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What is ordering: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Ordering Flexibility Now Available - A Benefit for Us and Our Hosts

    Anyone else excited that customers can now order up to the time the party is submitted? No having to change the order deadline. I think this is a great benefit for us and our hosts.
  2. mspibb

    Ordering Chopper for Christmas: Amazon vs. Local Store

    Got a text this week from a friend asking if I could get a chopper before Christmas. I said certainly and she asked Price and shippping. I sent her the total- I took a 10% discount off (Our sales tax is 9.75). I get a text back saying the person is ordering from Amazon. Found it $33.49 and...
  3. raebates

    New Products: Live Chat with HO - Did I Read Something Wrong?

    I thought we were able to order the new products today. (I earned most of them, but there are literally four other things I want.) I'm waiting for live chat with the HO, but thought I'd ask here in the meantime. Did I read something wrong?
  4. DebPC

    What Spring Samples Did or Are You Ordering?

    I was on vacation so I'm late to the game. I missed my kick off meeting and didn't earn any samples for free. Looking at a Silicone Cover, Lg. Cool and Serve Insert Tray and Mini Skinny Scraper.
  5. K

    Verbage for Online Ordering for Facebook Parties

    Hello all! I always make an event page for my hosts on facebook. I include the specials and how to easily order online. I just added my first show on Beta and then made her an event page. I would like to add how to order online. Does someone have a very simple way of explaining how to order...
  6. T

    Ordering Fall Paperwork: Important Info & Deadline

    Does anyone know when we can order the new paperwork for fall?
  7. MissChef

    Trouble Ordering April Grow With Love Special on Beta Site

    On the April Grow With Love Special, it says at the very bottom that it can be ordered as a future party pick and even gives numbers, but in the Beta Site, when I try to enter that number it won't take it. And when I do it by the description and the picture, it only brings up one picture to...
  8. raebates

    Order New Products in Beta: Tips for Seniors | March 1 Release

    Okay, I'm having a senior moment. :grumpy: I can't figure out how to order the few new products I want but didn't earn. Can anyone tell me how to do that in Beta? When I try to order them in a Product cart it says they're available for sale March 1, and it doesn't add it to the cart.
  9. S

    Ordering Made Easy: Catalog and Online Ordering Info

    Hi, A friend of my mother's daughter would like a catalog so she could place an order. I will be leaving a catalog with contact information on it with the mother but I was wondering if I should include any information such as how to place an online order. Thanks Carolyn Romspert
  10. pjpamchef

    What are the best products for healthy cooking?

    My brother is finally on board after suffering a heart attack last year about cooking healthier. So, he has given me $200 to spend. He wants a DCB, and I'm going for a stoneware bar pan. I know what my favorites are, but I thought I'd see what yours are as far as helping someone eat healthy...
  11. DebPC

    What Samples Package/S Are You Ordering?

    I know a lot of consultants would like imput so they can make the best decision for themselves. Plus everyone's situation is different because some earned free products.
  12. S

    Ordering Spring Paperwork: Get Your New Catalogs Now!

    I thought that today was the first day we could order the new spring catalogs, etc. Has anyone else tried to order the new catalogs? Thanks, Suzy in Texas
  13. kam

    How to Order Fall Sample Products as an Inactive Consultant?

    I don't know why I can never find the info I need on CC anymore!! I saw in the chat box this discussed earlier - but it is gone now. I want to purchase some Fall Sample Products (the packages/open stock items). I am an existing consultant - but inactive. It used to be that we only...
  14. N

    Can Guests Order From My New Website Without Creating an Account?

    I'm a brand new consultant and just set up 2 catalog parties on the new website. Is the only way for guests to order to click the shows I'm invited to button and create an account? I'm worried because when you create an account you have to enter a sales consultant and my name isn't showing up...
  15. M

    Ordering from Outlet with Pampered Chef: Get Credit for Your Sales!

