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What is bonus: Definition and 146 Discussions

  1. S

    What are the details of the new consultant incentives?

    Does anyone have the new consultant incentives?
  2. C

    Should I keep or sell my Sept bag and bonus apron?

    I just got my Sept bag and I don't think I will use it - $20 + shipping. I also got the bonus apron. I will sell that for $15.
  3. ritabenson

    August/September Bonus Apron for Sale

    The apron we got for submitting 2 shows in each month.Brand New in package $20 to include shippingemail me at chefrita2010 @ gmail . com Minus the spaces :)
  4. DebPC

    Get a FREE 3-Minute Dip Set or $25 in PC dollars with October Show Submissions!

    Submit Shows and Get the 3-Minute Dip Set - FREE! Supplement your sales with a quick add-on Show demo. Submit 2 Shows Oct. 1-15 or 3 Shows Oct. 1-31 and you'll receive the 3-Minute Dip Set - a $58 value - FREE! This fantastic set includes the Garlic & Brie Baker and six delicious rubs. Your...
  5. prissylovescooking

    Where are the Rules for Earning a Bonus as a Consultant?

    I'm not sure if this has already been talked about, but I couldn't find anything. I recruited someone in Feb and she reached her $1250 in her first 30 days, but how do I get my bonus? Do I have to submit something or do I get it in the mail? I can't find the "rules" on consultants corner.
  6. K

    Missing $100 Pampered Chef Bonus: Help Needed!

    Hello all! I had a recruit who signed under the extra $100 promotion back in the summer. She has gone inactive but then reactivated and now i have noticed that she doesn't have her extra $100 PC. She only has the $200 for qualifying in her first 30 days. Any idea where her other $100 went...
  7. T

    Unlock Your November Host Bonus and Learn How to Get a Free Trifle Bowl!

    Does anyone know how to add the free trifle bowl??
  8. R

    Help With Fliers for August Host Bonus

    Does anyone have a flier with August host/guest specials on one page but with the added Host fall products? I am about to put together my guest sales reciepts and always add that flyer but can't find one all in one page. Thanks!
  9. kam

    2 Month Jul/Aug Flyer Updated With Bonus Items

    Not sure if anyone can use this, but here is the 2 month flyer updated with the bonus July items.
  10. pampchefrhondab

    July Host Bonus: Need to Know for Last-Minute Show!

    Well since I pushed it to the limit and got a show in last night in order to not have to re-sign, I can't log in to CC today. Can someone tell me what the host bonus is for July 1-15 please? I have someone interested in a show:-)!
  11. H

    Don't Miss Out on Your Host Bonus: Show on a Budget of Under $200

    I am doing a show this month and was about to submit it. It gave me red text stating that there is a special or bonus my host (me) is eligible for but I'm not taking. I have a little under $200 this show- I have the discounted pitcher, my $15 in freebies- what could I be missing?
  12. C

    Did You Qualify for the New Advanced Director Bonus but Didn't Receive It?

    Did anyone else qualify for the New Advanced Director bonus for promoting a 2nd generation director and not get it in their commission check today?
  13. kdangel518

    March Signing Bonus: Find Out If the New Consultant Promotion is Here Yet!

    Is the March new consultant promotion out yet? I had gone inactive and am re-signing under my prior recruiter. I was going to order my kit tomorrow, but I don't really need any cookware... not to say I couldn't use it as a generous raffle prize! But I'm curious if the March bonus is more...
  14. doughmama

    Fs: August Incentive Bag and Bonus Pretty in Pleats Bags

    For Sale if anyone is interested. Never used, just taken out of plastic to look at. PM if interested. $40 each, does not include shipping.
  15. A

    Entering Jan 12 Shows... Host Bonus

    I just tried to move some orders into a January Show since it is not closing tonight... I have checked the date and have it set for January 1 2012...but the host specials do not come up... Has anyone tried this?
  16. Chefgirl2

    How Did I Miss the December Sign on Bonus

    Somehow I missed that New consultants that sign December 1-31 receive an extra 39 days to ean New Consultant Rewards! Holy cow! That was a great reward for the new consultants that understood the value of all they could earn! I have a fence sitter and I think this could be the push she needs...
  17. C

    Interested in October Incentive and Bonus Bag? PM me for details!

