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What is ebay: Definition and 78 Discussions

  1. Shelbi

    Question About Customers Rather Shopping on Ebay or Amazon

    Hey! So I did a vendor booth at an elementary a couple weeks ago. Nothing. Which I was ok with as it turned out horrible all around hardly anyone came it was bad. But i ran into this a couple times and i have heard it before and I would like your opinions.... I had a couple people ask me about...
  2. Admin Greg

    Support Cs and Buy Items Online Here!

    Chef Success has opened an affiliate account with http://amazon.com/7% of any purchase you make is sent to support Chef Success. Great for when you buy your holiday gifts or every day purchases!Just click a link below and the tracking system will register that CS sent you. Thanks!!USA...
  3. PampChefJoy

    Ebay Promotion: Check Out My Message!

    Look at the message I got on my Ebay account... http://www.tastytidbits.net/images/screenshot.jpg
  4. C

    Director Understanding the Consultant Policy: Ebay and Private Groups

    I just sent a consultant a copy of the Consultant Policy, because she had a question about ebay, As I was doing this I noticed this part MAY NOT: • Link to Consultant’s Corner from any website. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are not in violation of any of these...
  5. chefkathy

    Director ifYou Like Reporting Online Violations (Ebay)

    Here's one for ya: http://cgi.ebay.com/Pampered-Chef-Picnic-Basket-w-Tumblers-Plates-Utensils-/320728000387?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aace0e783
  6. wadesgirl

    Funny eBay Listing: Pampered Chef Dots NIB - Nobody Bidding!

    Not sure why I thought this was a funny listing but wanted to share. I like how she didn't want to return it but doesn't want to ship it to anybody now. No wonder there isn't any bids on it...
  7. K

    Wow! Has Anyone Checked Out Ebay for Pampered Chef Stuff Lately? I Like to

    Wow! Has anyone checked out ebay for PC stuff lately? I like to check it every once in a while for hard to find consultant items, and there was nothing on there! (except for a car decal) Is PC regulating that? If so good for them! I hated seeing our products on there!
  8. kristina16marie

    Is This Pampered Chef Cranberry Set on eBay Worth the High Bidding Price?

    Okay so from time to time I look on ebay for old retired aprons (personally I'm trying to find the black/silver 25th anniv. one if anyone wants to sell it) Anyways - A listing caught my eye for the old cranberry striped apron with the money bag, tote AND the tablecloth. When I saw it, it was up...
  9. thehaleykitchen

    Have you seen the Spice Turn About Tote on Ebay for $22.95?

    Don't know if others saw this but there is one Spice Turn About Tote up on ebay. Buy it now for $22.95!
  10. emiscookin

    Pampered Chef: Selling on eBay - Is it OK?

    Ok, I have seen TONS of Pampered Chef products being sold on Ebay. Are past consultants even allowed to sell their old stuff on there??? I guess I could see a customer who was not happy with a product and wanted to get rid of it but...even then, is posting it on Ebay the right thing to do...
  11. thehaleykitchen

    Pink Dots Martini Glasses up on Ebay!

    I was just surfing around to see what was on there and there is someone who has listed the pink dots (HWC) Martini glasses! Even states to "Get them now before you can buy them! They will not be available from Pampered Chef until May!" Wow! Item #260555881955 if anyone else wants to...
  12. pc_jessica

    Success on eBay! Selling My Collector Barbies

    I just had to tell someone, and my DH is sleeping so it can't be him lol. I listed my collector barbies on ebay tonight...and 5 hours later they all have bids!!!! and higher bids than what i started them out at!!!!! wahooo!!!!! i am now looking high and low in our townhome for anything else i...
  13. C

    Can Power Sellers on eBay Really Make a Profit?

    I'm trying to figure out how certain people are making any profit with PC or Ebay because I see big power sellers on Ebay letting new PC items go for half price or sometimes less. The only thing I could imagine is that they are doing very large make believe shows and getting lots of items free...
  14. N

    Ebay vs. Personal Service: The Benefits of Buying from Us

    I just had a call from someone who lives near me that they wanted to order the mini serving spatula. It's only $4.00. I told the lady there would be tax and direct shipping and or the shipping would be $4.25 if I added it to a show. She asked her husband and he said it's cheaper if they buy off...
  15. WLMcCoy

    Discover Pampered Chef Bamboo Cracker Tray on eBay s/s '09 - NIB

    I'm not one to turn people in to HO.. I figure it's their business, not mine. But it never ceases to amaze me how brave people are!! I'm too chicken to try anything like that...
  16. J

