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What is customers: Definition and 173 Discussions

  1. crisbm103

    How Can I Expand My Customer Base for My Pampered Chef Business?

    Hello I'm new here. I'm from Massachusetts. Looking for a way to branch out of my circle of friends and get new customers. But it's hard, no one wants to book parties. I ran one last month but had no sales. I'm hoping next month is better. Oh my name is Cristin. And ideas on where to advertise...
  2. E

    Effective Postal Mail Strategies for Reaching Customers | Share Your Tips!

    Hey Everyone!Last season I did a mailing (mini catalog w/letter) to my customers as a way to reach out. The mailing was kind of pricey (54 people at around $0.50 each). What do you do?My customers are varying ages and some will admit email is lost on them. I tried to send something by mail to...
  3. C

    Thanksgiving/Holiday Supplies Checklist for Customers

    Hi! I want to do an Holiday open house/cancer benefit show and I want to get people thinking about what they need to entertain the next few months. Does anyone have a handout they've put together for this? If not, what items would you include on it? Some are obvious, but I don't want to miss...
  4. Bren706

    Customers Using the Website on Their Phone to Order

    I recently did a virtual Facebook party and the host just contacted me to let me know that her friend is having a hard time ordering through the website using the internet on her phone. Can someone remind me what the issue is? I remember reading about that somewhere, but can't find it now.
  5. raebates

    Are You Connecting With Your Customers Enough?

    I recently attended a training event about marketing. One of the things the facilitator stressed was connecting with your customers regularly. She said this:The one who shows up the most sells the most. She suggested a short weekly email and a monthly mailed newsletter. Now, since The Pampered...
  6. Shelbi

    Question About Customers Rather Shopping on Ebay or Amazon

    Hey! So I did a vendor booth at an elementary a couple weeks ago. Nothing. Which I was ok with as it turned out horrible all around hardly anyone came it was bad. But i ran into this a couple times and i have heard it before and I would like your opinions.... I had a couple people ask me about...
  7. T

    How much should customers add for shipping when ordering from out of state?

    I have a host who has customers out of state that want to order from her show and ship it directly to them. What is the best way for me to tell her how much they should add for shipping?
  8. Bren706

    How do you effectively manage and distribute recipe booklets to customers?

    I love offering the email booklets for my customers when they purchase products like the Brownie Pan and Deep Covered Baker, but can never seem to keep up with sending them. How do you manage this?
  9. slhalepc

    Advertise Your Business: Creative Ways to Reward Customers

    Today while I was out running errands, I went into a business that has a board as you go in the door for business card and like to advertise your business. Well there on the rail next to the board was the cutest little bag (treat size) from a 31 rep with a mini catalog a coupon about the size of...
  10. DebPC

    Increase Your Customers' Order Total: Reccomended Add On Sales

    A great way to increase your customers order total is add on sales. Please share a couple of your most reccomended add on sales. Mine are: Micro Chip Maker- Simple Slicer Deep Covered Baker- DCB Cookbook Stainless Steel Cookware- Stainless Cleaner
  11. P

    Brownie Pan Recipe Book: Delicious Recipes & Satisfied Customers!

    Love this product and a BIG thank you to the person/people who put together the Brownie Pan Recipe Book. Show this a.m. I did the mini omelets.....so awesome! Sold 9 Brownie Pan's.:chef:
  12. Bren706

    Contacting Customers Years After You Move

    For those that have moved after establishing your business in one state, besides keeping in touch with your customers by way of newsletter, do you reach out to them if you haven't been in contact with them in a couple of years? I am trying to tackle my phone phobia and reach out to some...
  13. Bren706

    Keeping Your Name in Front of Your Customers

    Wow! I just got a call from a customer wanting to order some Twix-it Clips. She wanted to add them to one of my shows, but I explained I am now out of state (and when I did live in NC, I would have been 30 minutes away). I had some here with me, and the 1 pack order turned into 3 (which I...
  14. A

    Pampered Chef Emails to Customers

    Im a little confused...Is there a mailing list that I can add guests to where Pampered Chef will send out occational emails? Like with the latest specials and recipes? Do you know what I mean?
  15. naekelsey

    Sending a Email to All Your Customers

    How do you send out an email to all of your customers without it being marked as spam?
  16. naekelsey

    Sending Your Own Flyer to Customers

    On your contacts through the website, is there anyway to send you own flyer to everyone on your list?
  17. higoobs

    Pampered Chef Sweet Cheese Ball Recipes: Discover What Customers Love!

