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  1. J

    Phone book cold calls?

    I've seen a couple of times on this website some of you talk about getting out the phone book and just going down the list to make calls for bookings, I was wondering if you had a script or something when you made these calls or did you just make it up with each call. I recently moved and don't...
  2. L

    Book Party with Host in another state

    I've got a question about a book party where the host is in another state. What do I mail - obviously the "host kit", but what about the order forms? Do I send the order forms as if they were attending a party, or do I send an outside order form? I have 2 book parties schedules for the...
  3. C

    Doris's Book

    Hi Friends; Just wondering... in your travels have you seen the Pampered Chef book displayed? I have been to several Target stores in my area AND my local Wegman's food store and NOTHING! I am wondering if HO is aware that most places are not featuring this book. I am very disappointed...
  4. monica_sweetconsultant

    The pampered chef book

    Hey I was just wondering if anybody has read Doris Christopher's new book. does anyone know how much it costs? I have been thinking about getting it to see how i can use it in my business. anyways just curious about it.
  5. C

    Doris Christopher's new book

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to encourage all consultants to purchase this great new book! I got it the first day that it came out and have read it cover to cover. What a great experience. As a Pampered Chef consultant for the past 2 1/2 years I have had my ups and downs. After reading this...
  6. P

    The Pampered Chef Book

    :) :) WOW!!! I loved it... I purchased it online from Barnes and Noble at conference recieved it Wed and finished it today, great read! I would be interested in any of your thoughts on it. I found it really informative on the mission of The Pampered Chef and the evolution of the business...
  7. M

    My friennd in AZ said she will have a book party!! She did pc for

    My friennd in AZ said she will have a book party!! She did pc for almost 3yrs and her director quit so she quit. said she needs stones asap and wants a book party!! Cool 3 now lined up and don't even have my kit yet!! :p
  8. L

    I have done everything. No one wants to book parties!! IT IS SUMMER!!

    I have done everything. No one wants to book parties!! IT IS SUMMER!! I told the hostess about August host special and I told the guests several times. They like the bowls and they said the special was a great price, but they do not want to host shows. That was my first show. All the guests...
  9. C

    I'd like to book a party

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and would like to get the names of some people that sell this product. I've been to 2 previous Pampered Chef parties and would like to host my own. Unfortunately I am having a difficult time finding someone that sells Pampered Chef. I can be reached at...
  10. DebPC

    Book One Show a Day

    I think this is a pretty neat idea I have heard. It's based on the concept of not trying to book, but actually booking one Pampered Chef show per day. This could be from the telephone, in person or anyway. Then when you get a show you give yourself permission to stop. If you do, then the next...
  11. DebPC

    10 Reasons to Book a Show

    Ten Reasons to Book a Pampered Chef Show 10 Top Reasons to Book A Pampered Chef Kitchen Show! 1. Receive FREE products. (an average host gets $45 to $75 in free products! of their choice) 2. Earn HALF-PRICE items. ( depending on ypur guest sales total you may be able...