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What is email: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. D

    Mini Whipper Sale - $5.25 + Postage - Email Debbie Bowman

    Does anyone have any of the mini whippers they would like to sell? I will pay the regular price of $5.25 plus postage for you to send them to me. Please email Debbie Bowman to [email protected] I will take all I can get. Thanks! Debbie
  2. D

    Can I Use a Different Email and Name for My Pampered Chef Consultant Account?

    Hi I'm getting ready to sign up as a new consultant and I'm stuck with creating an email address. I have one on file at Pampered Chef, but that is one that gets a lot of mail and I'd really rather not use it. If I create a new email address, will Pampered Chef transfer all my order history...
  3. Kat B

    How to Kickstart Your Pampered Chef Business?

    This is a rough draft of an email to announce my joining pampered chef! Any tips and feedback appreciated so I can jump start my business right from the start :)Hello all, To start of 2017 I have been gifted the opportunity to start my own Pampered Chef business. I want to try to fund my kids...
  4. Shawnna

    Suspected Fraudulent Email Received: How to Respond

    Just wanted to let you know the fraud emails are rolling in. I received a message thru my website "contact me" tab from a woman wanting to place an order. I emailed her back stating she could order directly through the website and asking how I could help her. She then sent me a 650.00 order...
  5. RosieTrips

    How to Enter Email Addresses for Orders?

    I apologize if this question has been asked but I couldn't find when I was trying to search the site. When we enter orders now through the PC website, an email address is required. What are others entering if the customer did not provide an email address to enter? You cannot submit without an...
  6. pcsharon1

    Is Your @Chefsuccess.com Email Address No Longer Receiving Messages?

    Has there been a change to the @chefsuccess.com email address availability? I have had the account since it was first offered but now I can't receive emails through it. I can send them but that is it and outlook is telling me I have to pay a fee for it and they dont' do email hosting. i'm so...
  7. esavvymom

    Cust.connection Email: Oct Stoneware Sale?

    Am I missing it? Is there NOT a Customer Connection email with ebiz tools for the October Stoneware 20% Sale??? I see the HOST email, and other host emails...but nothing for the 20% off sale for guests/individual orders.Uggh. I swear... I think I am going to go back to iContact JUST so I can...
  8. O

    Troubleshooting Email Design Issues with Mike's iContact Service

    :grumpy:UGH!! I always send out a newsletter on the 15th through iContact and Mike's service but I keep getting an error message. I contacted him yesterday and he said they are working on it but that I can paste the html code...How do I do that? I am paying for a service that I cannot use - BUMMER!!
  9. Jennie4PC

    Pampered Chef For Sale - Email Jennie at [email protected]

    I am no longer selling Pampered Chef so I have a few things for sale. Please email me at [email protected] if interested. Shipping will depend on size of box I can get them in. Thanks, Jennie Pampered Chef banner Black table cloth/liner has 2 sides to it. One side says hosts...
  10. Bren706

    Improve Customer Care with Personalized Email Communication

    Do you have an email letter you send to your customers for customer care? (That you would mind sharing here). Whether it be a BIG MAC (MAE) or a month or so later, I am looking to send my customers an email as a follow up to my customer care call (especially if I only get their voicemail) or if...
  11. Lilamyw3

    This Sounds Like a Scam Email Right?

    I hate not to respond to messages I get from customers, but this just sounds like an outright scam. Came from a man that I've never encountered at a show before. Random gmail address: ----------- Hi, I would like to know if you can help me order for some pampered chef items i needed in...
  12. S

    Today's Email From the Pampered Chef

    Did everyone get the email from the Home OFfice about Marla Gottschalk leaving? I am so sad-I think she is wonderful! I hope she is ok and has another job somewhere else, especially this close to Christmas! Suzy in Texas
  13. raebates

    Printing Receipts Without Email: Is There a Solution?

    I know that with the beta site we can email receipts. But, many of my customers don't have/use email. In the past I would have printed a P3 receipt. I know I can print out the email, but I hate to print 5 pages for each guest. Is there something I'm missing? Is there a way to print a plain receipt?
  14. A

    Scam Alert: A Complex and Detailed Email I Received!