    Since business is slow I didn't renew my webpage...now I have someone who wants something from outlet. How can I order it for her so that i get "credit" for it on my monthly sales?? If someone just goes to pamperedchef.com and orders from outlet does it go to any particular consultant??
  16. J

    Unsolicited Email Ordering: Protecting Yourself from Fraud

    I got an email on Monday from a name I didn't recognize, with typos saying iwantto order. I got home from vacation Thurs night So I responded letting however it was they could order online or call me or I can call them. I just check my email again and Fri night I got this message...Hello my...
  17. kam

    Trivet Promotion - Ordering Question

    The flyer says : Trivets are available only during June, July and August, 2012. It does NOT say "Shows"...so I am thinking if I am closing my May show this week (in June)...I might be able to order on this show? I know I can call HO, but today is Sunday and I won't be able to call until...
  18. vanscootin

    Crafting the Perfect Verbage for Online Ordering

    You know how you tell guests they can order on the show by going to your PWS, clicking shop online and entering the host's name, etc.... well I'm wondering if anyone has come up with the proper verbage for how to do that in the new web? I have been tossing some ideas around and everything I come...
  19. C

    Can I Still Order as a Past Host for Someone Who Booked from My Show?

    Question - If someone booked from my show, can I order as a past host at her show?
  20. C

    Ordering at a Mega Show: 8-10 Hosts Explained

    Not sure if this is the right place or not, but can anyone tell me how they go about taking orders at a mega show with say 8-10 hosts? Thanks
  21. vhadley

    Is There a Print Out for Ordering for the Holidays

    Not sure how to ask what I'm searching for. Is there a document/pdf that I can print out and give to people to come look at my website to order for the Holidays? Maybe a flyer? Also what do you do to try to increase your orders from your website? Or mainly do you only get orders from your...
  22. M

    Ordering HWC Items Online: A Guide

    How do you order the online HWC items? I have not seen any directions or links for this... Thanks!
  23. C

    Ordering HWC Products: Tips for Searching and Purchasing from Hosts | HWC FAQs

    I thought that you could randomly order HWC products. BUT, I was informed that once a Host's name is typed in on the website, they can no longer search for the HWC products. Is this normal? I'm completely confused!:o
  24. Intrepid_Chef

    Ordering a Sample Package: Overcoming Obstacles & Finding an Alternative

    OK, I know I've been a consultant for a few years but believe it or not, this is the first time I ever wanted to order a sample package. I was going to do it before I left for this trip but I said, "With free wi-fi on my vacation, why don't I do it on Friday when my check comes in." Then...
  25. P

    Ordering HWC Items Online: Shipping & Show Totals

    I saw that the catalog insert is available online (I attached below). Do any of the HWC items taht are ordered online cout towards a show total? If I were to take orders for the HWC items, how much would shipping be to have them all ship to the host? Would it be the direct shipping cost?
  26. B

    Is splitting sample packages with other consultants common practice?

    Is it common (or ok) to split sample packages with other consultants? I saw something last week where someone had suggested and last Friday I got a call from a fellow consultant in my cluster about splitting up on package A. I just didn't know if it was really something commonly practiced or...
  27. T

    Ordering from Registry w/o Bride's Consultant?

    Will a bride get credit if a guest orders from the registry but through their own consultant? My friends mom and sister are invited to a wedding shower. The bride has a pc registry but dont want to order from the brides consultant, they want to order off of the my friend who is also a...
  28. M

    Customers Ordering on Another Consultant's Pws--Please Help!

    Hi everyone, I am a new consultant and kind of overwhelmed by everything! I do not yet have my own website, so my mom (who is also a consultant) is allowing me to use her website for now. I had a show last week that I've started entering into my P3. The host is getting some outside orders...
  29. minjoe_bri

    Supply Ordering from Pantry: Bulk Rubs & Packaging Info

    Can anyone tell me when you make a supply order from the pantry section, how the Bulk packs of the rubs come packaged? Also, some things on the supply order form say 1 pack free per supply order... Do we need to put in the number or does it come automatically? Thank you.
  30. kam

    Can I Order MD Tote for Myself and Get a Discount?

    OK...I am sure I am not thinking about this right (plus I don't have P3 where I am right now)... But, it is now April and the MD sets/items are available items - for everyone. Are we able to order them on personal order? And do we get 20% off? I could put it on a show - but the host is...