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What is incentives: Definition and 105 Discussions

  1. L

    Conference Registration Fee: Cost & Pampered Chef Incentives

    How much does the registration fee cost for the conference. Does PC have any incentive to earn some of the fees? i.e. as a monthly incentive? like the free for all?
  2. B

    Fall Launch Attendance Goal Incentives

    Does anyone know what the registration totals are for Fall Launch locations? I'm wondering what locations are going to be in the running to win an iPad?
  3. C

    Director Boost Your Numbers with Our Incentives Calculator | Don't Miss Out!

    Is it driving anyone else nuts that it has been down since the 31st??? Or is it just mine:happyforyou: I want to see my numbers update :)
  4. chefheidi2003

    Tax Question Regarding Incentives

    I earned a few incentives last year I usually don't am I correct that I can claim them as business expenses if I use them for my business? I just want to know so that I can optimize my return this year..LOL.
  5. F

    Director Incentives Calculator for 2012 Trip: Coming Soon!

    Here's the response I got this morning re: incentives calc. Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef. The Incentive Trip Calculator for Irresistible Destinations 2012 should be available very soon. Sorry for the delay in having this posted on Consultant's Corner. Have a good day!
  6. chefheidi2003

    Maximize Your Hiring Success: Insider Tips on Recruiting Incentives

    Do any of you do your own recruiting incentives?
  7. W

    Booking Blitz: Awesome October $2500+! Incentives for Party Hosts? Help!

    I'm interested in doing a Booking Blitz. I have a show tonight but no other ones scheduled. I had an awesome October $2500+!! What are your thoughts/ideas on this? And what do you offer as an incentive to have a party ($100 free products)? Any and all feedback will be GREATLY appreciated!!
  8. P

    Any Special Incentives, Gifts, Prizes, Etc. for Shows on Friday?

    Any special incentives, gifts, prizes, etc. for shows on Friday?
  9. vhadley

    Did I Earn My Incentives? Excitement Over Free Stoneware and Duffel Bag!

    I just earned my free stoneware on Sat. (signing up in Sept), woo-hoo!!! I already got my pc money and my free website, last night I got my email where I picked out my free stones!! Now I can't wait to get them! When you earn the free incentives, does it show up on your shipping area, or do you...
  10. J

    Boost Your Team with Personal Incentives | Tips for Recruiting Success

    I am anxious to start a team and was just wondering if anyone offers personal incentives, besides what the company offers? I am new and would love to earn TOT trip to New Orleans, but that isnt happening without some recruiting points? Any suggestions or care to share what you do?
  11. J

    Taste of Travel Incentives Calculator: Is 50% of Total Sales Points Required?

    I was readying over the incentives calculator today for Taste of Travel and am a little confused. It said that 50% of your total sales points must come from Core Sales. Does that mean I have to sell $19000 to earn the trip even if I earn the trip/points without selling that much??
  12. Y

    Making Great Commission & Appreciating Company Incentives

    Very thankful for all the wonderful incentives this company offers us along with making great commission while doing something I absolutely love. I'm only wishing that after having a pretty good month in March, that I'd get PC dollars instead of conference registration as I'm unable to attend...
  13. winklermom

    Catalog Show Booking Incentives

    I've got a few catalog shows booked out of town & out of state and would like to do something to give these hosts incentive to have their friends book a catalog show, too. At this point, I still don't know what that would be so I'm open for suggestions? Should I do something for each show...
  14. P

    Boost Your Bookings: Unbeatable January Incentives for Hosts!

    Happy New Year everyone! I want a strong STRONG January to start my year off! I was thinking about offering some sort of incentive that potential hosts will not want to pass up! Anyone have any "knock your socks off" ideas??? I did think about offering to purchase the 60% off host special for my...
  15. Sheila

    Director Earn Visa Gift Cards and Pampered Chef Trips with My 2010 Incentives

    I can't find the thread where I started this, but figured I'd give an update. Here's they synopsis of what I'm doing for my team in case there's a new person on the boards who hasn't seen it: UPDATE: As of today, I have: 1 who's earned Level 5 1 who's earend Level 6 1 who's working...
  16. M

    Sooo Confused. Commission Vs. Incentives

    Okay so I was looking at my business summary on Consultant Connection. In my total sales, it includes my October 30th show that was submitted in November. So, it's counting towards my November sales for commission, but will it also count for the SAT as well??
  17. babywings76

    Should I Include Freebies in Customer Orders for Better Financial Benefit?