    I earned all the incentives and really only want to keep the Aug/Sep ones. So I have the Duffel and am expecting the bonus bag (not really sure what it looks like, I haven't gotten it yet.) Anywhoo...if you'd like to buy one or both, feel free to PM me. shipping from 92563. :p
  18. K

    Is the Pampered Chef Pretty in Pleats Bonus Bag Worth Joining For?

    I love the bonus bag but couldn't earn it because I didn't sign until the end of september :( Definitely wish I had know and I would have joined back in August when I first thought about joining :)
  19. C

    Interested in F/S Sep, Oct, and Bonus Bags for Halloween? Contact me now!

    I earned all of the bags and sold the bag for August right after I got it. Not really made for a guy. $100 for all three plus shipping or $40 each. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks and Happy Halloween!
  20. K

    Can past hosts receive a bonus for rebooking their own show?

    I received a flyer with booking ideas and one of them was to rebook your past host and give her 2 (60%) off bonus. One as a current host and one because she re-booked her show from herself. Is this possible. I've been doing this for 20 years and never heard of this. Have I've been missing...
  21. vhadley

    What are the new consultant bonuses for October?

    Is there a place where I can find out what the new consultant bonuses will be for October? I just signed up myself, so I'm not sure where to find this type of thing. Thank you! Vicky
  22. kcmckay

    Bonus Promotion Taste of Travel??

    Does anyone know what it means for your title at end of earning period. I'm not giving up on promoting by July 1st as I want to promote for conference. However, I'm wondering for the sake of Taste of Travel earnings if it's based on your title at end of earning period if I don't promote by...
  23. kcmckay

    Taste of Travel April Bonus Points?

    Is there somewhere on CC I can pull that flier again? You are supposed to get 4000 bonus points if submitting 4 or more right? I submitted 4 and before end of the month. I looked at my incentive calculator and I see that my miscellaneous updated from 1000 (spring launch) to 3000? I'm...
  24. pamperedbecky

    Do Hosts Get Booking Bonus for Fundraisers?

    I don't know why I'm having a brain fart on this. This situation hasn't come along in a while and I forget. One of my hosts from this weekend (a regular Cooking Show) will likely have a booking from someone wanting to do an online fundraiser. It'll be an official FR for her son's baseball...
  25. N

    Can I still earn bonus points if I promoted to Director in April?

    Do you interpret the April bonus points flyer to mean that if someone is eligible for the taste of travel trip b/c they were a team leader on Jan. 1 but promoted to director on April 1 they will not be eligible for the bonus points? If so, that is not cool!
  26. C

    Preparing for Travel with Pampered Chef: $220 Order Bonus!

    It's great to be prepared! I have bright green Pampered Chef luggage spotters on ALL of our suitcases. The gate agent checking us in yesterday in Reno, NV noticed them and of course said, "I LOVE Pampered Chef"! So, I whip out two catalogs for her and her co-workers. Wake up today to a $220...
  27. J

    Past Host Referral Bonus - Help Please?

    I'm hoping someone can help... in August, I did a party and one of the orders came from a couple (boyfriend/girlfriend) but had only the boyfriend's name on the order because he was paying. They indicated "they" were interested in hosting a party in the future, so I entered boyfriend as a...
  28. turtle15

    Booking a Fundraiser Show in P3: $3 Bonus Q&A

    As long as a show is coded as a fundraiser in P3, will the $3 booking bonus automatically go to the charity if I mark booking, or do I have to do something else to make sure that happens? Also, can someone book a show and not buy anything, and still have the $3 donated? Final question...
  29. K

    When Will We Receive Our Director Bonus Points? Get Your Answers Here

    When do we get our director bonus points? I still don't have May's. Just thinking it's kind of late.
  30. K

    Should I Offer a Bonus Incentive to June Hosts?

    I am fairly new to PC, and am very excited about the June sell-a-thon. I WANT to get the new fall product for free, along with 5% of sales in PC$'s :) So, I'm thinking of ways I can get my hosts really excited, and in turn help increase sales. $6000 is a lot in sales, but definitely not...