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What is nancy: Definition and 34 Discussions

  1. K

    Director What Did Attendees Learn at Nancy Jo's Retreat?

    Any new ideas or tips from Nancy Jo's director retreat that those who went want to share? Karen
  2. F

    Director Nancy Jo Director Retreat: Join Us and Plan Your Travel!

    Anyone going? Our up-line has extended an invite to us and I'd love to go, but trying to figure out travel cost. Doesn't look like our airport goes into the closest one to the resort. Wondering if others are going how you are getting there? Airline? What airport or other means of transportation?
  3. B

    Is Nancy Jo (And Her Downline) a Machine or What???

    I'm reading the July Consultant News under Organizational Volume and Nancy Jo has over $4 MILLION. Good grief! How much does that figure out in her commission every month?!? :cool:
  4. Intrepid_Chef

    Nancy Jo Ryan's Newsletter .... Anybody Else Get It?

    This showed up in my e-mail today ... no tips or news, just a list of her top performers. Did anybody else get this? I'm wondering if I'm not seeing everything that's in it b/c of the machine I'm using.
  5. NooraK

    Did Nancy Rank High in Sales this January?

    Nancy was #15 in sales in Chris Manion's overall cluster for January! :sing::thumbup: She also had the 6th highest show for the overall cluster! This group includes people like Feriale Yan, so it is a fabulous achievement. Way to go Nancy!!!
  6. J

    Can't Find Tips for Fundraisers by Nancy Jo Ryan

    Hi All: I could be wrong but I was thinking there used to be some kind of file on this site about Tips for a successful fundraiser and it was done by Nancy Jo Ryan. Does anyone know where it is? I've checked the files but still can't find it. If you know what I'm talking about could you...
  7. N

    Bread Tubes - Shape & Price Info for Nancy in 22737

    I have a customer wanting bread tubes new please- If you have them( i'm thinking you do!! we ALL had tons:) Please let me know the shape and the price it will be shipped to zip 22737 thanks! Nancy
  8. coriatc

    Meal Planning Made Easy with Nancy Jo Ryan

    Does anyone have Nancy Jo Ryan's easy meal planning info/sheets??
  9. kam

    Ok, Nancy (Nanisu) Had Posted in Another Thread About Roaches at a

    OK, Nancy (Nanisu) had posted in another thread about roaches at a host's house...so what do you DO in that situation??? You are bringing your consultant tote into the house, in which the roaches can catch a ride to your house! I have to say this would be my biggest fear! (I am terrified...
  10. Jenni

    What Can We Expect from Nancy Jo Ryan's Fall Kick Off Tonight?

    So tonight she is coming to our area... to do a fall kick off. Kidda exciting! Anyone else around going to be going? OR has she done this in your area already? Just wondering what to expect...
  11. C

    What Should I Wear to Nancy Jo Ryan's Themed Dinner?

    With this years theme, are you getting very dressed up? I am having a hard time finding anything wonderful for the dinner! I am thinking a white demin skirt, red shirt and a demin jacket and nicer flip flops. Is this too casual? I just hate to go get a dress that I will never wear again! Katie
  12. C

    Marla & Nancy Jo's Effective Booking Techniques: A Review of the CC Video

    Has anyone had a chance to watch the video on CC? I thought it was very good - some great word choices to use for booking shows and offering the opportunity! I need to go back now and watch it again with pen and paper. I was a bit distracted though by the fact that Marla and Nancy Jo have...
  13. whiteyteresa

    Nancy Artworks: Licensed Merchandise by Merrill on CC

    I was going to order a few things - posters and keys chains from Merrill so when I logged on CC and click on Licensed Merchandise Vendors - up came Merrill and under that was Nancy's Artwork Could it be that PC is bring Nancy's back :love: :chef:
  14. N

    Need a Roomate? Millenium, 9th-12th. Nancy Collins, Orange CA

    Need a roommate?I have a room at the Millenium, two double beds--I am looking for 1 additional room mate (I'd like to keep it to just myself and one, maybe two others at the most--I don't sleep well with a lot of other people in the room and I don't learn much if I don't sleep well, LOL). If...
  15. Bren706

    Inside Scoop Call - Sherri Carr and Nancy Francis Downline

    Is there anyone in Sherri Carr's or Nancy Francis' downline that participated in the "Inside Scoop" call tonight? The topic was Advanced Director Terri Hamman sharing her success on... "Qualifying new consultants. A success strategy for the 1st 30 days through 90 days!" ???? I intended to...
  16. KellyRedHead

    Need the Number for Nancy Jo Ryan's Recorded Message?

