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  1. scottcooks

    Recipes That Sell Products

    What recipes help Really SELL Products? What recipes have you done that really sell higher end products? I have sold markedly more products when doing the following recipes: --------------------------------------------------- BISCUIT APPETIZER - sells "try me" pan - Prof. 8" Saute -...
  2. kimcooks4u

    New CD how to sell the collections:stoneware, cookware, simple additions

    I listend to this new CD the other day on the way to a show. It is very good! Be sure to make it part of training new consultants on how to sell... It's great to have "the words to say" right at your finger tips to play over and over. Has anyone else played this CD?
  3. P

    Did P.C. ever sell an ice cube try? I had a customer ask me this.

    Did P.C. ever sell an ice cube try? I had a customer ask me this. :confused:
  4. N

    Which HWC product did you sell the most of?

    I sold more can strainers than anything else- probably more of those than the other 3 put together! I don't know if it's because it was the least expensive, or because it was the item I was most excited about personally, or if it was the thing that people needed most. I'm curious about how the...
  5. H

    Help!!Really want to sell PC ....

    I live in a very small town and don't know anyone. For this reason I feel that I won't be able to get bookings. I went with to a PC party had alot of fun and the consulatnt there recruited me, went with her to a cluster meeting and had even more fun. I really want to sell PC so I can meet new...
  6. DebPC

    Don't Sell 1 Four Sugar Shaker

    Don't Sell 1 Flour Sugar Shaker Sell 4! When I an talking about the above I am always talking about having 4 of them in your kitchen. 1 for flour, 1 for powdered sugar, 1 for cinnamon/sugar, and 1 for cocoa.
  7. A

    Great Tips from Nancy Jo Ryan Re Stop Sell Items

    Regarding Back Ordered/Stop Sell Items: Take a name, phone number and credit card. Don’t talk about stop sell. Say, “You know what, we have a hold on that product because we have some back order issues. If you give me your name and phone number (and credit cad) I’ll put the order in as soon...