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What is brownie pan: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. Brightknee

    Why are my brownies always coming out like rocks in the brownie pan?

    I’m at wit's end with the brownie pan! I have made brownies multiple times and EVERY SINGLE time they come out like rocks! I cook them according to the directions and check them closer to the end to make sure they are cooked all the way through. And I grease the pan and cook at 350 degrees and I...
  2. C

    Cook Pampered Chef Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies in Brownie Pan

    Has anyone tried using the Brownie Pan to cook the PC Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies? It's soared to cook in a large bar pan.
  3. DebPC

    What's the Secret to Perfect Mini Apple Pies in a Brownie Pan?

    1 package of Pillsbury Crescent Roll Creations 1 can of sugar free apple pie filling 5 Tbs of flour 2 Tbs of sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2 tbs butterPreheat oven to 350. Roll out dough and use the Bakers Roller to flatten and enlarge dough. Use the Pizza Cutter to cut into squares. Place dough...
  4. A

    Adapting the Smores Recipe for the Brownie Pan

    Do you think that the smores recipe for the mini muffin pan could be adapted to the brownie pan?
  5. DebPC

    Easy Homemade Smores with Brownie Pan!

    For a quick Smores fix, grab your brownie pan and put 1 graham cracker in the bottom of each well, top with a marshmallow, chocolate piece and another cracker. Pop in the oven at 400 for 6-7 minutes (watch for the marshmallow to melt) Let sit for a few minutes so it can set and it won't be so...
  6. P

    Discover the Versatility of Brownie Pan Inserts | Find Your Perfect Fit!

    Hi everyone ~ Looking for a new brownie pan insert to use. The one where you cut out and stick in each well to show the variety of uses for it. Thanks,
  7. DebPC

    Mini Apple Pies in Brownie Pan Recipe

    Mini Apple Pies from your Brownie Pan 1 package Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheet 1 can apple pie filling 5 Tbsp flour 2 Tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2 Tbsp butter Preheat oven to 350. Roll out dough. I used the Baker's Roller to flatten and stretch it a tad. I then used the Pizza Cutter...
  8. DebPC

    Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes in Brownie Pan

    Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes 1- 8oz brick of cream cheese, at room temperature 1 egg 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk 1/3 C sugar 2 tsp vanilla 2 tsp corn starch 3/4 C mini chocolate chips, divided 12 square graham crackers Ganache: 1/2 can condensed milk 1/2 C milk...
  9. DebPC

    Brownie Pan- Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

    Deep Dish Pizza 1 pkg Pillsbury Pizza Crust 1 pkg turkey breakfast sausage patties 1/2 can black olives, drained 1/2 jar spaghetti sauce 12 ounces part skim mozzarella, shredded Using Bakers Roller, roll out Pizza Crust on Large Cutting board and cut into 12 squares...
  10. P

    Brownie Pan Recipe Book: Delicious Recipes & Satisfied Customers!

    Love this product and a BIG thank you to the person/people who put together the Brownie Pan Recipe Book. Show this a.m. I did the mini omelets.....so awesome! Sold 9 Brownie Pan's.:chef:
  11. C

    Brownie Pan Recipe Exchange: Email [email protected]

    Hi! Does anyone have a packet of Brownie Pan Recipes they can email me? [email protected] Thanks in advance!!
  12. ChefJWarren

    Brownie Pan - Breakfast Squares

    I'm going to make breakfast squares in the brownie pan (eggs, milk, bacon, cheese). I want to add biscuits to the bottom. Do I need to cook them first? Or can I press them in raw?
  13. babywings76

    New Brownie Pan Recipe Booklet - Free Download!

    I made a new recipe booklet for the Brownie Pan. The previous booklets shared on here were a good starting point, but I wanted to add many more that I was seeing on FB. Someone shared on FB a really nice one, but it was only for the Adobe program and was uneditable. I had some help from Kam...
  14. esavvymom

    Is the Brownie Pan Giving Me Trouble?

    When it comes to making brownies in the BP, wht is the best way to prep the pan and bbe able to get the brownies OUT without making them a mess? i just finished a batch of brownies. i spritzed the pan with oil. The bottoms seemed too soft, I guess from the oil. And taking them out was...
  15. J

    What's the Secret to Making Perfect Egg Tarts in a Brownie Pan?

    At the grocery store today, I saw a picture of Egg Tarts on the cover of the Food Network magazine. Fell in LURVE, and immediately wanted to try 'em in the Brownie Pan. I was originally going to make them for a meatless Lenten meal tomorrow, but then noticed that the recipe called for bacon...
  16. chef131doreen

    Bake Delicious Mini Apple Pies in the Pampered Chef Brownie Pan!

    The recipes just keep coming for our new Pampered Chef Brownie Pan - this is the must have product of the season Mini Apple Pies 1 package of crescent roll creations 1 can of sugar free apple pie filling 5 Tbs of flour 2 Tbs of sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2 tbs butter Preheat oven to...
  17. M

    Confirming Attachment - Need Confirmation

    Just got this from my Director. Since I have never started a thread, much less attach something, unsure if this worked or not. Please let me know either way.
  18. J

    Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins in the Brownie Pan

    So, I posted the above in a different thread, then went ahead and tried them today. My husband and I agreed that the chicken in the cornbread was totally weird...just threw us off to bite into a chunk. The jalapeno cornbread itself, though, was delicious, and baked beautifully in the Brownie...
  19. F

    Brownie Pan Recipes: Have You Found the Perfect One?

    Looking for a document with Brownie Pan recipes. Has anyone put something like this together yet?
  20. P

    Success with New Brownie Pan: South-of-the-Border Meatloaf Sliders!

    I tried out my new brownie pan tonight. Made South-of-the-Boarder Meatloaf Sliders. FABULOUS!!!! The pan worked beautifully, cleaned up super easy too. Tomorrow I'm making the PB&J Brownies for my Last Chance, First Glance party and I'm more confident in the pan's ability to do it's thing, Yeah!
  21. P

    Mini Lasagnas in Brownie Pan!!!!

    This is going to be my new favorite recipe for when I have guests over! 12 perfectly shapped mini lasagnas that actualy stay in a square shape-oh my heavens yes!!!! Here's what I did. This actually makes 2 trays (I think I need to get another pan!). 1 lb hamburger 1 15oz container...
  22. P

    What can I make with a brownie pan?

    Has anyone used the brownie pan yet? What have you found you like in it? I was thinking of trying mini lasagnas in it for my In/Out party, but I'm not sure how to make them/how long to bake them. Open for lots of ideas!