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What is input: Definition and 40 Discussions

  1. Kat B

    How to Kickstart Your Pampered Chef Business?

    This is a rough draft of an email to announce my joining pampered chef! Any tips and feedback appreciated so I can jump start my business right from the start :)Hello all, To start of 2017 I have been gifted the opportunity to start my own Pampered Chef business. I want to try to fund my kids...
  2. T

    Dol Research of Direct Sellers-- Need Expert Input

    Hello, Pampered Chef experts-- APR 11, 2016My name is Traci Davis and I work at Research Triangle Institute on a project for the USDOL called O*NET-- we research occupations and in the future we will be asking expert Direct Sellers for feedback on how their work is performed, the knowledge...
  3. M

    Microwaveable Crackers on a Stone: Possible or Not?

    http://budgetbytes.blogspot.kr/2013/04/rosemary-crackers-120-recipe.html I'd love to do something like this for a show, but in the microwave on a stone. Any ideas on how long or if it'd work? I think it could be really fun! :cool:
  4. N

    Director Facebook Training for Young Consultants: Any Creative Ideas?

    Just got asked to do a quick FB training tomorrow night--to about 30 consultants. These are all young consultants that are very FB savvy, so I want to focus on tips and fun things to do with your PF FB page. Soooo... any of you doing anything fun? What's working for you on your page? What's...
  5. A

    Need Input on How to Price @ Garage Sale

    I'm a former consultant (2007-late 2008) with several items I want to put out at a garage sale this weekend. They are new, never used, or only used for display purposes and I have no idea how to price them. Obviously I got carried away with all the great deals consultants get and now need to...
  6. winklermom

    Need Input From Former Mk Consultants

    I have a young lady that I'm planning to sit down with this week and discuss the business opportunity. I mentioned it to her a few months ago when I was doing a show for her and she said that she had tried MK but was no good at "selling stuff." First of all, I believe that our products will...
  7. deanna_g

    Need Input for Tonight's Show: Bad Weather & Low Attendance Concerns

    So, my host for tonight (yes....some crazy lady that books a show 3 days before Christmas), contacted me last night and said that she has several placing orders, but may only have 2 or 3 guests at her show, due to bad weather scheduled for tonight. She asked if that was ok. Normally I would have...
  8. B

    Director Quick! I Need Input for Tonight!

    Okay so I've been giving out hearts all year and was going to do an auction but I don't understand how and I have non-competitive consultants who give their awards away - you've all heard that story before. So, the meeting's tonight. I've decided to do a silent auction (they put their hearts...
  9. S

    How can I make my apartment complex flyer stand out?

    I'm a new consultant without very many contacts where I live so I thought maybe I would try to make a flyer for my apartment building complex to put in the mailroom. I just need some advice & input, so I'm not doing something wrong or incorrectly. Would you please let me know what you think...
  10. Melissa78

    How Can I Successfully Organize a Fundraiser Booth at a Community Yard Sale?

    I have offered to do a fundraiser for a local organization that runs our county fair (its volunteer run). They are doing a community wide yard sale/craft show/flea market weekend at the fair grounds. Instead of having my own yard sale i offered to do a fundraiser for them to help with their...
  11. T

    Exclusive Offer for Silent Auction Winner - Host a Free Cooking Show!

    I just heard from the lady who was in charge of a silent auction for which I donated a basket of products. She was telling me all about the lady who won the basket- she loves PC and had her eye on the basket since she came in to help set up, and she won. One of the items in the basket was the...
  12. smarteez2

    Get Organized with Our Supply Order Input Guide - Pictures Included!

    Okay all I need some info. I am getting my supply order ready and do not know exactly what some of these items are. Could you please let me know and if possible do you have pictures? Thank you in advance!! Knife case Carryall tote Simple Additions tote....is this just like the old one?
  13. baychef

    Maximizing Your MLM Success: Tips for Nurturing a Struggling Consultant

    I have a past host that has finally signed however, even though we both knew she would need extra hand holding it seems as if every time I talk to her, she is just concerned now with getting to $1250 for my sake. I have shared with her the benefits, offered to come to her first party, DID her...
  14. S

    11” Square Grill Pan-Need Input!

    I have a customer who would like some feedback on the Grill Pan. I don't have one, so I was hoping some that have used it or heard from customers could tell me how they like it, great recipes, tips, etc. Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!
  15. susanr613

    How Do You Input a Booth Event Into P3?

