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What is personal: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Create Perfect Personal-Sized Round Stones with Toaster Pan Adaptation

    Has anyone made a flyer for the Personal Sized Round Stone? I wondered if the Toaster Pan Stone could be adapted?
  2. M

    Adding Tastefully Simple Only for Personal Use

    But also have a few sales to get personal discountand to stay active. i love pampered chef but i want more and cant get where i want right now need more money too to help with income. i love both but only do both for a short time till one or the other takes off and get money going too. what do u...
  3. pampered1224

    Personal: Need Some Job Advice...

    You all have helped me through some tough times. This one is not so tough but I am wondering if you think this is ethical. 1) I have a job. I work as an IT contractor at a big company. Means no benefits and poor pay it means no raises in the near future. 2) One of my ex-bosses from the company...
  4. DebPC

    Wedding Registry Wording on Personal Website

    Put each specific registry in as a separate news item. Example "Grooms last name and Brides last name Wedding Registry. Then in the news body put something like this... ___________-______________ Wedding Registry Welcome Friends and Family to _____ and ______ Pampered Chef Registry! Thank...
  5. ilovpc

    Pampered Chef Facebook Page Without Personal Page

    I started my PC Facebook this week and I would like to know if I need to have a personal page in order to keep my biz page? I had a personal page before, but never use it before. I created my PC page from my personal page. Thanks!
  6. S

    Personal Web Site Orders for a Fundraiser

    I know there is no way to switch a show in P3 from Fundraiser to Cooking. Can you change it on your personal website from a Fundraise to a Cooking show and re upload them into the new show on P3? I haven't been doing this all that long but I hope that makes sense. Any help would be great...
  7. K

    Is it Okay to Share My Personal Story in My Business?

    My director and I recently brainstormed about how to get more shows going for me. One of the things she said was that I should share with people my personal story - about why this is more than just a fun hobby. And then I sat down and thought about what finally made me decide to become a...
  8. naekelsey

    Shows on Personal Facebook Vs Pampered Chef Facebook

    How do you put your shows onto Facebook? If I do them my PC Facebook then everyone who has "liked" my page sees all my posts for every party because you can't make them private. So they may see 4 or 5 things of the same thing. Yet, they are on my Facebook page instead of my Personal...
  9. maldvs

    Personal: Please Help With Vote!

    Hello Fellow Cheffers! Personal help request! I've entered a photo of my niece and nephew at Stone Mountain to try and win some free tickets. Could you please help me out by voting for it?? Thanks so much...
  10. P

    Can You Help High Flight Farm Win $250,000 to Further Their Teaching Efforts?

    BIG FAVOR PLEASE...I live in a very unique neighborhood. We have all the normal stuff, kids, pools, tennis courts...and we also have airplanes, helicopters, a runway...and a horse farm with beautiful horses! The horse farm is entered into a contest to win $250,000 to further their teaching...
  11. byrd1956

    Personal Website Won't Come Up?

    Can't get there from CC to do any work and can't get my site to come up either. did I miss something about things being down? usually I get a message that the site is being worked on..no message today
  12. jcsmilez

    Personal Favor: Please Help Me Get This Out There

    Would love your help and support! Like this page, Help the Curles | Facebook Just like with the "liking" club. I need as many likes on this page as possible to get the word out there, to encourage others to "like" it and join our fight. Thanks in advance! My friend is fighting the...
  13. kam

    Order New Products as Personal Order Question

    Can we order new products as a personal order NOW in February? Or do we have to wait until March? I am having a really hard time with how the sample packages are put together this season (with all the SA, BBQ brush & herb keeper thrown in the packages). I just can't justify getting the...
  14. Bren706

    Recruiting a Personal Use Consultant for Your Candle Business

    I have a customer that is a consultant for a candle company that has asked if we have a personal use consultant program. I told her we do not have a specific program for that. She had a cooking show for me a couple years ago, and 2 catalog shows since then. (I moved to MA, she is still in...
  15. J

    Pws E-Invitations Versus Personal Emails Versus Evites

    How do you recommend hosts invite their guests? I'm a new consultant, and when I used the e-invitations from my director's personal website for my open house, I did not find them user friendly. My personal message was lost amid the form paragraphs from the template, there were strange...
  16. P

    Personal Credit Card Warning: PC Visa Discontinued for Show Payments

    When the discussion came up back in December about the PC visa being discountinued, there were several that said they used their peronal cards to pay for shows and entered it in under the host. I had to call about a declined card today and she told me that we can't do this and that its now in...
  17. S

    Help! Sending Out Guest Evites by My Personal Website.

