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What is introduction: Definition and 62 Discussions

  1. Sheilainwv

    Ready to Cook Up Some Fun with Pampered Chef?

    Hi! I’m new here. Glad to be a part of learning and sharing new things about Pampered Chef. Much thanks for this forum.
  2. crisbm103

    How Can I Expand My Customer Base for My Pampered Chef Business?

    Hello I'm new here. I'm from Massachusetts. Looking for a way to branch out of my circle of friends and get new customers. But it's hard, no one wants to book parties. I ran one last month but had no sales. I'm hoping next month is better. Oh my name is Cristin. And ideas on where to advertise...
  3. Trisa D

    How Does Trisa Dyer Balance Consulting and Teaching?

    Hello. I am Trisa Dyer. I've been a consultant for 5 years. I have 3 kids, married, raise goats, love my Boston terrier dog and work as a high school teacher. So glad to have found this group!
  4. Cynthia Shugart

    Are you ready to join the Pampered Chef family?

    Semi-New Consultant here! I started at the end of May and have been loving it ever since! I live near Pittsburgh, PA with my husband, our two children, and my mom. We also have a mixed-breed dog. My husband is an EMT and I own a Web/Graphic Design business.
  5. tsmarr

    Who is the newest member of Pampered Chef? Meet Tonya!

    Hey there! I'm Tonya, and I just joined Pampered Chef at the end of May. I look forward to learning more about the business and appreciate everything I will gain from this site.
  6. Doraine

    Personal Who is Doraine Chirco and What Does She Love About Pampered Chef?

    Hello my name is Doraine Chirco and I am from Central Texas.. I have been with Pampered Chef for 2 years now. I am married for 28 years, we have 3 grown boys and 1 beautiful 8 year old granddaughter... my husband is a disabled veteran and I stay home and take care of him. I started PC for the...
  7. Cindy Lou Prior

    Personal Ready to join the Pampered Chef party? Meet CS Cindy!

    Hi! My name is CIndy Lu Prior and I am a newbie since September 2020. I am still working on getting things to gether and getting parties started.I am a disabled/retired nurse in Minnesota. I have always loved Pampered Chef. What better way to score more than to sell what I love!
  8. Michelle Attaway

    Who is Michelle and What Brought Her to CS?

    Hello all! My name is Michelle and I signed up for PC about a week ago. I have a 2 year old wild child,8 dogs,oh yeah can't forget the husband. Thanks for allowing me to join CS
  9. K

    Personal Who is the new Pampered Chef Consultant, Kara?

    Hello My name is Kara. I have been a Pampered Chef Consultant since June 2020. I absolutely love it! I have a huge passion for cooking and also cook on the side for family and friends in addition to my full time job. I am married with a beautiful daughter. This year has been crazy for...
  10. rx3584

    Personal Ready to take your cooking to the next level with stoneware?

    I am new to cooking with stoneware and hoping to expand my culinary talents by making healthier meals.
  11. Kathy Friedman

    Want to Learn How to Cook and Have Fun? Join My Pampered Chef Parties!

    Hi Everyone, I joined PC on March 17th and my sponsor is Tracy Penick from Cooper City, FL. I live in West Palm, but we met at a fund raiser. We immediately hit it off,and she asked if I would like to host a show. I am newly retired from private practice as an eating disorder therapist after 25...
  12. L

    What are some delicious vegan recipes for my party guests?

    Hi - I am a new consultant within past 60 days and I currently have a party where a customer is asking for Vegan recipes. Not just Vegetarian but Vegan. I also am looking to get more vegetables into my recipes as well and would like to be able to provide all types of recipes for my customers.
  13. KJP

    Who Is Karen from Aurora, Colorado and Her New Pampered Chef Business?

    Hi my name is Karen and I live in Aurora, Colorado. I am excited to take the step of building a Pampered Chef business and share the opportunity with others. Thank you for this forum I look forward to learning and maybe even in the future sharing my successes.
  14. Micki Walker

    Who is Micki, the new PC Consultant from Mitchell Nebraska?

