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What is travel: Definition and 60 Discussions

  1. kcnancy

    New Passport Travel Wallet w/ Chef's Hat Logo - 66214

    Passport travel wallet with Chef's hat logo on the front. Never used. $10 + shipping from 66214 Nylon turn-about tote, used in good shape $3 + shipping from 66214. Padded tote for DCB, used but in excellent condition $5 + shipping from 66214. Blank receipts, one package is English, one...
  2. Ember Lewis

    What are the Costs of These Jewelry and Consultant Gifts Including Shipping?

    Please add shipping to all items... silver dice desk set (in original box) $10 post it note and business card holders $10 25th anniversary book mark silver (new in box))$10 25th anniversary silver bracelet with apple corer and DDB charms $10 silver mens bracelet with PC logo $5 career club...
  3. I

    Can I Take My Pampered Chef Business on the Road?

    I may be moving into my RV and traveling the state of Arkansas due to my husband's job. We may be in an area for a few months or it could be only a few days. I have the PC logo on my car and a banner I can put up at my campsite. Does anyone have any kind of experience with this? I just looking...
  4. K

    Travel & Gift Expenses for Hosting Shows: Can I Deduct Them?

    My sister and cousin have both asked me to host shows for them this year. Am Iable to deduct the travel? One lives 117 miles and one lives 250 miles away. Also, am I able to deduct the gifts I give them? I always give my host a small gift basket normally around $15 w/ homemade items and a few...
  5. Bren706

    How Far Do You Travel to Close Out a Show?

    I did a show on 11/30 that was about 40-45 minutes away from my house (but only about 10-15 minutes away from the store where I work part time, and I do travel to that town every other week to go to Walmart, and other errands). Her show will close with around $550 in sales, but I will be...
  6. P

    Director September Travel: Finding the Best Hotel Deals

    ok, so I have been debating about going in September. But, now I have a bunch of people on the brink of TL and D promotions so I am going. in the past which hotels have been used?
  7. EmilyStraw

    Earning Taste of Travel: Late Start, Does it Count for Vegas?

    How many of you have earned Taste of Travel? I would really like to earn it, but I didn't start until February. Would it still be possible? And if you earn Taste of Travel do your points also count toward Vegas?
  8. NooraK

    Easy Meal Planning for DH's Busy Travel Schedule

    I need some help figuring out breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions for DH. He has just started a new job, and it involves traveling during the week. He will leave home around 5:30 AM on Monday morning and get home on Friday afternoon. Each day, he moves from one location to another. His...
  9. G

    Understanding TOT Qualification: FAQ for Consultants

    Maybe someone knows the answer. A friend of mine, another consultant is close to earning the TOT... But, getting the recruits is the challenge for her. If she gets a recruit in July, do they need to qualify in July in order for the points to go towards TOT or as long as they qualify in...
  10. kcmckay

    Bonus Promotion Taste of Travel??

    Does anyone know what it means for your title at end of earning period. I'm not giving up on promoting by July 1st as I want to promote for conference. However, I'm wondering for the sake of Taste of Travel earnings if it's based on your title at end of earning period if I don't promote by...
  11. L

    Have You Earned Taste of Travel?

    Anyone already earn ToT? Would love to WooHoo you if you have! :thumbup: I'm really close, but not there yet. I need my recruits to qualify. ;) How close are you guys? :chef:
  12. kcmckay

    Taste of Travel April Bonus Points?

    Is there somewhere on CC I can pull that flier again? You are supposed to get 4000 bonus points if submitting 4 or more right? I submitted 4 and before end of the month. I looked at my incentive calculator and I see that my miscellaneous updated from 1000 (spring launch) to 3000? I'm...
  13. baychef

    Director Is the Toronto Travel Survey's Incentive Program Losing Its Appeal?

    First...how was Toronto???? I want to hear!!!! I just filled out the travel survey and finally was not lead around by their questions. My feelings are that the bar is set so high that newer consultants are not excited about the travel incentiveS and do not even try for them. And when asked...
  14. cookingwithlove

    Director Crossing Bridges in the Portland Metro Area: The Unwillingness to Travel

    I live in the Portland metro area. I did not grow up here and I have no understanding of the unwillingness to drive or cross a bridge to come to a meeting. A former consultant of mine contacted me about rejoining. Currently her car is need of repair and she has to rely on her roommate to...
  15. wadesgirl

    Travel Checklist: What to Bring for Your Flight

    What do I need to print out for our flights? Or does the sheet in the packet I got count? I don't fly very often so I have no clue what to bring with me to the airport.
  16. wadesgirl

    How Can I Use My Cell Phone in Toronto Without Breaking the Bank?

