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What is start: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. K

    Personal Ready to Become a Virtual Consultant? Tips for a Slow Start

    Slow start but anxious to learn virtual consultant first any suggestions
  2. byrd1956

    Start Sharing March Catalogs: Get Answers Now!

    I have a host that wants to start collecting orders for her March catalog show so she can get it transmitted the first or the second. How soon can she actually start sharing the catalogs?
  3. M

    Start a Successful Pampered Chef Business at Women's Expo!

    So, I am really new to PC.... Haven't even made money yet! I spoke with a lady who is doing a women's expo. It will be two times this year and 6 times next for $300. The event had 5000 in attendance last few they had this year. 20- 30 other vendors. No other PC. The lady doesn't like avon...
  4. O

    Seasoning Meetings: Can We Start a Spoiler Thread?

    Is anyone as curious as I am - especially since some have had their seasonings meetings? Admin Greg - can we start a spoiler thread?? There are many that do not have teams in their area and will have to wait until they get their new catalogs?? really??
  5. M

    Should I Use P3 as a New Pampered Chef Consultant?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but when to use what is really confusing me. I had talked to tech support about a week ago (had to straighten out website). Basically, I was doing things twice a lot, I had my website set up the old way, then I did it on beta. So once we straightened that...
  6. DebPC

    Start Your Culinary Adventure as a Pampered Chef Consultant

    Future Pampered Chef Consultant... http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/9014/imagescac22hkt.jpg
  7. Sheila

    Director Quick Start Box Inventory List?

    I guess I'm blind today. I'm trying to find the list of what comes in the Quick Start Box on Consultant's Corner and can't seem to find it today! Anyone have the link saved? I did before the laptop crashed ...ETA: Disregard! Melissa helped! I was looking under "Quick Start Boxes", "New...
  8. pampchef.angel

    Back in the Game: When Can We Start Selling Fall Catalog?

    I've been out of the game for a bit but have managed to stay active. Trying to pick back up but have missed all of my recent meetings :( Can someone tell me when we can start selling from the new Fall Catalog?
  9. Deb Bixler

    Stop Recruiting and Start Making Friends!

    The best FREE recruiting tip I can give you is to STOP using the word recruiting! The word itself is a technical term with negative connotations. By eliminating it from your vocabulary and replacing it with words like sharing, creating income or sponsoring you will improve your ability to...
  10. EmilyStraw

    Earning Taste of Travel: Late Start, Does it Count for Vegas?

    How many of you have earned Taste of Travel? I would really like to earn it, but I didn't start until February. Would it still be possible? And if you earn Taste of Travel do your points also count toward Vegas?
  11. F

    When Does the "30" Days Start for a New Consultant

    once an agreement is submitted, when does a new consultant's first 30 days begin? is it once the agreement is received or is it when the company ships the kit? I have someone interested in signing, but wants her 30 day period to begin on March 1st.
  12. finley1991

    Top Ten Ways to Get a Team to Start Recruiting

    This was passed along by my D... thought I share. :) 10. You hand them each 10 opportunity flyers and have them sign a pledge that they'll hand them out within a week. 9. You tell all new consultants (directs and indirects) that it's not only fun to start the business with a friend, but...
  13. T

    Start Selling Pantry Items to Reach Show Quotas: Feedback Appreciated

    So what do you think of this idea? Ideally I'd like to get enough in pantry orders a month to count as a show. I'd put all the orders under one name since there isn't really a warranty to deal with and I'd pay the shipping then drop the orders off. I want to take the flyer to my show...
  14. C

    Are Quick Start Boxes Missing from Your Pampered Partner Plus Order List?

    Is anyone else having a problem finding quick start boxes in their supply order list in Pampered Partner Plus?
  15. B

    Doing a Bridal Show...no Idea Where to Start

    I am registered with another PC consultant (to split the cost of the table) and we both decided to split the leads that we get. Since it's both our first shows, we figured it would be goo to split it to see how things go before venturing these solo. What are some good ways to draw people in...
  16. baychef

    Director Boost Your Business with a Quick Start Kit for Your Grand Opening Party

    Ok..I am a bit tired and lazy tonight! I tried to search on CC but didn't find my answer. I have a Grand Opening party for a new consultant and was wondering...if I order a quick start kit, can that be used towards either the full or the mini kit? Thanks!
  17. A

    Director How Can New Consultants Achieve $1000 in Sales with Pampered Chef?

