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What is buying: Definition and 52 Discussions

  1. S

    Where can I find a Pampered Chef tablecloth or runner?

    Hello,I am looking to purchase a Pampered Chef tablecloth or runner. Please let me know if you have one that I can buy. Thanks!Suzy
  2. T

    Where Can I Buy 2014 PC Calendars?

    Looking to buy 2014 pc calenders from 1 to 5. Let me know if you have any. thanks
  3. J

    No Buying Needed: Generating Bookings with a Free Gift Party

    So, I am not getting results just asking friends and family to have a party or to come to my Open Houses, and I NEED more bookings. I decided to give this No Buying Show a try. I modified an invitation I found here, just don't remember from who, and am going to mail and hand them out as well...
  4. ally44

    Planning a No Buying Show - Need Suggestions!

    Hi Everyone, I couldn't find it on here anywhere, but doesn't anyone have the information about a No Buying Show. My Director recommended me shooting for the end of August to have one, but because of my schedule, it is going to be September 1st. Any information or suggestions would be...
  5. M

    Gift Ideas from Pampered Chef Under $125 for a Wedding

    I have a friend getting married next month and I'd like to get them something(s) from PC. Steer me, cuz every time I make a list, I go way overbudget. Budget is $125.
  6. B

    Mini Cooker: Is It Worth Buying?

    Hi Does anyone have any ideas for this product? I bought one before I was a consultant, I have used it once. I can't stand it! I have 2 people wanting to buy it & I told them it's really an un useful item, you get more use out of the batter bowls! Am I missing something because I don't cook...
  7. sailorsarah

    Exploring Fort Hood Texas: A Consultant's Guide to Buying a Home in Killeen

    So I guess me and the husband will be in Fort Hood Texas in about two weeks. We're looking at buying a house in Killeen and I'd love to meet up with some other consultants in the area.
  8. cookingwithlove

    Buying Printer Ink for an Epson Ink Jet

    Where do you buy your printer ink? I have an Espon ink jet.
  9. chefkathy

    Director Where Can I Purchase Pampered Chef Product Samples?

    I was just investigating this. You can buy them on a supply order this month. kn96 towel $7.50 kn95 paring knife $12 kn94 spreader $9 kn93 cake server $16 PR25 HWC pins (10) $5.25 no coupon organizer :(
  10. J

    Business Building Package Vs Just Buying What I Need

    So I have 50 fall/winter catalogs - I'm not in a HUGE need of catalogs right now. I know the Business Building Package has another 50 catalogs, plus some other things that I need (new sales receipts, show invitations, Seasons Best...) There's also a bunch of stuff that I don't need. I can't...
  11. B

    Help! I Need Advice on Buying a Digital Camera ASAP!

    Hi everyone, I need advice asap. Of course once again I ran out of time and Disney is next weekend already. I want to buy a new DIGITAL CAMERA before the trip. I need help!!!!!!! I want to be able to have a great zoom, not much of delay when I want to take a picture and good in bad lighting...
  12. thehaleykitchen

    Adding a Booking but Not Buying That Night

    Hello, I was wondering because I am wrapping up my HWC fundraiser show tomorrow and I know ACS gets $3 per booking at that show, if I have shows that are being lined up on the side (guests are not there but we are setting dates), can I put them as a guest with no orders and still get the $3 for...
  13. raebates

    Humor Why Buying the Cow is No Longer Necessary: Andy Rooney & Frank Kaiser

    Warning! The following contains a bit of adult humor.This was attributed to Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why:A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't...
  14. S

    Buying Boxes at Conferences - What's Inside?

    Someone please tell me about the boxes you buy at conference. If you buy a $10 box do all the $10 boxes have the same thing in them??? I'm new to conference so please bear with me.
  15. D

    Buying Monthly Specials the Month Before?

