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What is laptop: Definition and 94 Discussions

  1. M

    Anyone Have Copy of P3 From 2014? - Laptop Crashed

    The hard drive on my wife's Windows laptop failed where she still runs P3 for old client history (she's been a consultant since 1997). I moved her to a Mac late in 2014 as she transitioned to the new web site, but the web site does not store old order history from P3.Does anyone still have a...
  2. jpanzenhagen

    Is a Messenger/Laptop Bag for Sale at $20 + Shipping a Good Deal?

    Logo Messenger/Laptop bag for sale $20 plus shipping OBO. Good condition, little wear.
  3. quiverfull7

    Director My Laptop Keys are at their Limit!

    Yikes... I really want to see the update today but if I click on my laptop any more times.. my keys may just pop off! :roflmao:
  4. L

    atShows - Use Laptop or Write Orders

    What do you prefer - Handwriting out Orders or taking a laptop to your shows and entering the order there? :confused:
  5. C

    My iPad: Making Laptop Life a Burden & Keeping Me Connected!

    So my hubby got me an iPad for Christmas. I am LOVING it! It makes my laptop seem like such a burden and not as portable lol. Anyways, I'm on CS from it right now and I like that I can do that without lugging out my computer, not to mention Skype and make phone calls back to the States with the...
  6. O

    Hii Think My Laptop Is Getting Ready to Go to the Big Cpu Cloud in

    Hi I think my laptop is getting ready to go to the big CPU cloud in the sky. This has been expected and will not be a surprise. I am thinking that it wil be easier on my joints to go the route of a netbook to take to shows. Does any one use a net book and are there any major drawbacks to having...
  7. J

    Choosing the Right Laptop Processor: Intel Pentium vs i3 for Everyday Use

    I am looking into buying a laptop...I have a question about processors. The ones I am looking at have the intel pentium 6200 and i3 . My question is... Is the pentium quick still with P3. No gaming will be done on this, and wasn't sure what I should get.
  8. L

    Iso: Merill Quilted Laptop Bag or Dots Catalog Tote

    I am so disappointed... I wanted to order the quilted laptop bag from Merill Corp but wanted to see it in person first... when I finally went to order it, it was sold out :( Does anyone have a gently used or new one they'd be willing to part with?? If not, I'd love to find a dots catalog...
  9. NooraK

    Need Tech-Y Advice: Laptop Hard Drive

    I just got off the phone with Tech Support, and long story short, it appears that the hard drive on my laptop is about to cr*p out. I started getting corrupt file errors in P3 a few weeks ago, and now it won't open at all. The same thing happened last year, and I ended up losing all of my...
  10. J

    Can P3 Be Used on Multiple Computers?

    Is it possible to have P3 on 2 different computers? (one laptop and one desktop?) It doesn't seem to be able to recognize both and keep shows numbered the same. Anyone have experience/tips/etc?? Thanks!!
  11. Intrepid_Chef

    Borrowed Laptop: Ubuntu & P3 Compatibility Questions

    I borrowed a laptop from a friend while I figure out what to do about replacing my dead computer. It does not have windows. It has Ubuntu. Does anybody know if P3 is compatible?
  12. M

    Laptop for Shows: Love it or Hate it?

    Hi, I am wanting to get a laptop to use at show, cant spend a ton on it and want something user friendly and that can handle the software. What do you all have? love it? hate it?
  13. California Girl

    Bringing a Laptop to Your Show: Is It Worth It?

    do you bring a laptop to your show? is it wroth it? I dont have one anymore since mine crashed! so im thinking about getting one, could i write it off as a business expense? sorry for all the questions
  14. Aurora

    Using P3 on a Laptop and a Desktop -- How?

    In very simple terms, please. :) I want to use my Laptop at shows, but I can't get it to "talk" to my printer, connected to my desktop. Is there any way to have P3 on both, so I can print online orders, etc.? Help!
  15. L

    Can I Use P3 on My Desktop and Laptop?

    I installed P3 on my iMac desktop. But, I'd like to be able to take it to shows on our laptop so I can do host discounted orders right there if they want to. So I can use it on both computers or would my information in it not be there on the laptop that was there on the desktop? Maybe...
  16. T

    Is There Any Way to Get My Info From P3 Onto My New Laptop?