    So I copied someone elses host coaching email that they send out. It tells the host to contact me once she has added all her emails for her guests so I can send out the evite and add a personal subject line so people know it is from her and not spam... Well my host just did that, but I can't...
  18. cookingwithlove

    Director Stretched Thin: Trying to Balance Sales Director Demands & Personal Shows

    Do you do them? I have been trying but they just seem to flop. Nobody comes and I get stressed out. I feel like I am stretched thin with everything my Sales Director wants me to do. Step up program, New consultant training, individual training calls to team members, Monthly meetings...
  19. K

    Personal Newsletter on Personal Website

    Has anyone ever downloaded your personal newsletter on your personal pc website. I have so many customers who will not open my newsletter and some who's smart phone will not let them open any links. If you do, can you give me any tips for loading it on my website. So far I have never...
  20. C

    Beware of Personal Check Overpayment Scam

    An email sent from my Director said to be aware of someone placing an order and over paying with a personal (worthless) check. When you inform about the over payment they ask for a refund for the difference.
  21. baychef

    Director New "Behaviors" for Growing Personal Team

    I have been such a good girl and practicing good behaviors every day for growing my personal team. A lead last night, a new signed recruit tonight. I want a cruise so I am going to really push myself to get those double recruiting benefits this month. My sales will get me just so far and my...
  22. 3

    Personal Help-Wedding Anniversary Gift?

    My husband and I are having our 8th wedding anniversary...any suggestions on what to give to him as a gift? He is an outdoorsy kinda guy and works his tail off when not at home....I am stumped...Help.....thanks ahead of time. we are in early 40's
  23. J

    Boost Your Team with Personal Incentives | Tips for Recruiting Success

    I am anxious to start a team and was just wondering if anyone offers personal incentives, besides what the company offers? I am new and would love to earn TOT trip to New Orleans, but that isnt happening without some recruiting points? Any suggestions or care to share what you do?
  24. babywings76

    Entering Multiple Orders on One Personal Credit Card

    I'm buying some Mother's Day gifts (one is a direct shipment to my MIL who lives far away) and am paying for them with my personal credit card, so I can't figure out how to do this. Will it reject it if I try put in 2 separate payments on one card? I can't combine the amounts, because I get a...
  25. A

    Personal Fundraiser for Missions Trip

    I'm new to Pampered Chef. I've always been a "junkie", so I figured why not sell it! The business has been doing very well. I think in May I want to try to hold a fundraiser for a missions trip I'm planning to take to India in January of 2012. Some of the money is due at the end of May and...
  26. T

    Can Personal Websites Be Used to Distribute Specials Flyers?

    My director forwarded an email to our cluster of an example flyer email that someone sent to their contacts. It was a PC 1 page PDF April Specials form with an open text section towards the bottom. My director said that we cuold send out something similar if we had a personal website...
  27. G

    Maximizing Savings on Catalog Show Purchase - Tips and Advice

    I recently donated $40 off a purchase at a fundraiser. The winner is going to order 2 sets each of the dots glasses (large and small). The product total is $92. How do you recommend I handle this purchase to have it cost me the least amount of money out of pocket? :confused: I have a...
  28. F

    Personal Order With Dcb Special?

    Has anyone tried to order the DCB special as a personal order? I don't need a 3rd one, but thought some of the newbies on the team might want to take advantage of it with their personal discount? Anyone know if it will work?
  29. J

    Trouble Accessing Personal Website

    :eek: For 24 hours now I have not been able to pull up my personal website. Is anyone else having this trouble? I can't access either my personal website assistant or the direct site. Just wanted to check here prior to calling HO for assistance. Thanks, Juliet
  30. M

    Redeeming Personal Gift Certificate

    I have searched and searched the past threads and can't seem to find the answer, so here I am with no doubt a repeat post :) A friend has asked me to donate to her son's hockey fundraiser. I'm donating a $25 GC to be redeemed with me. My question is when whomever gets it wants to redeem it...