    Hello! My name is Micki and I am a new PC Consultant. I am from Mitchell Nebraska. I cannot wait to get started and learn from all of you!
  15. Teresa Goodwin

    Looking for Fundraising Tips in Pampered Chef? Join CS Teresa and Learn More!

    Hello! I started Pampered Chef at the end of February. I went to National Conference in Chicago in July and Oh my gosh - Amazing! I am here in hopes to learn even more. Including but not limited to Fundraising :) I have been having a hard time finding the information needed on Dash and in PCU...
  16. D

    Who is Dawn and why does she love being a Pampered Chef Consultant?

    My name is Dawn and I love being a Pampered Chef Consultant. I am married to a great man we have two daughters 1 grandson.
  17. J

    Are You Ready to Explore Pampered Chef with CS Jennie?

    Hello from Alabama! My name is Jennie and I am new to Pampered Chef. Stumbled upon this website and am looking forward to learning more tips and tricks to sharing PC!
  18. L

    Who is Lisa and What Makes Her a Successful Consultant for Pampered Chef?

    Hi, I am Lisa. I live in California but I am from the Midwest. I am a third time consultant for Pampered Chef and am loving virtual parties! I am a social worker and work for a non-profit prevention agency.
  19. Joanne Chilton

    Who is Joanne and What Is Pampered Chef?

    Hi, I am Joanne and started pampered chef about a year ago
  20. Morgan Tau

    Personal Who is CS Morgan and How Can Their Tips Help Me Succeed in Consulting?

    Hi, I'm Morgan Tau and became a consultant in Sept 2018. I'm looking forward to gaining more knowledge and tips of the business so that I can be successful in this business!
  21. Jeana V

    Are You Ready for More Pampered Chef Parties?

    Hi! I'm Jeana V and signed up with Pampered Chef last month. My first three parties were great and I'm looking forward to more.
  22. c. olen

    Are You a Passionate Environmentalist and Cat Lover? Join Us at CS!

    Hello. I'm C. Olen. I like to cook but seldom get to. I'm a college grad, but love learning and would go to school forever if I were independently wealthy. I currently work as a para-educator for an after school enrichment program where I teach art. I love cats and currently have three. My...
  23. Natashya Giardina

    Balancing Family, Homeschooling, and a Pampered Chef Business?

    Hi Everyone! My name is Natashya Giardina. I have been married to my husband since August 1996. We have two children who keep us super busy. I have been with Pampered Chef since May 2016. I getting ready to attend my first conference and am very excited. I am loving being a consultant and have...
  24. A

    Who is Amanda and what can she learn from us?

    Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm from SW Indiana. I'm a new consultant and am looking forward to learning from you all!
  25. ArleneS734

    Ready to Join the Fun and Earn Free Stuff as a Consultant?

    Hi! I'm Arlene Stromberg from Springfield, IL. I've only been a Consultant a month. Here to learn and grow as a Consultant.
  26. Jaimice

    How can I balance motherhood and a career as an independent consultant?

    Hello,My name is Jaimice. I have been an independent consultant since June of 2017. I live in Groton, CT. I work as a Registered Nurse and started working with Pampered Chef because of the flexibility due to I have an 11 month old that requires lost of appointments. I did not want to miss as...
  27. P

    Need help with your first show as a new consultant? Welcome to CS!

    Hi my name is Jackie and I'm a brand new conultsnt. I haven't had my first show yet. Feeling s little overwhelmed so am hoping this site helps!
  28. Natalie Darcy

    What Are Some Creative Ideas for Cooking Shows?

    Hi, my name is Natalie, I have been selling PC for about a year with pretty good success!! Looking for idea sharing on cooking shows, and to share ideas as well.
  29. C

    Personal Who is Cindy Todd and why does she love being a Pampered Chef Consultant?

    Hello my name is Cindy Todd and I have been a Pampered Chef Consultant for almost 5 years and I Love it !!!! I live in Delaware and work a full time job along with doing Pampered Chef.