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What is earning: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. Jennifer Donoho

    Take on New Online Challenges and Earn Summer Products - Join My Parties Now!

    Does anyone have any new online challenges that have worked for them ? I’m trying to earn new Summer products I have 2 open parties that I have high hopes for & already have $300 in sales . Trying to reach $750 to earn new products. Thanks !
  2. DebPC

    Who's Earning a Level in the "Free for All"!

    There's still time- but who's qualified already and for what level?
  3. DebPC

    Who's Earning the 5% in Pampered Chef $$ for December Sales?

    I am at almost $2k so some pc $$ coming my way!
  4. prissylovescooking

    Where are the Rules for Earning a Bonus as a Consultant?

    I'm not sure if this has already been talked about, but I couldn't find anything. I recruited someone in Feb and she reached her $1250 in her first 30 days, but how do I get my bonus? Do I have to submit something or do I get it in the mail? I can't find the "rules" on consultants corner.
  5. C

    Director New Earning Requirements for Excellence Awards?

    I got my June consultant news today. I noticed they upped the sales requirements for the Excellence awards to $60,000. :money: I have hit well over the requirement this year so it isn't a huge concern, I was just surprised, it looks like everything else stays the same.
  6. EmilyStraw

    Earning Taste of Travel: Late Start, Does it Count for Vegas?

    How many of you have earned Taste of Travel? I would really like to earn it, but I didn't start until February. Would it still be possible? And if you earn Taste of Travel do your points also count toward Vegas?
  7. Hunter Mom

    Not Going to Conference, but Earning $$

    I am sad. I'm going to be earning the incentive, but canno make it to conference this year (or any likely) because of a conflict with an event that I am heavily involved with. I really wish that I could use it or get something else (like PC$$!). :(
  8. D

    Earning Free Spring Products: Level One Qualifications

    I made it to $1800 last month and that qualifies for the level one of free spring products. If I submit 2 shows by the 15th do I get free spring products? Since I didn't make it to the highest level of SAT in November. Sorry I am confused about this. Thank you.
  9. wadesgirl

    Cheer Me on for Earning My First Trip

    So I figured if I kept an update on here then maybe I could keep myself more on track to earn the trip! I'm currently at 41,438 points. I have all 4 required recruits taken care of. This leaves me with 10,562 points to get by the end of the year. I have two new recruits that are not...
  10. M

    Earning Commission on Discounted Items: FAQs

    Do I get commission on my host's 50% off items? or any of their items? Thanks!
  11. leftymac

    Curious About Earning a Product? Share Your Thoughts Here!

    Is anyone excited about earning this product? I've had a crappy month and I will be just $100 away. Yet, I find myself not caring. I don't even take the glassware to shows. Plus, it'd be just one more bag. And between the TTA Bag, the new spice bag I'll be earning, the Consultant Tote, and the...
  12. M

    Unlocking the Dots Tote: Clarifying Sales Requirements for January

    Ok, so I know that we have to do $3,000 in sales this month to earn the rolling dots tote, but I have a question. I did 2 shows in December that I wasn't able to close until January..so would those count toward that $3,000 in sales, or is it ONLY shows that were done during the month of January?
  13. J

    Questions for Earning Disney: Dining Plan & Extra Tickets

    Ok, so, I've earned (once the system updates tomorrow) Disney!!!!! Wahooo! But, I have a few questions. Is there a way we'll be able to purchase the dining plan????? That is the cheapest way to eat when you stay down there, so, I'd really like to get in on it. I'm pretty sure you have to...
  14. N

    Director Stamp/ Punch Cards for Earning Rewards

    I was looking for ideas for recognition this morning. I came across an idea to use stamp or punch cards to use at Cluster meetings. there was an attachment with a card ; it had PC hats around the edges. It was really cute. I cannot find it now. Can anyone help with this? Diane
  15. DebPC

    How Is Everyone Doing Earning Conference?

