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What is ranch: Definition and 20 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadilla Cups Recipe

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadilla Cups. 2 tbs sour cream 1/2 tbs mayonnaise 1/2 tbs whole milk 1 pk dry ranch dressing mix (any brand will work) 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese 1 cup monetary jack cheese 1 pk bacon 2 raw chicken breast 6 burrito size flour tortillas toppings I used: limes hot sauce...
  2. DebPC

    Delicious Chicken Ranch Pasta Recipe: Easy and Cheesy!

    Chicken Ranch Pasta Ingredients 1 box penne pasta 3 cups of chicken stock 1 Tablespoon butter 1 Tbsp flour 2 Tbsp dry ranch dressing seasoning mix 2 cups milk 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (or more if you want it stringy and good) 1/3 cup cooked, chopped bacon 2 cups cooked...
  3. chefsteph07

    Creating a Yummy Pizza Appetizer: What Crust to Use?

    I was going through some old recipes and decided to make this for a show I have on Tuesday, anyone made this? My question is, is this made w/ a pizza shell, like Boboli, or a regular roll out pizza dough like Pillsbury? Does anyone have any other tips on this? It looks yummy so I want to make...
  4. A

    Finding a Replacement for the Old Chipotle Ranch Dip

    I have a former host who contacted me looking for the old Chipolte Ranch dip. Does anyone know an alternative to this? Please tell me we can make this with some other seasonings. TIA
  5. S

    Is there an easy Ranch Dressing recipe using the Mix, Measure, and Pour method?

    Is there a Ranch Dressing Recipe for the Mix Measure & Pour
  6. LeslieSGI

    How Can You Make Chipotle Ranch Dip/Dressing with a Ranch Twist?

    I have recently fallen in love with Chipotle Ranch Salad Dressing. :love: I have seen posts about the 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream with 3 T. of the Chipotle rub but I'm really looking for the "ranch" twist. Has anyone already tried to make a dip or dressing using the Chipotle Rub and Ranch...
  7. L

    Ranch Oyster Crackers: An Easy Christmas Gift!

    I was thinking of making some of these again this year for Christmas presents, they are always a hit, but had a lightbulb moment of how or what PC spices/rubs could I use. I always use the PC Dill, but would I use something else instead of say, the Ranch dressing mix??? Anyone have any...
  8. grainsmommy

    Help the Ranch and Get SAT Points: Host a Pampered Chef Party Fundraiser!

    Can you look this over and tell me if it looks okay/what would make it better? I'm proposing this idea to the ranch where my daughter takes riding lessons. The owner said she'd like to have a PC party, but when I paid her for my DD lessons she said, "thank you so much, you just paid for our...
  9. C

    Delicious Garden Ranch Pizza Recipe | Season's Best 2005 | Chef Moseley"

    I know it's from S/S 2005 season's best. If you have this please email me [email protected] I found it by doing a google search :)Here it is in case someone else needs it too :)Garden Ranch Pizza2 packages (10 ounces each) refrigerated pizza crust 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/2 package (1 ounce)...
  10. Intrepid_Chef

    Discover the Best Iso Chipotle Ranch Dip Alternative | No Quotation Marks

    I have a customer who THOUGHT she ordered the chipotle ranch dip ... but since this was a verbal order she got the chipotle rub instead. Is there anyone out there who has some of this I can buy from you? As an alternative ... can she use her chipotle rub as a dip?
  11. amy07

    Looking for Iso Chipotle Ranch? Get Your Fix Here!

    Anyone have any of this left somewhere stored away that they would be willing to part with?
  12. P

    Buy Chipotle Ranch Dip Mix | Limited Time Offer for a Customer Favorite

    Does anyone have a few boxes of this I can buy?? I have a good customer who loves it and I forgot to call her when it was discontinued. Thanks!
  13. pckrissy

    Iso: Chiptole Ranch Seasoning Mix

    If anyone has this please let me know. I have 2 customers who are looking for it. Thanks!
  14. dannyzmom

    Say Goodbye to Chipotle Ranch: Guac's Fate Unclear

    I know the Chipotle Ranch is being d/c'd but is the Guacamole, too?
  15. H

    Delicious Chipolte Ranch Dip with Dippers: Perfect for Your Next Gathering!

    I have an open house tomorrow night and I'm making this dip. I have never made it before... What should I serve with it as a dipper? Chips, crackers, veggies? Any help would be great! Thanks!
  16. PCCHeather0506

    Garden Ranch Pizza Substitutions??

    I'm having a party Saturday on St. Patricks Day and I was hoping to make the Garden Ranch Pizza for it...the hostess wants something healthy, and I'd like something I can have be some what green! So I was wondering...if I could substitute the carrots and olives for other green veggies?? What...
  17. K

    What is the recipe for Garden Ranch Pizza, and where can I find it?

    Does anyone have the recipe for garden ranch pizza? I heard about it somewhere but I couldn't find it on the pampered chef website under recipes! I think it's a good recipe for super starters?
  18. S

    Does the Garden Ranch Pizza Call for 1 or 2 Tubes of Pizza Dough?

    The reason I ask is because in the past Season's Best (I think Fall/Winter of 2002??) it says 2 tubes. But I noticed in a post on the BB here that it said 1 tube. I just want to make sure I have the hostess purchase the correct amount. Thanks again!!
  19. P

    How can I make a delicious Garden Ranch Pizza at home?

    Can someone post the recipe for the Garden Ranch Pizza? Thanks
  20. P

    Making Garden Ranch Pizza: Treating Stone with EVOO?

    I am going to make a Garden Ranch Pizza tonight to take to work tomorrow. I am still working on getting my stone seasoned - should I treat it with EVOO per the norm, and then sprinkle flour on it? Or just skip the flour? Thanks in advance. Paula in TN