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What is fresh: Definition and 80 Discussions

  1. Sara Dawn

    Get Creative Ideas for Your Next Open House Event - No Cooking Required!

    I don't know why I even bother posting in here because it seems that all my posts go unanswered. I just need some fresh new ideas for games and such for an open house type event. I have one every change of season. I rent a space since my house is just too tiny. No way of cooking anything. I...
  2. J

    Where Can I Find the Iso Fresh Lasting Lid Pump?

    Looking for a pump only from the fresh lasting lid systemThanks!
  3. DebPC

    Add Fresh Ground Pepper at the End of Cooking for Robust Flavor!

    DID YOU KNOW? You should add fresh ground pepper at the end of cooking? Pepper can turn bitter when cooked because of the tannin's - so add it at the end of your cooking for that fresh, robust flavor!
  4. Intrepid_Chef

    Fresh Lid System Review: An Honest Evaluation of the 2-Lid System

    Well I finally busted out my Fresh Lid system ... and it was not at all what I thought it would be. The problem is not that there are only 2 lids. The problem is they are both the same size ... and who needs a lid that small? First try was on a hard plastic bowl. (Not PC.) The lid barely...
  5. DebPC

    Freezing Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

  6. Admin Greg

    Exploring the Fresh Lasting Lid System: Tips, Complaints, Praise, and More!

    Please discuss the Fresh Lasting Lid System. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  7. C

    Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato Pizza?

    I have a host who wants the recipe pictured on pg 54 with the pizza cutter. Does anyone know what recipe this is? I recognize it but can't figure out where it is from. Thanks!
  8. P

    Director Fresh Team Contests to Motivate & Inspire

    Anyone running in fun contests with their teams? I am looking for something to motivate and inspire. I ran a 3 contact a day contest in Janaury that was successful. Want something fresh
  9. O

    Fresh Pears: A Recipe Experiment

    Has anyone used fresh pears instead of the canned pears for this recipe?
  10. S

    Fresh Bulk Rubs for Sale - Never Opened!

    ITEM SOLD!!! FOR SALE: BULK RUBS Lemon Pepper, Smoky BBQ, Crushed Peppercorn *** NEW IN PACKAGES / NEVER OPENED *** I placed a supply order on 5/12/11 for a wedding shower cooking show but the lady throwing the party changed her mind about what she wanted to do with these. I am a...
  11. esavvymom

    North Carolina Consultants! - Fresh Produce to Your Door- Yummm!!

    Ok. I have to brag on this company a bit ( I do not get anything in exchange for my post). If you love this time of year with fresh produce, but don't always make it to the Farmer's Market like you would like, you may be interested in this. Sorry for those of you NOT in NC but you may not...
  12. kcjodih

    Make It Fresh, Make It Healthy or Dcb Recipe Collection

    I have a catalogue show that's about to close and was thinking of ordering one or the other of these. Which one has the most 'use everyday' type of recipes? Is there somewhere I can find the names of all the recipes included in each? I'm so undecided on which one to purchase so I thought...
  13. carolynsh52

    Fresh Ideas for Team Meetings: Let's Get Cooking!

    I am about to start having team meetings of my own next month. Any good ideas? I like the meetings I have been attending for several years but would like some new ideas, too.:chef:
  14. Barry Carlton

    Can a Cookbook Really Make Healthy Food Taste Amazing?

    I do not get excited about much (which hampers my PC business) but this cook book has me really excited!!!! I am one that can read a recipe and taste it. These are some great dishes gals (and guys)!!!! Some can be tweeked from the get go, but I am so stoked to try more than half of these...
  15. Tropicalburstqt2

    Creating Order Forms for Fresh Goods: Tips & Advice

    I'm just wondering if anyone has created an order form for these yet... I hate to reinvent the wheel. Also, how far in advance would you make these? I'd like them to remain fresh, but don't want to have to be making a million all at once. Thanks ladies (and gentleman). :D
  16. F

    Keep Food Fresh at Your Busy Fair Booth

    Working a very busy booth this weekend. Do you bring food samples? Mine always seem to run out and then I have dirty dishes out. Fair runs 9am-4pm. Suggestions on how to keep the food fresh while I'm there? Or would you punt on the food and just do a display? I know use the cool n'...
  17. etteluap70PC

    Fresh Strawberry Cake Delight - So Good You'll Want Seconds!

