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What is confused: Definition and 141 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    White Inserts Only for Fall Cool and Serve Trays - Confused?!

    For fall- the Cool and Serves will only be sold with white inserts. Plus the white inserts are also available seperately? So no green for fall?
  2. S

    Confused About My Pampered Chef Websites

    Ok, I'm a new consultant and I have the www.pamperedchef.biz/********** and the new.pamperedchef.com/pws/******* but I'm not sure which one to use. I have asked my recruiter a few different times for info but no answer. I thought that when I edited my PWS it would update both of them but I have...
  3. A

    How should I set up for craft fairs?

    Im new to this sort of thing.....How are we supposed to set up for craft fairs? I mean, do we have all brand new items set out still in their packages or have them opened and sitting on the table? I see alot of tables set up with items opened and sitting on the table but what about if the item...
  4. K

    Director Confused about "New Web" Subscription - Need Expert Advise

    I talked to someone in Career Service and had emailed someone in tech support. Now I have 2 different answers. Maybe I should have come here for expert advise.... I thought I read somewhere when the "new web" came out in May that Director's would get from now on a free subscription to the...
  5. esavvymom

    Urgent Confused About Cert. of Insurance and Liability Insurance

    I am doing a booth next week. They require an "insurance certificate" from all exhibitors. I mailed her a copy of the Demonstrator Liability Insurance. She has emailed saying some exhibitors have not turned in their form, and now I am wondering if i gave them the wrong form. I see the...
  6. K

    Director I'm Confused About Stickers for Catalog

    I thought I read in a email from Jean Jonus that we were to get stickers to cover the mistakes about the BBQ sauce that was missing the ingredients for soy and wheat and stickers to put over the incorrect pkg. that contained cookbook recipe cards instead of a cookbook. I've been calling P.C...
  7. Kjurich

    Navigating Surgery & 4 Booked Shows - Confused and Need Advice

    Ok some of you may remember I said that I just resigned after taking a year off due to some back problems and having to have my tailbone removed due to a fall. Anyway over the pass few weeks my back has gotten worse and now it looks like I am not going to be able to put off having to have...
  8. vhadley

    Is It Better to Ship Individual Orders or Have a Party for Fundraiser Donations?

    I'll be doing a table at a school for their playground fundraiser. I was informed yesterday that it all has to be entered in as individual orders and that I just donate 10-15% of my profit to the school. My director told me to have it shipped to my house and then just go to the school on a...
  9. O

    Confused: No Difference Between Book Out & Book Close!?

    I am so confused - All the newsletters look the same - I found no difference between the book out and book close!! Has anyone else noticed this?:yuck:
  10. babywings76

    Confused Over "Job Title" Survey Questions

    Okay, so when you have to fill out a survey of some kind and they ask you what your job is, what do you put? I just have to sit here and scratch my head. It's not enough to just say "self-employed", because then it asks what industry, what department, what job title! :rolleyes:
  11. kcmckay

    Confused About My Points: Where is 2000 Points Listed?

    I've looked on CC but still confused. I looked at my incentive calculator and I have 5548 points under Irresistible destinations but under Taste Of Travel only show 3548? Where is it listed that the extra 2000 for December recruits wouldn't count towards TOT??? I'm confused. Also when will it...
  12. C

    Planned Parenthood Controversy - Confused?

    I ran across an article on the Internet talking about the fact that consultants were leaving PC due to the news that money from PC was going to support Planned Parenthood and abortions. I then came across an article dated 2003 that stated that Jean went to Warren and asked that something be...
  13. M

    Sooo Confused. Commission Vs. Incentives

    Okay so I was looking at my business summary on Consultant Connection. In my total sales, it includes my October 30th show that was submitted in November. So, it's counting towards my November sales for commission, but will it also count for the SAT as well??
  14. pcsharon1

    Confused About Sharing on Facebook for Business? Here's How to Do It!

    can someone please help me? So I have my personal Facebook page and then the one I created for my business. No problem there - I even managed to get 25 fans and be able to get my personal URL. My question is this. When I go to the PC Facebook page and find something I like and click "share"...
  15. K

    Confused about Wedding Registry? How does it work and what are the rewards?

