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What is tubes: Definition and 33 Discussions

  1. K

    Creative Ideas for UPampered Chefycling Retired Bread Tubes

    I know the bread tubes have been retired for quite sometime now, but my sister-in-law found a couple at a consignment shop and bought them for me. Any ideas on what I can do with them, besides bread of course?
  2. frozenchef

    How Can You Use Metal Bread Tubes for Baking?

    I have a client who e-mailed me asking if I have any information on how to use the shaped bread pans (I assume she meant the metal bread tubes, but I guess she could also have meant the RUFTH molded stoneware) and if I had any recipes. These were before my time as a consultant and I don't...
  3. S

    Looking for Bread Tubes? Message Me!

    I have a customer that is looking for any of the bread tubes. If anyone on here has any that they would like to get rid of I would greatly appreciate it. Send me message and let me know! Thank you,
  4. C

    Cost of Old Bread Tubes: Heart & Flower Shapes

    Can anyone recall the approximate cost of the old bread tubes? The heart and flower shapes in particular. Thanks. =)
  5. C

    Baking Tubes - Hearts & Other Shapes Wanted!

    Hi I am looking for baking tubes they come in different shapes (hearts and other shapes). My director had some at a show we did together and she said that they were discontinued but if any one has any for sale let me know I will pay for them Thanks:chef:
  6. N

    Bread Tubes - Shape & Price Info for Nancy in 22737

    I have a customer wanting bread tubes new please- If you have them( i'm thinking you do!! we ALL had tons:) Please let me know the shape and the price it will be shipped to zip 22737 thanks! Nancy
  7. Pchefterza

    Information Needed for Pampered Chef Bread Tubes

    I did a booth today (1st one solo) and a perspective customer said she owned the bread tubes (I own these as well) from a few years back and she wanted to know what temp and length of time to bake the beer bread in them. Can any one help? Thanks in advance Terza
  8. jrstephens

    Cole Is Getting Tubes on Tuesday at 630 Am

    Just wanted to ask for prayers from everyone. My main worry is that he cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight. With the ear infections he is prone to wake up during the night for a bottle. Please, pray that he will sleep until we get to the Dr's office for the procedure. We have...
  9. M

    Where Can I Find Flower Shaped Bread Tubes for Sale?

    I have a customer who is looking for 2 of the flower shaped bread tubes. Does anyone have them for sale. I know they were on the outlet recently.
  10. Jennie4PC

    Urgent Banana Bread: Quick Bread or No-Go in the Tubes?

    I am making banana bread and the bread tubes says not to use it for quick breads. Is banana breada quick bread? And has anyone made banana bread in the tubes even though it says not to?
  11. G

    Baking Amish Friendship Bread: How Full Should the Tube Be?

    SO my g/f gave me a starter for amish friendship bread and today is the day for me to bake it. Well My question is how far do I fill it up in the bread tube?:chef:
  12. AJPratt

    Bread Tubes: Tips for Optimal Use and Storage

    I used them tonight for the first time, and they are awesome! I was wondering if it makes a difference if you stand them up or leave them on their side? The instructions say to stand them up, but the oven at the store is too small to have them that way. Any thoughts?
  13. P

    Looking for Recipes for The Scalloped Bread Tube?

    Hi! Does anybody have recipes for The Scalloped Bread Tube? I tried looking on Consultants Corner, but had no luck. Thanks!:chef:
  14. jrstephens

    How Many Bread Tubes Were There?

    I am trying to see if I have them all.
  15. ameliasurf

    Find New Bread Tubes - Great Deals Here!

    i have a customer looking for the bread tubes. just wondering if anyone has any that are new in the box!
  16. DebbieJ

    ifAnyone Is Looking for Bread Tubes...

    I saw a bunch at my local thrift shop. Heart, flower, and star. Let me know via PM if you want them and I'll go pick them up for you. The shop supports our local Christian school, so it goes to a good cause. :)
  17. kam

    Bring Back the Bread Tubes: Can We Still Use Them?

    I really wish they would bring these back. Does PC ever bring back retired items? I would love to know why the bread tubes are no longer available. I wonder if it was not a good seller. So many of the recipes in All The Best, show things done with the Bread Tube. I just did the Tangy...
  18. P

    Help Needed: Whole Set of 3 Bread Tubes Wanted

    I have a customer looking for a whole set of the 3 bread tubes. Can you help me?? Thanks so much!
  19. S

    Are These Scallop & Star Bread Tubes What You Need for Your Kitchen?

    For a customer - NIP, and please pm me or email [email protected] and let me know your asking price, shipping, etc. THANK YOU! -Danielle
  20. amerrigan

    Want to Upgrade Your Baking Game with Scalloped Bread Tubes?

    I have 2 Scalloped Bread Tubes for sale. They are brand new, never used in box still. I will sell them for $8/each including shipping. PM me if you are interested!
  21. C

    Bread Tubes Wanted: PM Me for Shipping Info to 34116

    I have a customer who is interested in finding some bread tubes. PM me if you have any to sell and how much for shipping, etc. to 34116. Thanks.
  22. pchefjaime

    Bread Tubes Needed in 60417 - Price Sensitive

    I have a hostess that is looking for bread tubes not to picky of the shape. It will be shipped to 60417. Not looking to pay an arm and leg. Thanks for all your help.
  23. pckelly

    Who Wants 3 Bread Tubes for Only $12?

    I have 3 bread tubes for sale. I have the square, the star and the heart. I received them in my surprise box at conference, and took them out of the wrapper, but have not used them and probably will not use them. I will sell all 3 of them together for 12.00 plus 5.00 for priority shipping. It...
  24. J

    Find the Perfect Bread Tube for Sale - Unique Shapes Available!

    If anyone has any bread tubes for sale, any shapes other than the flower let me know.
  25. krzymomof4

    Order the Best Bread Tubes for Your Kitchen | Outlet Bread Tubes

    I have a customer who wants to order the bread tube, but she wants to know which ones she would be getting. Since there isn't much information or it, I didn't know if any of you would know.
  26. Tara1021

    Identifying 2 Unknown Bread Tubes: Help Needed!

    Anyone know what 2 bread tubes are on the outlet by chance? there's no pic.....
  27. L

    Where Can I Find Bread Tubes From the Outlet?

    I dont know if this is the correct place to post this, I am just REALLY wanting those bread tubes that were in the outlet a month ago, but are now gone :( I am not wanting them to sell...i just want them for my own personal collection. I love all the ideas for the bread tubes. So if anyone...
  28. H

    Delicious Batter Breads for Your Bread Tube: Tips and Tricks from HeatherZ

    Hello, I have a customer that has not used her bread tube because she wasn't sure how to fill it. I have only used them with the pillsbury french bread. If she wanted to make banana bread in it how much would she put in the tube? Thanks for your help. HeatherZ
  29. pchefinski

    Bread Tubes for Polenta: A Creative Twist for Tasty Treats!

    Has anyone tried making polenta and cooling it in the bread tubes? I would like to do this and slice it thin to use for polenta crackers, fried polenta, veggie lasagna, etc. If I sprayed the inside of it before I put the polenta in it, it shouldn't stick, right?
  30. S

    Does the Garden Ranch Pizza Call for 1 or 2 Tubes of Pizza Dough?

    The reason I ask is because in the past Season's Best (I think Fall/Winter of 2002??) it says 2 tubes. But I noticed in a post on the BB here that it said 1 tube. I just want to make sure I have the hostess purchase the correct amount. Thanks again!!