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What is pampered chef: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Cynthia Shugart


    Semi-New Consultant here! I started at the end of May and have been loving it ever since! I live near Pittsburgh, PA with my husband, our two children, and my mom. We also have a mixed-breed dog. My husband is an EMT and I own a Web/Graphic Design business.
  2. P

    Nice to see this the last post!

    I cannot believe I had forgotten about this forum!!! It seems a lot of other people have too! Thanks for coming up on my email!! This is a safe zone! Would like to see it become active again!
  3. tsmarr


    Hey there! I'm Tonya, and I just joined Pampered Chef at the end of May. I look forward to learning more about the business and appreciate everything I will gain from this site.
  4. C

    Kitchen sprayer no spraying

    New kitchen spritzer will spray out nothing but air till the very end of the pressure release then spits out the oil. Help! How do I fix this? I have had these in the past and NEVER had an issue with one before.
  5. C

    Resign From Pampered Chef and Go Inactive

    Hello I signed with Pampered Chef this year. Unfortunately, not a smooth transition. The person who recruited me went inActive I was move to a new team that was not so welcoming or helpful. I would like to go inactive then maybe rejoin at another time under another team. How long do I need to...
  6. mturock

    Pampered Chef Large Pastel Serving Bowl From 3-Piece Set #2295

    Looking for the large bowl from the discontinued Pampered Chef Pastel Serving Bowl 3-Piece Set, item #2295. This was a half-price hostess gift several years ago. I already have the small and medium bowls from this set, which I love. I've included a pic. Please let me know if you have one to...
  7. M

    Trying to Id My Pampered Chef Item

  8. M

    Identifying an Older Item From Pampered Chef

    Hello I have an older item I purchased from pampered chef many years ago. Can someone help me ID it?
  9. E

    Iso Pampered Chef Retired Cloth Oven Mitts (Cranberry)

    I'm looking for the retired Pampered Chef Cloth Oven Mitts (pair in Cranberry) #1329.
  10. Paula Poole

    New to Pampered Chef

    My name is Paula and I recently inherited a pampered chef pie pan (stoneware). I have never used this type of pie pan before. I am looking for instructions (best practices) and recipes. Thank you, Paula in South Carolina [email protected]
  11. Christine Hughes

    Personal Relatively New to Pampered Chef

    Hi Everyone! My name is Christine! I am coming into my 3rd month of being a Pampered Chef Consultant. I am enjoying the experience overall... Pampered Chef is my only work so I am able to devote a fair amount of time to my business. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all I have to learn! But...
  12. Gracie Stafford

    Returning Pampered Chef Consultant :)

    Good morning everyone! My name is Gracie and I am a returning Pampered Chef Consultant. I was active from about 2009 until 2014, and then took a wee break. I'm back and looking forward to being a part of the Pampered Chef community once again.
  13. BAB@MistletoeFarm

    Personal Hello to All! Delighted to Be a Pampered Chef Consultant and Join This Community!

    I have recently joined Pampered Chef and I have to tell you I absolutely love it! I am so excited to have my own small business and to have so much training and support to fuel me but to also be able to challenge myself to grow my business and grow with it personally. Frankly, being in a...
  14. L

    Retired Pampered Chef

    Hello, I am Linda I love to cook and bake. I recently bought an older cookbook 2006 which had a long handled pastry blender. I would sure like to have one for my self. If anyone could help me out that has one they would sell I sure would appreciate that. Linda
  15. Admin Greg

    Managing Pampered Chef in the Time of Coronavirus

    Pampered Chef relies on relationships and communication. How are you managing your business with social distancing? How are you managing? Is anyone doing virtual parties? Please provide tips, advice and discussion on running your PC party with the pandemic. Thanks!!
  16. P

    Pampered Chef Items for Sell, Cleaning Out

    Items listed were used in vendor shows or demo events. All items have been sold. Thank you for your interest!
  17. T