    I would greatly appreciate it someone could explain how the registry works.would it be better to have the bride make a registry list then basically do a catalog show and have people order off your website? If you do a wedding registry and people order stuff that is not on your list to you not...
  16. K

    What's Going On? :confused: Exploring Unusual Requirements

    What's up with this? Is anyone else scratching their heads? Won't it be kind of hard to participate without pink gloves?:confused:
  17. Intrepid_Chef

    Confused by Consultant Connection

    Good news! Consultant connection posted my show I sent in last night (which is picked, thank you, H.O.) and updated my career sales for June and for my career. I am, however, confused by the following under my name: Agreement Date: 10/27/2007 Elite Seller: No Inactive: Apr 10, May 10...
  18. A

    Confused by New Pampered Chef Directive: No Websites on FB!

    I just recieved a message from my director stating that PC is writing consultants and telling them to remove their websites from FB immediately. We are not allowed to post our websites, or say that we are a PC rep. Why? Has anyone else heard this?
  19. P

    Customer Confused: Investigating a Case of Skillet Misunderstanding

    Hi, I had a past host return the Family Skillet, I'm sure it was our normal 12" one. I guess the return was approved (thank goodness, had my fingers crossed) and then she emailed me that she received the 12" Skillet and not the 15" like she had returned. So I called H.O. and then when...
  20. P

    New to Ordering Supplies? Confused by Pampered Chef Dollars?

    Ok so Im trying to order my first supply order I need to call PC and get my debit card number tommorow since i'm new. but when I was preparing my order in P3 I acidentily cliked PC dollars as my payment method (i didnt submit it) and when I went to the final page before submitting my order...
  21. ShelbyMichalek

    Confused on 1% Overrides: Senior Consultant Needed!

    I know that all the information I'm getting says something about 1% overrides, etc, but I have no idea how to translate that into dollars! Someone who is a Sr. Consultant please help me out!! My newest recruit lead, who is scheduled to submit her agreement next Friday if all goes well with...
  22. plannerose

    Why Doesn't My Sales Tax Automatically Update for Different States?

    I have a friend who lives in Virginia and I live in Florida. She wants to do a catolog sale, do I add sales tax for Virginia since it will be shipped there? Thanks!! Rose
  23. B

    Confused About Help Whip Cancer Month & Fundraisers??

    So how is may specifically dedicated to help whip cancer? Is it specifically just the pink products focus? Or is there an emphasis on doing HWC fundraisers that month also? or are those encouraged anytime. I saw a flyer in the files where pc gives more % to HWC than other fundraisers. Is that...
  24. J

    How Can I Boost My Home Business Party Bookings?

    OK!! Where to start?! I started PC in May of 09... Working a full time job and a new baby I worked PC as often as I could and done ok. I never had a "Grand Opening" so after exhausting all my family and friends I decided to go out on a whim and have my Grand Opening in November when I had...
  25. E

    How Does a Bridal Shower Registry Work with Pampered Chef?

    I had someone book a bridal shower at my show the other day. Her father is getting re-married so she wants to have a Pampered Chef show as a shower for his future wife. So I'm sort of confused about how the registry and the shower tie together. Does she have to set up a PC registry to have a...
  26. P

    Confused? 9Oz Cake Mix for Mini Carrot Cups?

    I have not yet tried the mini carrot cups recipe. Plan on doing so for a personal party i am having. the recipe calls for a 9oz cake mix. What???? I can't find one. They only come in 19oz. Is this a typo or am i clueless about something? Please Help me:confused:
  27. esavvymom

    Confused by Star Wars Action Figures & Vehicles?

    My boys love the Star Wars movies, and games. They have the Lego Wii Game (which I enjoy now and then too ;)), and they have a few Lego building sets. But I wanted to get them some Action figures and vehicles. My problem is this- THERE ARE SO MANY VARIETIES!! YOu've got Legacy Collection...
  28. Tropicalburstqt2

    Confused About Tax ID Number for Craft Show Booth

    I contacted a local holiday craft show about having a booth & the woman asked me if I had a tax ID number? I wasn't sure how to reply to her & told her I was not sure but I could assure her that we collect sales tax & PC takes care of the rest. She kept telling me that I needed a tax ID number...
  29. G

    Where Is Everyone??!?It's Like a Ghost Town. :Confused:

    Where is everyone??!? It's like a ghost town. :confused:
  30. elizabethfox

    I'm Confused... Which Is Normal.. Lol

    I did not submit any shows in July... so in order to keep my career sales, I need to submit a show in August. I submitted a $150 show last week. Tried to place my sample order, and it says I am inactive. Now... did I have to submit $150 in commissionable sales or just a show of $150...