    Just because I was curious I called my cell phone company about using my cell phone in Toronto - or if it was going to be worth it to bring it. They told me that it will cost $3 a day just to have it on as it searches for a tower and 99 cents a minute to use it. But he told me if I put it on...
  17. J

    Taste of Travel Incentives Calculator: Is 50% of Total Sales Points Required?

    I was readying over the incentives calculator today for Taste of Travel and am a little confused. It said that 50% of your total sales points must come from Core Sales. Does that mean I have to sell $19000 to earn the trip even if I earn the trip/points without selling that much??
  18. C

    Director Did I Miss My Travel Allowance for Toronto?

    We are going to Toronto and taking the Travel Allowance because the drive is only 9 hours, I thought the travel allowance was going to be on Feb commission statement but when we got paid I thought oh I must have been mistaken and it is coming in March, because it is NOT on the commission...
  19. T

    Exploring Cheaper Travel Options than the Gift Certificate

    Is it worth buying in 2 or would it be cheaper to go on our own and take the gift certificate? with the buy in and cost of flights I am thinking there are deals cheaper than this has anyone looked into it?
  20. C

    Preparing for Travel with Pampered Chef: $220 Order Bonus!

    It's great to be prepared! I have bright green Pampered Chef luggage spotters on ALL of our suitcases. The gate agent checking us in yesterday in Reno, NV noticed them and of course said, "I LOVE Pampered Chef"! So, I whip out two catalogs for her and her co-workers. Wake up today to a $220...
  21. chesse

    Streamline Your Travels: Tips for Efficient Packing and Lighter Loads

    Good evening everyone. I had my first cooking show in ages on Sunday and due to a scheduling snafu, I didn't have time to "set up" a display. So I only really showed the products I was actually using for the demo. Basically I lugged in two big totes and used didn't take anything out! (I guess...
  22. Tropicalburstqt2

    Pampered Chef Travel Mugs: Looking to Buy - Any for Sale?

    I really need to purchase a travel mug (or 2) & was hoping to find a PC one. Does anyone have any for sale?
  23. chefsteph07

    Itinerary for Travel Incentive Trips

    I was wondering for those of you who have earned trips in past, what is usually the "start" or arrive time on the first day? I earned level 2 (:sing:) and we are going to be driving from Ohio... I know the "first day" of the trip is Sunday, but it is that Sunday am, afternoon, etc? And then...
  24. T

    How Far Would You Travel for Shows

    I am thinking about doing a booth that is quite a distance from my home. My director discouraged it but I really don't have anything on my calendar. It is only $15 dollars for a 4foot table which would be sufficient. The event is promising but it would be about 2 hrs. from here and if I get...
  25. K

    Pampered Chef Travel Mug (With Pink Handle)

    I have a question for anyone. Does anyone know if they are still selling a stainless steel colored travel mug with pink lettering. I think it was a Help Whip Cancer item but I can't find it on Merrill any more. HELP!!! I want one of those. Thanks.
  26. esavvymom

    Urgent What are the Travel Rewards Available for Recruits?

    I'm updating a recruiting flyer so I can send current info to a few recruit leads tomorrow, and one of the items on the flyer says: "Travel Awards! Up to three trips per year can be earned for yourself and family. " I'm not sure what the 3 trips per year would be? I only know about the...
  27. J

    Finding My Passion: Balancing PC and Painting in a Hectic Life

    Ok so this maybe be too random , but I'm having such an issue deciding what direction to go in my life right now. I really enjoy PC, but I can't seem to focus on it and actually keep it steady. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with the new requirements. That said I have another passion...
  28. K

    Looking for a Pampered Chef Travel Mug in Cream and Black?

    I am so sad! I also substitute teach and I always take my PC mug. This mug was one we got at conference one year, and it matched the messenger bag we received and there was also an umbrella, which might've been for the director event. Anyway, I left in the room I was working in on Friday...
  29. J

    Has Anyone Received Their Dream Escapes Travel Info Pack via FedEx Yet?

    Has anyone received a travel info pack via Fed Ex yet? We are traveling to Mexico and haven't received a package (got it via Fed Ex last year).
  30. susanr613

    Is Taking the Kids the Ultimate Family Travel Resource?

    Looks interesting...despite tons of ads Family Travel Advice and Resources from Eileen Ogintz: Taking the Kids