    New Pampered Chef Consultant

    Hi! I am so excited to have stumbled across this website! My name is Teresa Johnson. I have been. Pampered Chef Consultant almost 2 months. I have had a slow start , but that’s OK. I am learning so much! I have only had my Launch VP party and a VP Fundraiser to help a dear friend. In 2 weeks...
  18. F

    Pampered Chef Sa Dots

    I have several pieces of Simple Additions Dots available: Dinner Plates x7 Salad Plates x4 Cereal/Soup Bowls x6 Trio candy/condiment dish x1 Medium Dots Round Serving Bowl x1 Medium Dots Oval Platter x1 Large Dots Round Serving Bowl x2 Large Oval Platter w/ cranberry accent x1 Martini Dots...
  19. kcnancy

    Support HWC & Pampered Chef: T-Shirts From 66214

    Brown 2X HWC Logo, Pampered Chef Logo on the front, Help Whip Cancer on the back. $5.00 + shipping from 66214. Red 3/4 sleeve ladies top size XL $7.00 + shipping from 66214. Short sleeve, size 2X, logo is embroidered, not printed on this shirt. $5.00 + shipping from 66214. Long...
  20. Steve ward

    New to Pampered Chef

    Hello everyone. I am new to PC and focused on healthy cooking for athletes and the rest of us. I am a triathlete and cancer survivor. I believe in the products and want to use my love for healthy food with others. I am open to hearing from other men selling this so I can learn from them...
  21. Melissa Burkett

    New Pampered Chef Consultant

    Hi! I'm new to the Pampered Chef Independent Consultant family. I'm hopeful to be a successful catalog consultant. As of now, it's the best way for me to get things started. Thank you for all of the resources this site provides!
  22. Estelene Nichols

    Has Pampered Chef Stopped Sending Bags to Hosts for Their Orders?

    Has Pampered Chef stopped sending bags to hosts for their orders? My last host said she didn't get any and had 3 boxes of stuff!
  23. Nikki Wortman

    New to the Pampered Chef Community

    Hello everyone, My name is Nikki and I am joining Channen's team. I am her mom, I was always cooking while she was growing up. I have taught her some cooking tips over the years and she has an interest in cooking like I do. I have heard about Pampered Chef many years ago, but; never really...
  24. Corey

    Looking for Simple Additions White Platter #2022

    My new puppy jumped up and dragged my table cloth to the ground and this platter that I love was on it and smashed into a bunch of pieces (puppy is ok!) along with some hot sauces that were on it. Anyways, I'm looking to replace this. Does anyone have one? If so, how much? I've attached a...
  25. Julie Henne

    Personal Hi, I'm From Central Wisconsin. I Love Cooking and Experimenting With New Pampered Chef Products.

    I can't wait to meet everyone & receive or share helpful ideas with everyone.
  26. Mary

    Customer Complaint: Too Many Emails From Pampered Chef

    I have been getting complaints from several of my customers because they are getting too many automatic emails from PC. So, I quit sending the monthly e-newsletter. But they still get at least 2 automatic emails from PC each week! I agree that's too much! They don't want to unsubscribe, just...
  27. B

    Pampered Chef Banner

    ISO Pampered Chef Banner
  28. Sharon Roode

    My Pampered Chef Story

    I started selling Pampered Chef mainly to get a few products that I wanted in my own kitchen and decided to go all Virtual with it. Soon after (within 10 days) of joining my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and my whole world changed in an instant! I was going to give up selling...
  29. S

    Pampered Chef Bridal Showers

    Hello! I'm looking for Left/Right game and the Pampered Chef Bride's vows for a Bridal Shower. I found them both on her before but lost them in transition to a new computer! I'm desperately wanting them again as they made the bridal shower so fun for the bride :)
  30. Shelly FLASH Clemmons

    Cooking in a Flash With Pampered Chef

    Hi I am a new consultant as of June 1st of this year located in Columbus OH. I am operating my business under the name of Cooking In A Flash with Pampered Chef and have a Facebook business page under such. I am using PMP for Facebook parties and updates to my business page. So if anyone has PMP...