    Just got a new laptop b/c the old one is sooooo slow. Can I transfer my shows and contacts to my new one? Thanks
  17. emiscookin

    Do I need a Wi-Fi card for P3 to work on my laptop?

    My husband is most likely going to be getting a new laptop soon and that makes me happy because I can then take his old one to my shows. :D I am SO SLOW at calculating up the orders that having the P3 right there for me to input the orders would make the checkout process go SO much faster...
  18. S

    New Laptop, No WiFi: Can P3 Function Without Internet?

    I have a show tonight, and would like to take my laptop with me. My laptop is new and is not configured for wifi. Will P3 work without the internet to at least load and calculate orders and host benefits, or does it have to have the internet to function? I am at work so I can't try it out to...
  19. RCKmom

    Replacing a Laptop Battery: What to Do Next?

    My Dell laptop died a few weeks ago. It had been saying the battery was reaching the end of it's charging life. I let it go as long as it would. I ordered a new battery off of ebay. The battery arrived yesterday and I put it in and started charging it. When I went to bed last night the...
  20. babywings76

    Best Laptop for a Responsible 10-Year-Old: Recommendations and Tips

    I need recommendations if you have them. :) My daughter is 10 yrs old and my husband and I want to get her a laptop for Christmas. I know that sounds extreme, but she is very responsible. She doesn't really play with toys, she's not into dolls, she has plenty of craft projects kits. What...
  21. C

    Does Anyone Use a Laptop for the Show Checkout?

    I was thinking about using my laptop during check out at the cooking shows and was curious if anyone else does this. It seems it would be nice to type everything in to P3 which totals everything and calculates the awards for you instead of you having to do it on a calculator. Does anyone use...
  22. C

    Troubleshooting HP Laptop Adapter Beeping

    I have an HP laptop that is less than a yr old and my problem is the adapter, when I plugged it in this am, it would not charge my laptop and it started beeping. What does this mean?
  23. D

    What Laptop Do I Need for Internet, Email & pp?

    I am researching laptops and don't know what I need to look for. I will only need it for internet searching, checking e-mail and Pampered Partner. Can any tekkie out there suggest the minimum requirements I will need or do you know what is required to adequately run Pampered Partner? Thanks!
  24. itsjustCarla

    Is WiFi Necessary for Using a Laptop in College?

    I got my daughter a laptop for her high school graduation and I need some advice. When she goes to college, I'm not sure what she's going to need to be able to go online. Does she need anything special to be able to use WiFi?? TYIA
  25. kcjodih

    Should I Switch to XP on My New Laptop? Pros & Cons

    Can anyone tell me the pros and cons? Is there any problems with PP (we don't have P3 here) and Vista? I thought I remembered problems mentioned here before. I'm about to replace my 3 yr old laptop - giving my hubby this one and I'm getting the new one. It has Vista on it but the store...
  26. C

    Is It Time to Switch from PC to Mac After 5 Years?

    My PC laptop just started to make a weird buzzing noise. I've had it for over 5 years, 2 of which were in Iraq. (Not the cleanest of conditions then). What is the normal lifespan of a laptop, in general? Is it time to switch to a Mac, or would it be worth it to have it looked at & fixed? What...
  27. itsjustCarla

    I Need Advice From Laptop Users

    My daughter is graduating high school in a few months and we got a really great deal on a Dell laptop for her to take to college (for my Dave Ramsey friends, we had set money aside and paid cash - woo hoo!!). Anyway.......I've only had desktops, so I have no clue what she's going to...
  28. C

    Solving Run-Time Error '429' with Pampered Partner on Laptop

    I haven't submitted a show yet and had installed Pampered Partner on my desktop computer at home. After reading some threads about consultants bringing their laptops to shows, I decided to load PP on my laptop. The problem is, everytime I try to open the program, I get the following message...
  29. dannyzmom

    Dell Inspiron Mini 9: Tiny Laptop, Big Potential?

    Anyone have one of these? Apparently they are really small laptops? Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop / Netbook Can they handle P3? I think I want one!!
  30. turtle15

    Do You Take Your Laptop to Shows?

    Is it easier to take the laptop and enter the info into P3 at the show? Does anyone do that?