    Does anyone have the number to her recorded message? I can't find it and I am wanting to send out some recruiting info and wanted to include it. Thanks in advance! Kelly V. :D
  17. finley1991

    Director Find a Buddy for Nancy Jo Ryan's Fall Retreat!

    Anyone on here attending Nancy Jo Ryan's Fall Retreat next week? I'm going and wondered if I could find a buddy to hang with. I won't know anyone but my NED. I'd be super excited if someone from here were going!!!!! :D
  18. pchefkristin

    Nancy Jo's Recruit Leads: Find Your # Now!

    What is the dang # for possible recruit leads to call with Nancy Jo's recorded call?
  19. W

    Nancy Jo's Dinner Cruise at Navy Pier: Join Us Sunday Night!

    Anyone else going on Nancy Jo's Dinner Cruise Sunday Night leaving from Navy Pier..? Email me if you are?? Can't wait !!
  20. B

    What are some ideas for re-energizing my Pampered Chef business?

    Hi all! I am NEW back to ChefSuccess. I registered awhile back then forgot about the site. I have since found it again and saved it in my favorites!! I am in my 4th year with PC. I live in Kentwood, MI with my DH and 4 beautiful daughters. My girls range in age from 4 months to 7 years. The...
  21. DebbieJ

    Nancy Jo's Banquet (In Case You Didn't Get the Email Today)

    Dear National Conference Attendee: We are looking forward to a wonderful time at National Conference and especially to celebrating your business success at Nancy Jo Ryan’s Executive Banquet on Tuesday night, July 17. Since this is the year of ‘007, our “theme” for this event is...
  22. C

    Farewell to Nancy's Artworks: My Last Order and the End of Extra Freebies

    I'm feeling a little sad - I just placed my last order w/ Nancy's Artworks :( I felt a little guilty - she is giving away so many freebies with the order! Which is something I will miss - all of the extra freebies she always threw in with the order. Pretty much can guarantee that Merrill...
  23. whiteyteresa

    Happy Birthday to Nancy: Celebrating Another Year of Life!

    Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear Nancy Happy Birthday to YOU And many more!!! (Were the same age)
  24. jrstephens

    Ho Response From Email About Nancy

    Here it is folks.....not that they said very much.... Thank you for taking the time to contact the Home Office with your valuable input. We are always interested in hearing your feedback and have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area. Tamira Kirksy Solution Center...
  25. P

    I Just Spoke to "The" Nancy...

    Okay. I just spoke to Nancy @ Nancy's Artworks. :eek: :( The choice was NOT hers. She just found out a couple weeks ago that PC was not renewing her contract. She can not make/sell anything with the PC logo on it after end of August. She will be packing everything up and putting it on sale...
  26. I

    Informal Poll- Nancy Post Cards? Yea or Nay?

    These postcards are so cute, do you use them? Do you really think they help and are worth the investment (and stamps)? I'm so torn about spending my money on another cute spontaneous purchase in the name of business. :) Your input will help please. :)
  27. Ginger428

    Just Got an Email From Nancy!!! Nov. Freebies

    Greetings! Announcing the November Freebie special! During the month of November, when you place an order of $20 or more, you'll get free Chopper Trio rubber stamps (item #570). Come check out this special and more at: www.nancyweb.com
  28. speedychef

    Nancy Jo's Cooking Show: A Fun and Entertaining Demo with the Top PC Consultant

    Here you go Michele! New post for Nancy Jo, all for her. Michele, in case you all don't know, is infatuated with the woman! It's pretty easy to see how she is #1, though...She just had everyone in the kitchen hanging out with her and seeing what she was doing. I was beginning to wonder if...
  29. T

    Affordable Postcards and Stickers for All Occasions - Nancy Artwork Stuff

    I will get these items shipped the cheapest way possible and as soon as I receive your money. These prices do not include s&h! POSTCARDS- 105 Bridal Shower Invitations $6.00 25 Dates to remember $1.00 10 Happy Birthday .50 10 Congratulations on a teriffic start .50 15 You're...
  30. K

    Can Newbie Consultants Find Valuable Items on eBay?

    I am amazed by the items you can purchase in the PC line in ebay. I am a new consultant looking to enhance my kit. I am picking up lots of 10 or more items for next to nothing. For someone out there just getting started this is awesome.I am also stocking up on tupperware too. Ebay also has alot...