    I had a friend absolutely love the key lime cheese ball from tastefully simple. Does pampered chef has any sweet cheese ball recipes that customers at shows loved?
  18. EmilyStraw

    Troubleshooting MFP Carrot Processing: Advice for Customers

    Does the MFP do carrots? I have one customer whose is not, any suggestions?
  19. chefsteph07

    Rant Tired of Being Pushed Around by Customers

    This month has not been my month for dealing with customers! Does anyone else feel like they are being bullied and pushed around? Two incidents in the last month have made me very upset. The first one was a show that I did 2 weeks ago for a host...(during the Feb special of the stones), this...
  20. naekelsey

    Keeping Customers Organized in Your Phone

    Most people are wanting to be contacted through text. So, can anyone tell me how they keep the phone numbers organized in there cell phones? Or do you not add them to your cell phone contacts and just text them when you need to?
  21. naekelsey

    Customer Care Calls Done by the Way the Customers Choose?

    This question is for those of you that ask if people want to be contacted by email, text, Facebook and etc. Do you make your customer care calls by the way they choose or do you always make those by phone?
  22. M

    Do You Know What Your Customers Want? Run a Survey on Facebook

    Saw this posted by someone on FB and thought I'd share it! I didn't know we could do surveys/polls! http://facebook-advertising-marketing.com/do-you-know-what-your-customers-want-run-a-survey-on-facebook/
  23. T

    Shows With Repeat Host and Customers

    Hello all. I have a repeat host having a show on Friday with my normal customers. Its a small intimate group and I do not believe there will be new customers there. Do you do anything different when you have the same customers at the last few shows you have held? I am trying to think of how to...
  24. finley1991

    Director Surveying Customers: Pros & Cons

    Has anyone done a survey with their customers? Thoughts? Good idea/bad? TIA! :)
  25. B

    Turn Your 'Maybe' Customers Into Bookings!

    Hello Ladies, I was wondering if anyone had any letters or specials that they send out to those people that have either booked a show and had to cancel or say they really want a party and keep having me call them every couple of weeks. If I could get them off the fence, I would be golden! I know...
  26. B

    What's Hot With Your Customers for the Fall?

    I'm especially asking those of you who have done Fall open house shows. What new Fall products have your customers pre-ordered? Any new products that they booked shows to get? When you share a Fall mini, what catches their eye and gets a "ooh, I want that?"
  27. pmprdprettyinsnj

    How to Reconnect With Old Hosts, Customers

    Hi everyone, I have been out of the biz for almost two years and and now getting back into the swing. I had 30 past shows and would like to reconnect with the past hosts and customers. Does anyone have a letter or an email to make the first contact. I plan to follow up with phone calls but...
  28. Intrepid_Chef

    Don't Do This to Your Customers!

    About two weeks ago, I attended a Mary Kay party. As usual, these give me an opportunity to see what I should NOT do in my business and this is no different. I purchased a bottle of eye makeup remover and a couple of their sponges to put eyeshadow on, and gave her my debit card number. To...
  29. M

    Customers Ordering on Another Consultant's Pws--Please Help!

    Hi everyone, I am a new consultant and kind of overwhelmed by everything! I do not yet have my own website, so my mom (who is also a consultant) is allowing me to use her website for now. I had a show last week that I've started entering into my P3. The host is getting some outside orders...
  30. ritabenson

    Why are P3 customers not being automatically added to my customer list?

    I am having trouble with my P3 and HO is not opened and I am really focusing on my business really hard. When I submit a show usually it added my customers to the customer list without me having to physically hit the add to customer list. Now it is not, so unless I hit that button they are not...