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What is case: Definition and 96 Discussions

  1. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Nbc Dateline Wraps up the Paige Birgfeld Case

    NBC News Dateline ran an episode this evening entitled Double Lives about the disappearance and murder of our fellow Cheffer, Paige Birgfeld. The first forty minutes of the show was a review of the story we all know too well. The file films, interviews with Paige's parents and the the trail of...
  2. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Mistrial Declared in Case of Lester Jones

    The jury has informed the judge that the chances of a unanimous verdict are very slim.The judge has declared a mistrial with no new trial date set.Lester Jones is accused of the kidnapping and murder of Paige Birgfeld, a director with The Pampered Chef and member of Chef Success. She vanished...
  3. Becky McCulloch

    Discontinued Paisley Tablet & Keyboard Case Search

    Looking for padded case for my tablet and keyboard, I think we just discontinued a paisley one last season?
  4. stephaniekocala

    Apron, New Catalogs, Cell Phone Case Available

    Hello all,As I exclusively run my PC business via social media and friends/family, I don't have a need for the new catalogs or my PC (women's) apron. I also have the Jan consultants' gift (cell phone case) for Iphone 5 available:25 New Catalogs: $12 Apron: $8 Cell Phone Case (I can email you a...
  5. C

    Get a Stylish iPhone 4 Case with January Incentive - Only $15 + Shipping

    I earned the January incentive but I just won't use it. It will fit an iPhone 4. Not sure what PC will value it at but, if it's like things in the past, I am thinking at least $15. So, that's what I am asking, plus mailing. I can email a picture, if necessary.
  6. doughmama

    Fs - Padded Envelopes and Carrying Case

    Selling padded envelope used for the 12" skillet - $20 small padded envelope that fits dcb cover - $15 tool turn-about carrying case - $10 All used but in excellent condition. Black hard canvas cases. Paypal; does not include shipping.
  7. D

    Sell Rolling Case - Pics Available - Reasonable Offer!

    I have a rolling case that I would like to sell, if someone is interested. I don't have a pic with me but email @ [email protected] and I will be happy to send u pics. I also have 2 of the older style show bags that usually came with the kit. I am not set on a price But will accept...
  8. The_Kitchen_Guy

    New Energy Fuels Paige Birgfeld Case

    The Denver Post is reporting that the conference, held a couple of weeks ago, with a team of cold case experts from around Colorado, is giving new energy to the murder case of Paige Birgfeld.In a copyrighted article published on September 30, 2013, Nancy Lofholm reports that both the sheriff and...
  9. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Investigators Discuss Paige With Team of Cold Case Experts

    You may remember that about a month ago, we reported that a team of cold case experts was going to look into the Paige's murder case. You may further recall that a meeting was scheduled to take place on September 12. KKCO 11 News has reported that the local officials met with the cold case...
  10. C

    Fs: Utility Knife W/ Sharpening Case (Retired) - New in Package!

    $20 includes domestic shipping. PayPal preferred
  11. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Cold Case Team to Investigate the Case of Paige

    A team of cold case experts will be looking into Paige's disappearance and death, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. In an article published August 16, the paper says the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is sending in their cold case team. The team will review the case beginning...
  12. Admin Greg

    Tablet Case Discussions: Tips, Complaints, Praise & More

    Please discuss the Tablet Case. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  13. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Kkco News Reports Paige's Father Asks Case to Be Turned Over

    Frank Birgfeld, father of murdered fellow Cheffer, Paige Birgfeld, has again asked the Mesa County Sheriff's Department to turn the case over to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. According to KKCO, the NBC affiliate in Grand Junction, Birgfeld continues to ask for the case to be passed on to...
  14. ChefPeg

    DIY DCB Carrying Case: Sewing Instructions for Keeping Your Dish Hot

    I've seen pictures of carrying cases others have sewn for the DCB. Do any of you have the sewing instructions? I can't find my padded envelope and am bringing my DCB with something already cooked in it somewhere next week. It's cold outside so want the dish to remain hot as long as possible...
  15. J

    Self Honing Knife Case Question

    Anyone know how long ago did our self honing knives cases change from white to black, has it been farther than 5 years?
  16. N

    Do You Order Stuff Just Have in Case?

