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What is wedding registry: Definition and 130 Discussions

  1. S

    Unique and Creative Wedding Registry Ideas for a June Bridal Shower

    Good Afternoon All!I am doing a bridal registry scheduled for June and I am wondering if any of you have any awesome ideas for the registry as well as invitation inserts. The family setting up the shower wanted to use their own invites instead of the pampered chef ones so I'm looking to see if...
  2. Niki Kate

    Can You Create a Pampered Chef Wedding Registry?

    Is it possible to have a Wedding Registry on Pampered Chef? My cousin just booked one with me, and I'm willing to wing it. But, I'm stunned that Pampered Chef doesn't have a system set up. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with doing a wedding registry? HELP!Right now I have her...
  3. DebPC

    Wedding Registry Wording on Personal Website

    Put each specific registry in as a separate news item. Example "Grooms last name and Brides last name Wedding Registry. Then in the news body put something like this... ___________-______________ Wedding Registry Welcome Friends and Family to _____ and ______ Pampered Chef Registry! Thank...
  4. O

    How to Do a Pseudo Wedding Registry

    Hi Booked a wedding registry yesterday. Yes, I know we do not have them any more but I thought there was a way to use our website for this? Anyone have any ideas or have done this? She is so excited and may even sign after the wedding...
  5. T

    How to Direct Guests to a Wedding Registry?

    Can someone let me know what is going on with the wedding registry? My future sister-in-law set one up for their wedding in November. She wants to put info about the products they want in their invitations but I'm not sure how to direct people to buy what she needs. How should or how can I...
  6. N

    Trouble Showing Wedding Registry and Shop Online on My Pampered Chef Website

    I finally have my first show on 6/29 (what a way to cut the end of month close..lol) and when I tried to connect the link to her fb event it isn't shown in my website. Is it because of the upgrade or should I just contact HO? Thanks
  7. Y

    Deactivating the Wedding Registry

    Ok, it's 8:30pm on March 15th and we just received an email from Jean Jonas about the wedding registries. As of March 15th...which is TODAY, they won't be accepting any new registries until the functions can be redesigned for the new website and applications. The is much more information in...
  8. J

    Director Looking for Wedding Registry Cards?

    I need them for a friend whose daughter just registered for her wedding registry! Those little business card sized ones. I will take whatever you have -- let me know if you have some that you can sell!! Thanks in advance!
  9. L

    Couple Misses Out on Free Wedding Registry Products - Sister Upset!

    I have a Wedding registry where the couple didn't get their free products ordered within the 90 days. They realized it yesterday and the home office told them... sorry... nothing we can do... They said the Supervisor was rude to them...... SO.. the sister of the Bride who has subsequently...
  10. ilovpc

    Can a Consultant Register for a Wedding Registry

    Question: I'm getting married and I would like to know if I can set up my own wedding registry. I'm already married, but we are going to do it church (catholic) this time :) I been married for almost 15 years and I don't feel like I need to register for gifts, but my friends are asking me and...
  11. darlinclem

    Shipping to Guest for Wedding Registry

    It has been forever since I have had a wedding registry. Usually I turn them into Bridal Showers. In this case the bride and groom live in other states and the groom's grandmother got me the registry (Bless Her!). The bride was wondering if the guests could order items and have them shipped...
  12. C

    Director Wedding Registry Question...a Customer Needs to Know.

    Hey Everyone! I have never had much business from the Wedding Registry, but right now I have a Registry that is alive and active! Over $400 in orders so far! The great thing is that when the registry was created, the couple had declined to give their info, so I had no idea who they were...
  13. byrd1956

    Small Notes for Wedding Registry?

    A wedding registry customer has e-mailed me in need of more 'small notes' to add to invitations. The only thing I have on hand is the business card size cards saying the couple is registered. I have 2 questions 1. would that be what she is looking for or are there some other type of small...
  14. M

    Wedding Registry Welcome Pack No Longer Has "Shower Cards"

    in the weekly news there was a blurb about the Wedding Registry welcome pack no longer having shower cards included in the packet. I wonder why they are discontinuing this and if anyone is planning on doing anything different for their brides to be that register?
  15. C

    New Consultant's Website: Wedding Registry Qualifications?