    Can someone explain this to me? How do you buy the monthly specials the month before? Is it the host & the guest special that you get to buy? And, what is our discount on the product? Thanks for the info!
  16. scottcooks

    Navigating Car Buying: Dealing with Unexpected Costs

    :confused:A little long - get your beverage of choice and read on and on... Background: My 2002 SUV has 116K miles and a dying manual transmission - repair work I did a year ago has to be redone. My dad is willing to help $ but said no to $$ for car repair, sent me to get a new vehicle...
  17. N

    Ebay vs. Personal Service: The Benefits of Buying from Us

    I just had a call from someone who lives near me that they wanted to order the mini serving spatula. It's only $4.00. I told the lady there would be tax and direct shipping and or the shipping would be $4.25 if I added it to a show. She asked her husband and he said it's cheaper if they buy off...
  18. C

    Turbo Tax: Upgrading Existing Software or Buying New?

    Hi all Last year I used Turbo Tax for the 1st time, so do I need to buy another software box or can I just add to the one software I have on my laptop already?? Suggestions please.
  19. C

    Buying Hostess Goft in Advance?

    I was wondering how you go about buying the hostess gift the month before it is available to them? I usually try to pick one up that month but I always miss a show or two :(
  20. pampered.chris

    Urgent Is My Executive Cookware Compatible with a Flat Top Stove?

    So my boyfriend decided that he is going to buy me a new stove for Christmas (along with a new microwave and stand up freezer and whatever else he has gotten). Anyhow...I have the Executive Cookware and am curious if the flat top stoves are okay to use with this cookware? I have an electric...
  21. PCJen

    What do the different media types and formats on Wii listings mean?

    I found a Wii for sale on ebay but don't understand what this all means: Media Type: Nintendo GAMECUBE disc, Nintendo Wii disc Format: NTSC (N. America) MPN: RVLSWFSP Can anyone explain please?
  22. Jenni

    Gift Cards: How They Work, Buying & Redeeming

    Can someone please explain how they work.... How they are bought, when can they be redeemed(how long does it take from day ordered till they can use them) and where can they use them? When do we make money of them.... sold or redeemed?
  23. DebPC

    Director Buying Concert Tickets: Pros & Cons

    Is anyone taking these to shows and are you selling them? Or are you just hanging back until the issues are resolved?
  24. Michelle817

    Coating Trays & Tool - Worth Buying?

    I recently found a recipe for breaded chicken that I love, and am thinking about buying this product. My question is, is it worth it? I currently use pasta plates (like really shallow bowls) for my breading ingredients, and am wondering if the coating trays would make things much easier...
  25. O

    Expert Tips for Purchasing Mailing Lists from Vista Print - Your Ultimate Guide

    Has anyone ever brought a mailing list. Vista print offers them, i think 100 is $7. You select the customer base (baby-boomers, new parents, low income, income over $60,000). Just wanting input about them.
  26. P

    Director Maximizing Advertising Space: Tips for School Newspaper and Team Calendar Ads

    I've got an opportunity to buy advertising space in both the school newspaper and my friend's daughter's team calendar (I thnk it's cheerleading) Anyhow, am I allowed to use the logo there? I'm not sure what I kind of print I have to give them for the advertisement yet. Have any of you...
  27. L

    What Dh Is Buying Me for Our Anniversary

    Okay, this is one of those totally unnecessary postings, but I'm so irked I have to vent. So what is my husband getting me for our anniversary today? Pampered Chef fall products. Why? Because he threw away one of my director pack cartons thinking the boxes inside it were empty! He is a...
  28. KellyTheChef

    Why do my fresh farm eggs seem old?

    Hey all...I recently bought some fresh eggs at a local farm. When I got them home and went to use them, they seemed old to me. Things I thought I was supposed to look for in fresh farm eggs: BRIGHT yellow-orange yolk (these looked the color of store eggs) White part of the egg that...
  29. wadesgirl

    Tax Implications of Buying an iPod as a Gift

    If I buy an Ipod, can I write it off if I plan on downloading training material on it? Could I still write it off if I get it as a gift? How would that work?
  30. redsoxgirl

    What Are You Buying for Kit Enhancement?

    Just curious what other people are buying. :chef: