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What is garden: Definition and 62 Discussions

  1. Margaret Raitt

    Garden Flags, Aprons, Banner, Charms, Cards & More

    I sold PC for 12 years and have a lot of items that current consultants might want. Aprons Garden flags T-shirts with logo Vinyl banner for events More... Please inquire and I will take pictures. Need to know interest first.
  2. B

    Iso Garden Flag That Merrill Used to Sell.

    Looking for a garden flag that says Pampered Chef.
  3. C

    Brand New Garden Tote - $25 + Shipping

    For sale brand new garden tote. Never used except to take to shows to show it. Asking $25 plus shipping. .
  4. jbondr

    Pampered Chef Garden Tote for Sale - No Longer Available

    Pampered Chef Garden Tote For Sale PC Garden Tote, NEW Never Used. $15.00 Free Shipping. PayPal accepted. List Date: 7/14/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Pampered Chef Garden Tote For Sale -------------------------------------- This item is no longer...
  5. kam

    Are Garden Tools Worth the Price? Investigating Strength & Quality

    For those that have the garden tools...are they worth the price? Are they really that much better/stronger than ones you can find at retail? Just curious! I am thinking that the pruning shears might be worth it since the good ones in stores are pretty pricey, too. But the other items...
  6. T

    Get a High-Quality Garden Tote at a Great Price - Limited Stock Available!

    I used this to promote at the shows but will not need to keep. PM if interested.
  7. B

    Seeking Used Garden Tote - Willing to Pay Shipping to 63052

    I am earning my own garden tote, but I would like another to give as a gift. However, I don't want to purchase any more of the tools. If anyone has earned theirs and wants to get rid of it, please let me know. Shipping would be to 63052 Thanks!
  8. ChefBevShu

    How to Creatively Display Garden Tools at a Home Show?

    Does anyone gave a creative way to display the new garden tools? I have a home show this weekend and wanted to draw some attention to them. Thanks in advance! :)
  9. K

    Creating a Community Garden - Has Anyone Started Yet?

    Has anyone created one yet? I was going to start one but thought I would check first
  10. DebPC

    Have you tried using coffee filters in garden pots this summer?

    I'm using this idea this summer!
  11. chefsteph07

    Creating a Yummy Pizza Appetizer: What Crust to Use?

    I was going through some old recipes and decided to make this for a show I have on Tuesday, anyone made this? My question is, is this made w/ a pizza shell, like Boboli, or a regular roll out pizza dough like Pillsbury? Does anyone have any other tips on this? It looks yummy so I want to make...
  12. C

    3 Cheese Garden Pizza on the Grill?

    Question for you all - do you think the 3 cheese garden pizza would be good on the grill - I haven't done the pizza on the grill yet but want to try and I was talking to my host and the 3 cheese garden pizza came up in conversation and I thought we should be able to do it on the grill. Thoughts?
  13. P

    Garden Fair Opportunity, Need Advice

    I have the opportunity to have a large booth at a local garden fair over Mother's Day weekend. The fair is in its 18th year and has attendance between 15k-18k people. It is run by the state arboritum so the attendees will not be your typical craft fair/bazaar type looking for a freeby or cheap...
  14. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Discover the Beauty of Porche Gardening with These Expert Tips!

    I wanted to try and grow a Porche like this guy… …but I found I couldn't a Ford it.
  15. vanscootin

    Help Needed: Small Microwave, Garden Pizza Recipe?

    I just spent the last 15 minutes searching the recipes on CC and now I'm asking for help. I'm doing a show this week at an office and the microwave is small. I usually do a DCB recipe at my shows but that wont work this time... Anyone have recipe suggestion? I was thinking of a garden...
  16. M

    Three Cheese Garden Pizza Recipe

    My last show was a DISASTER with this recipe. Host didn't bother to buy tomatoes, because she had (very mushy!) tomatoes from her garden. The mozzerella cheese, like always, was a huge problem. It's always so frozen we can't grate it, or so mushy that it makes "milk" all over my mandolin...
  17. C

    Three Cheese Garden Pizza Calorie Count?