    I’m getting ready to place a supply order. I’m mainly ordering items I think I would use at shows so I have them on hand. Here’s what I have so far: Salad Chopper Bakers Roller Tomato Knife (the green ones, this is more for me) Rotary Grater Apple Wedger Citrus Press I have a ton of...
  17. Intrepid_Chef

    "Self Honing Knife" With No Case

    So I had a bright idea to take a few products on a trip with me. Overall, a mistake. We didn't cook much, and our control freak refused to let anyone else touch the dishwasher. As a result of all this confusion, the self-honing case of my knife got lost and the only reason I even knew I didn't...
  18. finley1991

    Director I'm Going to Post My ? First in Case You Don't Want to Read This

    I'm going to post my ? first in case you don't want to read this entire post! ;) What do you do regarding follow up after shows? When doing FSCO, do you do the MAC calls as well? Do you send an e-mail? I received this from my D a few weeks ago... I took my husband to dinner at...
  19. NooraK

    Just in Case You Were Wondering...

    ...what Home Office was doing with all the left over HWC kitchen gloves: The Pampered Chef® Donates Nearly $500,000 in Kitchen Products to Alabama Disaster... -- ADDISON, Ill., May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- :D Ok, so I don't know for sure if that's what they donated, but I still think...
  20. The_Kitchen_Guy

    More News on the Cold Case of Paige

    More media outlets are weighing in. http://www.kjct8.com/news/27796319/detail.html 'It's Encouraging... But, I Can't Say I'm Terribly Optimistic' Don Coleman [email protected] KJCT weighed in on the search of the empty land that is close to the location where Paige's car was burned...
  21. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Search for Evidence Is on in Paige's Case

    The Sheriff's Department in Mesa County is doing an extensive search for evidence in a field not far from where Paige's car was found burning almost four years ago. THe Sheriff's Department is being tight-lipped about it, only to say that it is part of the ongoing investigation into Paige's...
  22. pamperedbecky

    Director toThose Familiar With Paige Birgfeld's Case

    There seem to be some developments maybe? I am SO hoping for some closure for her family. http://www.kjct8.com/news/27773644/detail.html
  23. Aurora

    Interested in Brand New Aviator Sunglasses and Case for $15?

    SOLD! Aviator Sunglasses and caseI won the logo sunglasses and case, and don't plan to use them. Anyone interested? :D They're brand new, the sunglasses are in a clear plastic bag, and the case is green.
  24. rbvernon

    Buy Pampered Chef Rolling Case - Only $70 - Limited Time Offer!

    I am selling my slightly used Pampered Chef Rolling Case. It is not torn or stained. I only used it for a little while before I quit. Only reason why I am selling it is because we are moving and I need to make space. Im selling it for $70. Buyer will have to pay shipping for it. I will also go...
  25. Sheila

    Director I Think I Have a Mild Case of Bell's Palsey

    I noticed that my muscles on the right side of my face were uncooperative on Tuesday night. They didn't want to move as much as the ones on the left side. I've had 2 friends in the past who freaked out over something like that & later learned it was BP. So, knowing I didn't have any numbness...
  26. thehaleykitchen

    Who Makes Rolling Cases for Consultants?

    I was given a free rolling tote from a former consultant the other day. The reason it was free is because one side of the telescopic handle was broken. Anybody have any idea who makes our totes so I have an idea of where to start looking to get a replacement part? We brought it to one shop here...
  27. J

    forSale - New Dots Rolling Case

    This is still in the plastic bag -- never used. It was an incentive from Jan, 2010 for $3000 in sales. $35 + shipping
  28. C

    New Consultant, Need Rolling Tote, Knife Case

    Hi, I'm a newer consultant (started about 3 1/2 months ago) and I've gotten way too much to travel with just my regular consultant tote and some bags. If any one has a knife case, rolling tote, or even a tool turn about bag that you would be willing to sell, please let me know. Thanks.
  29. P

    Customer Confused: Investigating a Case of Skillet Misunderstanding

    Hi, I had a past host return the Family Skillet, I'm sure it was our normal 12" one. I guess the return was approved (thank goodness, had my fingers crossed) and then she emailed me that she received the 12" Skillet and not the 15" like she had returned. So I called H.O. and then when...
  30. ChefJWarren

    Fs: Padded Knife Case, Apron & Tablecloth

    Padded Knife Case $15 Used maybe one or two times, clean, very like new. Snowman Apron $(Sorry not sure) Make an offer Probably not the best time to sell Xmas stuff! Plus add shipping.