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What is 1 or 2: Definition and 11 Discussions

  1. kreaser

    Looking for 1 or 2 Roommates for Conference

    We have a room booked at the Hyatt Regency right at McCormick Center. I have stayed at this hotel for the past 13 years of conference...even way before they made it a conference hotel. I would not stay any other place. I booked the room independently from the PC housing dept...and got it for a...
  2. P

    Wanted: 1 or 2 Items - Email [email protected]

    Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell one or two of these. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks a bunch!
  3. J

    Room for 1 or 2 at Hyatt at Mccormick Place

    Want to stay where you do not need to get up early and catch a bus...then stay at the Hyatt...I have 2 openings...looking for at least one but would like to have 2 more roommates. Jennifer
  4. pampchefrhondab

    Avoid Losing Career Sales: Tips After 1 or 2 Months of No Sales

    Do you lose career sales after 1 month no sales or 2 in a row? Thanks!
  5. dannyzmom

    toThose Who Werein Wave 1 or 2...

    ...how were people dressed this year? Less casual than last year? I ask because my NED sent word downline that business casual did not mean bermuda shorts or denim...no flip flops or crocs, etc...she said we should expect to see a more business-like attire and business suits on stage. So - I...
  6. Chefgirl2

    Need Roommates for Upcoming Trip to Denver?

    I just had one of my Future Directors email me saying "Forgive Me." It turns out she can't go to Denver. She is a PRN for the local jail. This is how I found out: "Unfortunately I won't be going to Denver. I have some mandated classes I have to attend and the first is Thursday 1/8. I...
  7. cooking.with.ann

    Easy and Delicious Recipes for Singles and Couples - Perfect for a Show!

    HELP! I have a show coming up where all the guests are either singles, or couples with no children. I would love to have some recipes tailored to that lifestyle, if anyone has any suggestions! HELLO, HOME OFFICE...maybe some recipe cards or a cookbook in the future for just this audience...
  8. S

    Does the Garden Ranch Pizza Call for 1 or 2 Tubes of Pizza Dough?

    The reason I ask is because in the past Season's Best (I think Fall/Winter of 2002??) it says 2 tubes. But I noticed in a post on the BB here that it said 1 tube. I just want to make sure I have the hostess purchase the correct amount. Thanks again!!
  9. D

    Host Rewards for 1/2 Price Combo - A Rookie's Guide | Dennis in Miami

    Just wanted to share an experience. I had a show on Sat. and was closing it out today. My host was under the impression that he could apply the host reward to the 1/2 combo and pay nothing. Little food for thought for the rookies, explain throughly to host that they have to pay out of pocket...
  10. C

    Ordering Just the 13 1/2 Inch Bamboo Tongs?

    I had a guest at a show I did a couple days ago that asked about the 13 1/2 inch bamboo tongs that come with the grill pan. She doesn't want the pan, just the tongs. Is there any way to order just the tongs?
  11. L

    Pampered Chef Paperwork & Used Products for Sale 1/2 Price

    Here's what I have left as far as paperwork goes: survey drawing slips, Pampered Bride & Fundraiser sample packets, 14 Pampered Bride flyers, 5 paring knives, 3 packs gift certificate order forms, misc. office supplies, Bride-doll cake insert, Pampered Chef change purse, Super Starter Success...