor from the spritzer?:confused:
  28. blushy4u

    Olive Oil Kitchen Spritzer: Mold Solutions

    Has anyone had mold problems using olive oil in the kitchen spirtzer?
  29. C

    Removing Spritzer Gunk: Expert Tips for a Smooth and Refreshing Experience

    Does anyone know how to get the gunk out of a spritzer so it can be used again? I had a guest bring one to my show today......I've never had a problem with mine, so I wasn't sure what to tell her??
  30. J

    Can truffle oil be used in a kitchen spritzer?

    I was at a show this morning and someone asked me about how to clean the pump of the kitchen spritzer. She said hers was moldy after a while. Besides just using soap and water any ideas?