    Half price or free? It's a great opportunity!
  16. PampMomof3

    Earn Your Dream Disney Trip with Pampered Chef - A Heartwarming Story

    I have to share this story. I told my 3 children who are 4,6 and 8 about the Disney trip a few months ago and how I really want to earn this trip with Pampered Chef but I need their help. Well, as I was packing for my show last night, I told them to take out their baseball gear from the back...
  17. PampMomof3

    Earning Disney Trip with Pampered Chef: My 4-Year-Old's Adorable Support!

    I have to share this story. I told my 3 children who are 4,6 and 8 about the Disney trip a few months ago and how I really want to earn this trip with Pampered Chef but I need their help. Well, as I was packing for my show last night, I told them to take out their baseball gear from the back...
  18. ChefErin

    Getting Outlet Access with PWS: How Soon Can I Start Earning?

    How soon after I qualify can I get the outlet accessible through my PWS? With the show I'm submitting tonight I'll hit my $1250......how long after submitting will outlet sales count for commission?
  19. susanr613

    Earn Your Mouse Ears: Tips for Earning the 2010 Incentive Trip with PC

    If you have never earned an incentive trip with PC, this thread is for you! Let's keep updated on our plans, ideas, and progress toward earning the 2010 Incentive Trip! If you have earned an incentive trip with PC, please check in from time to time to respond to questions and share advice...
  20. beepampered

    Commit to Earning the Trip: 3 Changes for 2009

    So who is committing to earning the trip? What three things will you change in 2009 so that you can make it happen? Once my dh is onboard (he still wonders if PC is worth the time and sometimes I begin to agree), I am going to: 1. move my computer and files downstairs so I'm not spending time...
  21. tabnat80

    Earning Bag Points from Cookware Purchases?

    Just curiuos if the hostest cookware purchase goes towards in the bag points. Thanks
  22. C

    What Level Trip Are You Earning?

    I was just interested in what trips everyone was earning. I have earned level one several times. This past year was the first year I went to conference and used the conference cash though. It was awesome! What about everyone else. This year I am going to Paris with my husband, and I can't wait.
  23. C

    Earning $6,000 from Sell-A-Thon: 2 Pepper Grinders & 2 Bamboo Bowls?

    Just to clarify, if I earned the $6,000 of Sell A Thon and the directors box, will I get 2 pepper grinders? and 2 bamboo bowls? Thanks!
  24. J

    Successful 30 Days: Earning Pampered Chef Dollars & More!

    I qualified in my first 30 days and received 100$ PC dollars! I am excited about that. Then to make it even more exciting, Today is my 30th day and not only have I made my 1250$ in sales, I have made my 4 shows. I submitted my 4th show 5 mins ago. So I will be earning ANOTHER 100$ PC dollars! On...
  25. janetupnorth

    Purchasing May Guest Specials (HWC) Without Earning Them

    If we did not earn the guest specials for May (HWC) can we purchase them? I cannot find the information nor get them to come up on P3. Last year we had a flyer with dates and part #s I thought...
  26. Jenni

    Earning Pampered Chef Dollars Post 90-Day Period

    How do you earn Pampered Chef dollars after your 90 days are up?
  27. PurpleAngel

    Earning Pampered Chef Dollars: Kit Enhancement Month

    I will be earning my PC dollars here soon... Can we use those during 'kit enhancement' month???
  28. J

    Discover How to Earn Host Specials on CC Before Anyone Else"

    I keep reading about how people are earning the host specials before they are available to the host. where can i find on CC that information? if i am incorrect please feel free to correct me
  29. R

    Earning Free Product and Other Consultant Promo Questions...

    I'm not clear on something...I see many posts that reference "earning free product", but I haven't seen any opportunities for that in the 3 months I've been a consultant with the one exception of the pan-o-rama thing that was going on when I first signed up. What am I missing here? I don't want...
  30. Jenni

    Ordering Pampered Chef Logo Wear & Earning Commission

    Ok- here we go!!! How do I order the pampered chef logo wear? Do we make commission of a host's order? Example she orders $100 worth of product and gets 25% off making her bill $75. Do I make a % of the $75.? Also do we make money of the monthly hostess specials if she choices to order...