    Successful eBay Selling With Pampered Chef

    Ok, I'm a new consultant and first off, wanna say thanks for all the advice. Now, I love ebay! LOVE IT! Infact, I used to (before I was an official consultant) sell some used PC items that I would find at thrift stores. I would list these items for way cheap and I'd always put a very...
  17. kisrae

    TPampered Chef Ring for Sale on Ebay: Feeling Frustrated

    Sorry its been along time since I've posted I've been really busy band miss you all. I was just checking Ebay for "fun" and I saw that someone was selling their TPC ring. WHAT THE HECK!!!! I might be late and you all have seen it but it just ticks me off. I'm want to earn it not buy it. It...
  18. P

    Woo Hoo, Just Won My 1St Ebay Auction :)

    Don't worry it wasn't Pampered Chef - lol. I bought a sweet outfit for DD. I'm excited. I can see that EBay could be easily addictive.
  19. heat123

    Exclusive Brown & Pink Tote - Get it Now on eBay!

    I guess I am a bag-tote junkie but I just saw a pic of the exclusive brown and pink tote (aka diaper bag) that you all had avail to buy at Merrill and LOVE IT!:love: For sale on ebay for $35 is the current bid! :eek: Are they really NOT going to carry it online??:cry: Sooo friggen cute! I...
  20. heat123

    Pampered Chef Logo Mystery: A Hen on eBay?

    When did PC ever have a hen as part of it's logo? I was searching for a watch on ebay and came across this logo!:confused: Just wondering?
  21. wadesgirl

    Is it safe to buy from overseas sellers on Ebay?

    I found an item I would like to purchase on Ebay but the seller is out of Hong Kong. The price is alot cheaper than buying it locally but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience buying from a seller like this.
  22. ChefJWarren

    Funny Find on Ebay: Invited to a Pampered Chef Party!

    I was bored and browsing through Ebay and this popped up as soon as I typed in "Pampered Chef". Thought it was strange. Disclaimer - I'm not complaining, I really don't care, just thought it was funny...
  23. Cindycooks

    New Email for Website Violations Like Ebay Etc...

    I emailed this link to Richard Laiche over the weekend - there are several violations similar to this one on cafemom.com.... PAMPERED CHEF (R) - CafeMom Anyway, Richard thanked me and sent me an email that he is no longer our contact for matters like this. From now on, email violations...
  24. S

    Check This Out! Ebay Again Item!!!

    Winning bid: US $51.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ended: Mar-16-08 17:18:54 PDT Shipping costs: US $9.95 US Postal Service Priority Mail® Service to United States Ships to: United States Item location: Midwest...
  25. christinaspc

    Have You Checked Out The Hitchhiker's Guide to CS?

    I know there was a thread at one point in time about selling ebay items and who to report them to... But i can't find it... I couldn't believe it when i seen the new help with cancer trio bowl on ebay i mean come on you know she is a current consultant cause we all just earned it in feb. Discussing
  26. ted122781

    Ebay Office Supplies: Discover Affordable and Unique Options Now!

    Have any of you bought any office supplies on ebay? I have never looked for office supplies there before today. I was excited.
  27. Jules711

    Ebay Host Delivers Amazing Results: Join PC for Even More Success!

    I have a catalog host I met through ebay and HE does an awesome job. Some day, he's just going to have to join PC. He's having his 2nd show for me and did great. I sent him the s/s catalog for a sneak peak but he showed it :eek: too. No problem...he got enough orders to put in another show...
  28. lockhartkitchen

    Looking to Buy a New Cherry Pitter - Avoid eBay!

    Does anyone have a new cherry pitter they want to sell? I have a customer who would like one. I would rather purchase from here than ebay.
  29. pchefjaime

    Ok You Have to See This on Ebay!!!!!!

    I know that selling is not legal on ebay but check this out!!! I hope you will be able to see it is is to funny. He only costs $10.00 what a steal. A Pampered Chef Independent Consultant & Prof. Chef I'll help you make cooking fun, healthier & rewarding. Item number: 310000608491 If you...
  30. J

    I Was Looking Around on Ebay Today and Found These Really Cool

    I was looking around on ebay today and found these really cool buttons, at first I thought she made them but I kept finding them...are they a director thing? Or how do we get them? If someone has a few I'd be willing to buy them. Thanks... Jessica P.S. --- I hope it all made sense!!???