    I know many of you have received these scams as I have SEVERAL so I do know how extremely irritating they are! I know there is really nothing that can be done to stop this insanity but thought I would share the latest with you! It takes the cake! Since it was a bit more detailed than some of the...
  15. Intrepid_Chef

    Forced to Cross Over to the Dark Side: My Yahoo Email Nightmare

    I have been forced to cross over to the Dark Side with my Yahoo email. Thank God I sent out my newsletter before this change was forced upon me. But just for "fun" I tried to send out the newsletter. It would not let me eliminate the "host of the month" for May (which I don't like to...
  16. C

    Is This Email Offer to Buy Pampered Chef Tools a Scam?

    I received this email today: Thank you for your reply,And i simply contacted you bcos i need some items on pampered chef and I will like to deal with you in purchasing items from you for my mum friend is who our church pastor wife.She just lost her husband and their building at Oklahoma...
  17. Bren706

    Scam Email Adventure: How I Outsmarted Maria Android

    I was feeling soooo left out, NOT! Up until today, I had not received any scam emails. Today, I received a " HO lead" from a Maria A, with just an e-mail, with just a note saying "would like to order". (no phone #, address, etc.) So, of course I reply with the link to my website, but also my...
  18. K

    Anyone Else Get a Confusing Email About Fall/Winter Free for All?

    I just got an email from "The UK Sales Team" about Fall/Winter free for all. I'm in the US. Did anyone else get this email or it is just me? There aren't any links in it at all so I doubt it would be spam but it's very odd... (I had no idea where to put this post either!)
  19. J

    Received a Suspicious Email from Caryn Saylor - Scam Alert?

    Just opened my gmail and see an email from a Caryn Saylor w/ the subject :AWFUL TRIP (CARYN SAYLOR) HELP NEEDED. and I can see the 1st couple words to the email say I am writing this with tears in My eyes My Family and I travel.... I am NOT opening this up, but I do not have this lady as a...
  20. T

    Urgent Used the Fake Email for a Guest at a Party

    Question... I used the fake email for a guest at a party and she wanted to have a party so I scheduled it online before I closed the show. Now, I am setting up her party and did a search on her name and it comes up with the fake email (of course). My question is, should I change the email now...
  21. T

    Urgent Setting Up a Party: Should I Change the Email?

    Question... I used the fake email for a guest at a party and she wanted to have a party so I scheduled it online before I closed the show. Now, I am setting up her party and did a search on her name and it comes up with the fake email (of course). My question is, should I change the email now...
  22. AJPratt

    Social Media Policy Reminder Email

    Did anyone else get this email? Dear Consultant, It has been brought to our attention that some Consultants may be using images and recipes from food bloggers and other sources on their Facebook pages. Sharing images and recipes is a great way to create interest but it’s important...
  23. VictoriaH

    ISO: Child's Apron & Extremely Hot Apron - Email for Details

    ISO: Child's Apron Extremely Hot Apron Please email me if you have these and what you would have to have for them. Thanks! [email protected]
  24. C

    Need Help Crafting a Bridal Expo Follow-Up Email?

    Does anyone have an email that they use following a bridal show? Like, nice meeting you, etc... I am having trouble finding the words!
  25. VictoriaH

    Looking for a Wahoo Button: Email [email protected]

    I am still looking for a Wahoo Button. Thank you! Here is my email: [email protected]
  26. L

    Do You Think This Email Is a Scam?

    I got this email last night and I think its a scam but wanted to get your opinion -I am Barbi,and i want to order from pamperedchef,and let me know if you are going to be available to be my Rep and assist me for the order on the site. My problem is that it says it came from Christy...
  27. L

    What if Guest Doesn't Have an Email?

    I am a returning consultant so I am learning to use the new website for submitting shows. When you add a guest to the show page the email is marked as necessary, but what if a guest doesn't have an email?
  28. kaseydee

    Invitations for Sale: $1+ Ship | Email [email protected]

    Invitations for sale $1 per pkg plus shipping EMAIL me [email protected] 9 pkgs of Your invited to a cooking show (1photo on front w/3 women) 4 pkgs Comfort foor/sweet favorites invitation 2 pkgs 4 photos on front main one w//2 women & a man others stoneware, cookware and simple additions 6...
  29. DebPC

    Director Email From Pampered Chef About Received Return

    Is this new or has it been that long since I've had an exchange? So nice! We wanted you to know, we’ve received your return. Your reference number is: The Pampered Chef Returns Department will process your return within 7 to 10 business days. Please keep this message for your records...
  30. cookinforyou

    Seeking Sizzle Hat Charm - Email [email protected]

    Hi I was unable to go to Sizzle due to ill parents. I would love to purchase the sizzle hat charm if anyone would be interested in selling it. Please email me at cookinforyou @ gmail.com thank you!!