    I have a hostess wanting the nutritional and calorie breakdown for the Three Cheese Garden Pizza. Anyone have that worked out yet?
  18. D

    Planning a Show: Three Cheese Garden Pizza & Trifle Ideas

    Okay I am busy tonight on CS, questions, questions. :o My show on June 12th has asked for two recipes, which I am okay with, big invite list and two hosts. Still deciding on how to handle that part of it. :confused: I am making the Three Cheese Garden Pizza cause it's easy and shows all...
  19. D

    Pampered Chef Booth at Home and Garden Show

    i signed up for a 6 hour block of time(with another consultant i don't know) at the pittsburgh home and garden show in march. I have no shows booked so far for feb or march. So this is a make or break time for me. I could use tips, supply info, etc. You could share.my funds are very limited...
  20. DessertDivaFL

    What are the Must-Try Dishes at Olive Garden?

    I am going to Olive Garden for dinner tonight and was wondering what my fellow cheffers order for dinner there. Any suggestions?
  21. M

    Grow Your Own: Mini Garden Favors for Pampered Chef Shower!

    Actually, this could go for prizes or giveaways at regular shows as well but I got them for my sis-in-law's PC shower in June. At the Target $1 spot they have little mini ready to grow pots (they're the tiny terra cotta pots with seeds and a dirt pellet thing and instructions) for basil...
  22. A

    Home and Garden Show: Tips for Setting Up and Success

    I am setting up for a home and garden show. Any suggestions or comments? Has anyone done this before?:chef:
  23. D

    Help! Three Cheese Garden Pizza....

    Hey, guys!I'm making a three cheese garden pizza for a party I'm doing tomorrow... I just "tested" the recipe in my kitchen & I was not wild about it. But, at this point it's too late to decide on a different recipe since my hostess has already bought the ingredients.First of all, it turned out...
  24. B

    Spring Garden Dreams: Time to Plant Fresh Corn!

    Just got mine today due to the backshipment and boy am I ready to get some fresh corn! :) Come on snow-- melt!!:love:
  25. J

    Making My Garden Beautiful: Finally Got It Done!

    I posted way back in August that I planned to do this. Well, I finally got my butt in gear enough to put it together. Feel free to steal it if you like it, just not if you happen to live on my street.;)
  26. C

    Delicious Garden Ranch Pizza Recipe | Season's Best 2005 | Chef Moseley"

    I know it's from S/S 2005 season's best. If you have this please email me [email protected] I found it by doing a google search :)Here it is in case someone else needs it too :)Garden Ranch Pizza2 packages (10 ounces each) refrigerated pizza crust 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/2 package (1 ounce)...
  27. buckeyefan08

    Zucchini overload: Any good recipes for zucchini bread?

    My SIL has an awesome garden. We wento over there tonight and got a TON of veggies. We have more zuchinni (sp?) than we know what to do with. Does anyone have a good recipe for bread that you wouldn't mind sharing? I love zuchinni bread but I don't know how to make it! Thanks!
  28. Kitchen2u

    Are Booths and Fairs Worth the Time and Effort?

    Last Thursday, I got a call from a sister Director. She was asked to do a demo at the local Home & Garden Show. She accepted. Then the gal running the Show asked her if she was interested in having a booth for FREE. Yep, for FREE...otherwise it would have been $1130! She called me...
  29. PCSarahjm

    Help Needed: Garden Vegetable Omelet Ring Recipe

    Does anyone have the Garden Vegetable Omelet Ring recipe from the All Best Cookbook? I thought I had it in my recipe files but can not find it! Please help.
  30. Karen

    Can I Plant an Herb Garden Alongside My Veggies? Tips for First-Time Gardeners

    OK, my DH and I are planting our garden this coming weekend.:) Along with our regular veggies I also want to plant an herb garden for the first time. I'm looking for advice as to what to plant, what's everyone's favorite, and some ideas of uses (besides some of the obvious cooking ideas)...