    I hosted a party and gave all attendees a free SB. I also gave them a free rub if they purchased $40 or more. I'm entering the amounts into P3 as a consultant gift. I gave them new issues of the SB that I purchased on a supply order. Am I better off just leaving it at that or should I enter...
  18. JackieB999

    New Recruiting Incentives 9/15 - 10/31 !

    Have y'all seen the new recruiting bonuses and incentives? It's on the promotions grid in the right margin. I think it ROCKS! I printed several flyers to give out with all my catalogs. The $50 Best Buy cards will come in very handy for the holidays! And if a recuit has been on the fence... I...
  19. P

    Host Incentives for Serving Tray

    I have a lady who has booked a show for May already but is very interested in the new product (of course who wouldnt be) and she was wondering if she gets someone to book off of her show and it qualifys the $650 needed to get the 60% the new product can she use it as her 60% off item or is that...
  20. beckyjsmith

    Want to boost your party sales? Try this host incentive!

    I just wanted to share this in case someone needs a little pick me up... When I attended Spring Launch, one of the speakers shared how she uses incentives for her host based on sales prior to the show. We all know what a pain it is to wait for the host to wrap up that last order... So, what...
  21. R

    Say Thanks: Incentives & Recognition for $1000 Show Hosts

    Do any of you offer any extra incentives or recognition to your $1000 show hosts? I would love to come up with something to encourage them and to recognize them when they achieve it? I know that PC offers them quite a bit but I would just like to really come up with a way to acknowledge the...
  22. K

    Incentives for Monthly Top Peformers

    Hey all! I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas that they use or their directors have used to recognize top performers for the month. In 2009 I got the top performer a gift. That did get to be a little bit of a pain to always be searching for a gift. Any ideas...:confused:
  23. C

    Director Boost Your Team's Success in 2010 with Monthly Incentives - Get Inspired Now!

    Ok it's that time of year (at least for me) to come up with incentives for my team for 2010. I haven't really been thinking too much on this but we had our Holiday Party last night with other clusters and the incentives were different so that got me thinking and then one of the Threads I read...
  24. P

    Booking Blitz: Creative Call Phrases & Special Incentives!

    What are all of you saying when you're making your Booking Blitz calls??? What catchy and creative words are you using? any special incentives you are offering? I just had a holiday open house which means that I have already been in touch with everyone for that. Not that I personally talked...
  25. L

    Recruit Incentives: Nov & Dec Update

    does anyone know if we'll have any recruit incentives in nov. or dec.?
  26. C

    Hey! What Happened to the Incentives Calculator?

    So, I just went to check on an order (and the easiest way to see if it's gone through has been through the Incentives Calculator) and all of the Stats are gone. All that's left is the old calculator method that used to be there. I want to see my show sales etc...by month. :cry:
  27. kdangel518

    What's up With the Incentives Tracker?

    And the tracking for recruiting bonus points? First they said they would be up by 7/27 and now they're saying 8/3. Anyone know what's going on? I'm just anxious to see my extra 2,000 points :p
  28. L

    Catalog Host Incentives: Unlock Additional Product Rewards!

    Does anyone offer extra product incentives for catalog host? Like get 5 orders in a week, get a free spice or something to that effect?
  29. B

    Boost Conference Attendance with Incentives: Unlock Exclusive Benefits Now!

    I'm spoiled, I know, but I want some incentives for attending conference. It's about time they start enticing us. I'm holding off on registering in the hopes that my one little registration will keep the numbers down and HO will feel the need to bribe us to go. I would LOVE the extra incentive...
  30. turtle15

    Boost Your Hosting Business: Incentives That Work

    Do you offer your host extra incentives above and beyond what PC offers? If so, what are they? Which have you found to work the best?