    I made this with fresh crushed strawberries last night YUM!!! I used too much strawberries so it was a bit watery but still good. mix in DCB 2 1/2 cups of strawberries and 1 cup of sugar nuke for 2-3 mins and stir then add cake mix and 1 stick of butter. YUM!!!
  18. T

    Tips for Preserve Fresh Veggies & Fruit

    Does anyone have tips to preserve fresh fruits and veggies? I am wasting so much $$ on them spoiling before they can be eaten. :grumpy: Thanks in advance!
  19. D

    Does [Product Name] Keep Herbs Fresh Longer? Reviews & Issues

    Does anyone have this and how do you like it?? Does it keep the herbs really fresh for longer?? Any issues?
  20. Sheila

    A Fresh Start: Joining the Pampered Chef Family

    It's been so long I can't remember. My latest recruit just qualified (before she even got her new consultant kit in the mail!!!). The website is showing her sales at $1,700 and her $100 in Pampered Chef Dollars, but she can't find anything on there about the free PWS trial. Anyone who's...
  21. C

    Fresh Outlet Update: Cranberry Scrapers Now Available!

    I just noticed the outlet has been updated. They have the cranberry scrapers.
  22. susanr613

    Fresh Rosemary, Flat Leaf Parsley, Oregano

    Hi - My friend gave me bunches of each....and I would like to try some new recipes. What are your favorites with fresh rosemary, flat leaf parsley, and/or oregano? TIA
  23. esavvymom

    Tips: Video About Preserving/Storing Fresh Herbs

    This is a quick 2-minute video with great fresh Herb preserving information- for storing 7-days, several months, and pesto, etc. Good tips for our shows! Utilize it with our Salad Spinner for washing/drying the herbs the best This is the time of year that folks (like me) may have herbs in...
  24. gailz2

    Garlic Bites -- Be Sure to Used Fresh Pressed Garlic

    I had a party Friday and we made a Brownie/Peanut Butter Cup Trifle. I also told the host I'd make garlic bites. Well, I got there and she gave me TS's garlic to use (if I'd known she didn't have fresh garlic cloves, I'd have brought my own). It was not nearly as good as pressing our own (I...
  25. ChefMary412

    Does Lemon Juice Keep Bananas Fresh in Trifle?

    I want to make the banana choc. trifle from the newest SB.... if I make it around noon, will it still be good if refrigerated to serve around 4? we have to go "family hoping". I was going to wait to put the top layer of banana on until it is about to be served. I just worry about the other...
  26. D

    Fresh to Pampered Chef? Get Ideas for Your Cancer Walk Booth!

    I am doing a booth @ a cancer walk and wondered if anyone could offer any ideas. This is my first booth and still fresh to PC. What do you say to people when they approach you booth? How can I show case HWC? Thanks!
  27. S

    Radish Storage Tips: How to Keep Radishes Fresh in the Fridge

    I am having SERIOUS trouble storing and keeping radishes! Any tips on how to prep for and store them in the fridge?
  28. P

    Mix n Chop: Amazing Pineapple Wedger Tool & Fresh Pineapple Salsa Recipe!

    This is my new Mix n Chop! I usually ask each of my hosts if there is anything particular they would like me to bring to their show. It seems they all want me to bring the Pineapple Wedger. They purchase the pineapple...I demo how to use it....I am selling a lot of them! This is a great...
  29. C

    Fresh Pineapple for Upside Down Cake??

    Has anyone tried using fresh pineapple for the Upside Down Cake made in the Exec. skillet? I really want to show off the pineapple wedger as much as possible. It is true that if you cut the pineapple in half it is easy to use. I also, use a knife to loosen the pineapple from the wedger. My...
  30. cookingwithlove

    Tropical Torte With Fresh Pineapple

    So I am planning to make this tomorrow at my open house. I really want to show the new products and get everyone excited. The recipes calls for a 16 oz frozen pound cake. I live on the West Coast and we only have Sara Lee frozen pound cakes which only come in 10.75 oz. I was thinking I would...