    I am a new consultant, got my website last week. Wahoo! I was browsing around, and when I hit the link for the wedding registry, it takes it to a search page. Do you have to quality to be able have someone do a registry on your website? Thanks
  16. T

    Efficient Wedding Registry & Shower Planning for Large Group Orders

    I am a fairly new consultant and had someone set-up a wedding registry a few months ago, but was uncertain as to bridal shower plans. Fast forward to today - a bridal shower has been planned for 04/21 with a large group of co-workers. Most of these co-workers would like to bring their orders...
  17. byrd1956

    Is the Wedding Registry-How it works Huttenga.doc the most current file on cc?

    Is this file current? Since I can't get on cc to find one thought I'd check here. When I search files with the word wedding it lists this: Wedding Registry-How it works Huttenga.doc
  18. K

    Confused about Wedding Registry? How does it work and what are the rewards?

    I would greatly appreciate it someone could explain how the registry works.would it be better to have the bride make a registry list then basically do a catalog show and have people order off your website? If you do a wedding registry and people order stuff that is not on your list to you not...
  19. JackieB999

    How Do I Set up a Wedding Registry?

    Hi All... my website has been up for a few weeks and I want to set up a wedding registry. How do I do that? I can't seem to find any info on it. I went to set up a new show on my website and "wedding registry" is not an option. Is it really a catalog show? What am I missing? Thanks.
  20. O

    Wedding Registry and Show Combination?

    Please help :( I had a wedding registry with less than $100 even though they were registered for over $700. I'm wondering if the bride has a show, if I can take all those orders and put it toward her registry to increase the sales. Just wondering if anyone knows if and how I would do this. I...
  21. Sheila

    Wedding Registry Leads from Corporate?

    I just received an Online Activity Summary from corporate with a new wedding registry from a couple in GA and I don't have them in my contacts! The sales are zero. It looks like they went to my web page & established the registry under me. Does corporate give us wedding registry leads? I'm...
  22. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Permanent Display for Our Wedding Registry

    Hello all, I've scoured the files and haven't quite found what I'm looking for, but don't ask me what exactly I'm looking for! lol I have a great opportunity to have a permanent display at an Event Coordinator's office for a old convent that is rented for Weddings, Sweet Sixteen's, etc...
  23. elizabethfox

    Can guests order from my wedding registry without going to my website?

    Does the guest purchasing need to go to my website and then search for the couple in order for me to get credit for the order, or can they just log into the regular pc website and look up the registry and order from there? First registry I have done, so I don't know that much about them.
  24. C

    Using the Wedding Registry for Other Things

    We have a local radio station that uses local businesses to help needy families at Christmas. They were talking about a family that just lost everything to a house fire. I think it would be nice to set up something like the online registry with the complete kitchen wishlist for someone like...
  25. C

    Can I Help a Friend's Wedding Registry and Boost My Sales?

    Hi, i am fairly new, but i have a question, a friend of mine signed up for a pamp chef wed registry before i became a consultant, i want to buy from her registry, if i go online and buy say under my daughters name on my website under the registry and order, does that count for my sales or the...
  26. C

    Wedding Registry Credit and Sales: Understanding Consultant Allocation

    Was wondering when you know someone who has a pamp chef wed registry & its through a different consultant (i was not selling at the time) and say someone orders on my website through that registry, does all the credit and sales go to the consultant on file, or would i see some of it ...
  27. elizabethfox

    Where Is All the Wedding Registry Stuff??

    I have an oppourtunity to put a display in a local bridal shop about the PC wedding registry. Now I know PC is not coming out with new registry catalogs until later this month, and I see the wedding brochures on the supply order. But didn't Merrill used to have like registry marketing cards...
  28. BPresley

    Wedding Registry Gone From Website

    I set my website up a few days ago and had the wedding registry on there along with individual ordering. They are now both gone. Any Solutions?
  29. T

    How Do You Qualify for a Wedding Registry?

    That's it...I thought I read it somewhere, but I don't remember where I saw it. TIA.
  30. JenniK

    Ordering off Wedding Registry With Earned Half Price Item?

    I have a hostess that wants to use one of her half-price items she earned from a fantastic cooking show to buy a gift off a wedding registry that I am the consultant for. Is this even possible?