    I just sent this to my entire team, but I am going to start training this way for new consultants.. was shared on our director call yesterday... Do you Want to have $1000 in sales in May? This will help you earn even more Pampered Chef $$ if you are in your first 90 days... GIVE THIS A TRY...
  18. C

    Start Your Director Career: Going to New Director Academy in May!

    Who is all going to New Director Academy in May?? I will be a director as of April 1st and can't wait to go!!! I put in for vacation, 3 months ago when I heard the new plan!!! YAHOO!!! I can't wait. When does HO notify us? Any tips on NDA??
  19. C

    New Consultant Kits: When Will Catalogs Start Shipping?

    I'm looking and can't see it, when do the new consultant kits start sending new catalogs in them? I have a consultant who is signing soon and hate to have her sign one day before they switch over to the new ones!!
  20. K

    How Do You Start a Pampered Chef Conversation With a Stranger?!

    Hi everyone! I am a newbie (had two shows in Jan and only have 2 booked so far for late Feb) and have done my best to let everyone I know that I started PC. I feel like what I've got to do now is start talking to strangers (!!) outside my circle. :eek: I've read alot about how to respond to...
  21. R

    Start 2021 Off Right with ProOnGo App!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that there is an EXCELLENT phone app available called ProOnGo. It has a GPS sensitive mileage tracker that logs your mileage and calculates how much $ that is. It also has a receipt reader. All I have to do is use my phone to take a pic of the sales receipt...
  22. M

    Recruiting Promos for Pampered Chef: Start the New Year Right!

    This is my first year in PC so I was wondering if they normally do a promo in January for recruiting? I have a girl that wants to sign soon. I can't remember when they normally post recruiting promos.... this will be my first, I'm so excited!
  23. wadesgirl

    Why isn't my car's remote start working?

    We got our car summer 09 and last year the remote start worked on it great (factory installed). This year DH tried to do it twice and both times it doesn't start and actually turns on the security honking!! Not a good thing for your neighbors when you leave at 5 a.m.! Due to my limited...
  24. K

    Reaching Director: Benefits & Quick Start Boxes

    Hello! I am getting closer to promoting to director! My goal date is December 31, 2010! YAY! Anyways- I was just wondering if by chance there was anything that you received once you become a director? I know that you get the overrides and such, but does the company send you anything? Just...
  25. F

    When Did Lifetime Warranty Start?

    Customer has a pan she bought in 1994 that is warped. Wants to know if it is LT. Told her prob. not, but wasn't sure when PC started the LT warranty. Anyone know? I'm assuming she has gen. cookware, which I know didn't have the LT
  26. vanscootin

    Trivets from RUFTH: How Many & When Did They Start?

    Not sure if this is the right place and I've searched but can not find the answer... how many RUFTH trivets are there in the series? What year did the trivets start? I have a customer who is asking and I just can't find the answer. TIA!
  27. scottcooks

    Early Start Bookings Blitz Anyone?

    Want to start a blitz right now and get a leg up on the 15th? Begin on the hour and work for 2 hours, then post your results. Post any tips you have. TIP: I'm calling past folks who wanted a show but didn't work out at a particular earlier time... hot leads. Then, I'm calling folks who...
  28. Sheila

    Director Quick Start Boxes: Are Your Catalogs Up to Date?

    I only have 3 people in my upline, a NED, SED & AD. The SED just sent out an e-mail to let her downline know that we all need to check our Quick Start Boxes! She said she had the right pack of catalogs included in the box, but when she opened the host packets, there were Fall '09 catalogs in...
  29. R

    Help! New Consultant to Be, Early Start!

    I'm trying to book my parties for May, within my first thirty days. I know I need to get some kind of Host Packet to my hosts, but I have no idea wht do put in it. I read some old threads, but I need to know exactly what handouts and lists, and where this stuff is? Thanks for any help in...
  30. C

    Just Moved...need to Start My Business...

    Alright, I joined Pampered Chef last month before moving (we are a military family that was stationed overseas). Now, my family has moved to a new town and state, and I want to start my business. I plan to have a Grand Opening after going door to door among my neighborhood.... Anyone else...