    Hi - I am doing my first multi-vendor event that is not a fundraiser. How do you usually enter it into P3 - cooking show, catalog show? Who is the host? Thank you -
  16. C

    Input Needed for Catty Show Booking in October | Pampered Partner Plus Question

    I have a guest who booked a catty show for Oct and was real excited about it--said she wanted to close around the 10th. I gave here the host packet at the show she booked from. I have attempted to follow up several times via phone; left several messages, yet no call back. After I hear from...
  17. K

    Get Feedback on My New Flyer Design - Open to Input & Criticism!

    Okay, so I had an idea for a flyer to post around, but want to see what you all think - so here it is. Any input/criticism/changes you would make? TIA!
  18. momoftwins

    Comparing August Newsletters: Seeking Input & Pricing Info

    Does anyone use this newsletter service?? If so, could you please email me the newsletter from August?? I am looking into 2 different newsletters and want to compare the two. Thanks in advance!! Any information on pricing would be great too!!!
  19. N

    Giveaways at Booth in October-Need Input Please

    Our local newspaper puts on Paint The TOwn Pink for Breast Cancer in October. The booth cost is $295.00 for a one night from 5:00-9:00pm. Lots and Lots of people come to this. They have to pay to come in. I did this last year with my medical office and I thought of doing it this year for my...
  20. linojackie

    Wanted to Get Some Input on an Idea I Had...

    So I have heard a couple of great ideas here for theme shows and was thinking to myself "I wish I had a host that was interested in doing ________ type show, because it would be so much fun" when it hit me...Maybe I should send out a host scavenger hunt-type thing. Basically saying, I'm looking...
  21. iamtamnur

    Really Need Input Re: Inactive Status

    Hey all, this isn't intended to start any debates but due to health issues and lack of being really familiar with the policies and procedures, I've ended up inactive as of March 1st. I've only been in business for one year and had about $8000 in career sales and one recruit which I have now...
  22. Kitchen Diva

    Xm/Sirius Vs. Hd Radios- Need Your Input Please

    Hi Cheffers! I have a new car with XM satalite radio. My 3 month trial is over and before I commit to paying for my tunes (I love the 80's station, and a few others that XM offers) I was wondering if any of you out in CS Land own a HD radio and if you like it. Also, when it was installed...
  23. stacywhitlow

    Give Input on Stacy Whitlow's Progress - January Update

    Please give input about my pws. I just updated for January. .../stacywhitlow Thanks!
  24. raebates

    Need a Little Input -- Transcription Fees

    In case you didn't know, I run a small publication design business from my home. I do a lot of flyers, brochures, and such. I also do basic typing for some of my clients. In reality, it's mostly a ministry. I create a lot of resumes for people entering the workforce after years as a homemaker...
  25. Kitchen Diva

    North Carolinans, I Would Like Your Input! :)

    Hi all! My DH and I are seriously considering moving to NC within the next 18 months. I want to know what you love about NC, where you live-using Raleigh and Durham as starting points, what you don't like, what city would you live in if you could...anything you can tell me to help us with our...
  26. T

    Shipping as Gift..how to Input?

    Hi I have a customer who is buying her mom a xmas present and wants it shipped directly to her house, how to i input her moms name into P3 with the shipping address???
  27. chefmeg

    Have You Found a Cost-Effective Recognition Solution?

    I do my cluster meetings with 3 other Directors and we are considering a new way to do recognition....sales, recruiting and so on, without spending a small fortune! if you do or have gotten a particular form of recognition that was really good, please share! TIA!
  28. amerrigan

    Run P3 with Windows Vista: Seeking Input on New Laptop

    Does anyone run the P3 with Windows Vista??? I am getting a new laptop, but want to make sure it will run with Vista??? Any input would be a great help!
  29. C

    Attract Teachers this Summer: Ideas & Input Needed

    Does anyone have anything they would use to attract teachers, to get them started this summer while they are out of school? This was something we talked about at my cluster meeting this past Saturday. I have found a teacher willing to spread the word and distribute the flyers in mailboxes...
  30. 4kids4me

    The 8 Point Show: Looking for Input!

    Someone mentioned an awesome idea for a show - the 8 point show. I can't find where I read that and what recipes were going to be used. I'd love to offer this theme and would love more input on it. I liked the low fat trifle I just made for the moms club - there's a whole thread on it...