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  1. M

    Personal Website Question

    I just set up a website and have a question.......what is the password that I can give my host's and what will they be able to see when going too that part of the website?? Thanks!!! Cheri
  2. C

    Personal Websites

    I'm somewhat leary of getting my own web-site. I'd like to hear some of your stories about how well/or not so well, having your own web-site is? Is it worth your time & hard-earned money? :confused:
  3. P

    Personal Web Sites

    I just started PC and I was wondering if having a Personal Web Site was of any help. Do you get that many orders ? And if so are they from people you have at shows? Thanks Susan :rolleyes:
  4. P

    Driving Business to Personal Web Sites

    Anyone have any good ideas that are succeeding with driving business to your personal web site? I have very spotty usage from hosts and guests and virtually no business from it otherwise. We cannot list our personal sites as sponsors on other web pages so I'm really not too sure how I'm...
  5. J

    Personal Letter Starting My Business

    I am looking for a personal letter that I could just look at that states I have just started my business . I feel that a letter would help instead of the invitations to my party. Thanks.
  6. C

    Personal Order Discount Pp Please Help!

    I am trying to put in a personal order on Pampered Partner and it says "discount 0.00%". How can I change it so it calculates 20% off? I know with the Kit Enhancement it just comes up 40% off, so I am confused! :confused: Please help! Thank you!
  7. M

    Personal Website Question

    I just got my Consultant number this a.m. and have been looking at just about everything in Consultant Corner. I just was going to sign up for my personal website and it looks like the only way you can pay is with the TPC Visa or Debit Card. I am not getting the Visa and do not have my Debit...
  8. DebPC

    Personal Website

    Pampered Chef Personal Website Many consultants are signing up for the company sponsored personal websites. This can be an awesome tool. But just like anything, you need to promote it.Many are getting new business cards and or stamps with their website on them. Be sure and list your website on...
  9. DebPC

    Personal Pampered Chef Website

    I probably only have about 20% of my Pampered Chef hosts using it but for those people, they LOVE it. They have used it to get orders from people they normally wouldn't have invited due to distance. It has always been a great way AFTER the show to collect those last minute orders and get CC...