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What is switch: Definition and 27 Discussions

  1. Niki Kate

    Maximizing Sales: How to Transfer One Order to Meet Minimum Requirements

    I have an open show that I was doing virtually. It has 1 order in it and does not hit the minimum requirement of $200. I'm having another show thus weekend. Is it possible to take the one order and transfer it into the new show? I'm sure it'll help the hostess, as it's a quite sizable order. No...
  2. M

    Director How Are Your Leads After the New Web Switch?

    i'm interested in knowing how everyone's leads are doing? Before the web, I was getting minimum of 3 people to call about shows or recruit leads... Now, none. Before the web, I was getting $300+ in online orders, now i'm getting $150 I checked my senior consultant that hit $1250's in...
  3. kristina16marie

    Anyone Ever Switch Email Addresses?

    I have been having trouble with my newsletters getting sent to junk mail even when the person has added my email address as a contact. MY OWN newsletter gets sent into MY OWN junk mailbox!!! Grrrrrr, anyways - I think it's because my email address has a period in it (like a lot of the spam I...
  4. dannyzmom

    Switch to Mac: The Ultimate Guide

    No longer with PC???
  5. C

    Find Your Perfect Fit: Switching Directors for a More Supportive Group

    Is there a way to switch who you are under? I'm not getting that warm fuzzy feeling from the group of ladies that I am signed up through. I just don't click with any of them and would like to find a more supportive and friendly group.
  6. L

    Urgent Email Question - What Do I Do When I Want to Switch Email Carriers

    My email carrier is on the bottom of my favorite list right now...in fact they are not even on it. THey have messed my account up so much it is a wonder I even get emails anymore. Needless to say I have been thinking for some time of getting rid of them and going with some other carrier. The...
  7. Sarah K.

    Help Needed: Looking for Extra/Used Nintendo Switch

    I know this is a must have for many and like finding a needle in a haystack. But if anyone happens to have an extra or doesn't use theres anymore, doesn't even have to be new. I have a very good friend that would love to have one, she lost hers when her home flooded last summer. I want to...
  8. kcjodih

    Should I Switch to XP on My New Laptop? Pros & Cons

    Can anyone tell me the pros and cons? Is there any problems with PP (we don't have P3 here) and Vista? I thought I remembered problems mentioned here before. I'm about to replace my 3 yr old laptop - giving my hubby this one and I'm getting the new one. It has Vista on it but the store...
  9. gailz2

    P3? Do I Need to Switch From Pp 19.5?

    What is P3??? I'm using Pampered Partner 19.5 (or something close). How do I get P3, and when is it required? I recall others talking about problems with it a few months ago and thought they said late Jan. was a cutoff to switch. Please advise.:confused:
  10. Intrepid_Chef

    Broken Down Car, Long Drive and the Dreaded Party Switch!

    OK ... I've had a day ... a few days of pure heck, actually ... and I just need to vent! * I had agreed to switch parties with a Lia Sophia rep, not realizing her house was 75 miles away! Sunday was my day to drive to her place, which was in the SNOW BELT. Neither of us anticipated the...
  11. Intrepid_Chef

    Party Switch that Went Awry: A Lesson in Rescheduling

    (or "the party switch that went awry ...") OK, last week came and I found myself with a full calendar. I had six calendars, and was uncertain where I would fit in another show or craft fair. I was pretty overwhelmed, and stopped making contacts while I managed the shows I already had. One...
  12. V

    When Directors *And Consultants* Don't Want to Switch...

    To P3! Get with the program---switch already!! haha just playing off of ChefBeckys thread :D
  13. C

    When Hosts Don't Want to Switch....

    I have a wonderful past host, who has become a friend, and she has been a great boost for my business. I have several repeat hosts, and now 2 recruits that stem from her hosting. (I've tried to recruit her on an ongoing basis - but she just wants to host.) This week, a friend of hers decided...
  14. C

    Waiting on My Switch Over Box: Anybody Else Get Theirs Yet?

    their Switch Over Boxes Yet? I live like 30 minutes from them in Markham and here it is Thursday evening and I still haven't gotten mine! They were suppose to be sent out on the 11th, I've always had my stuff come next day. Anyone on here gotten theirs already? I WANNA SEE THE NEW...
  15. jcsmilez

    How Does One Switch Their Email With Home Office?

    Is it easy to switch over your email with home office? I have a new consultant that signed an agreement but has since told me that she wants to set up a PC email address - I'm debating as to whether I should just send it off and then she can switch over her email later or if it is going to be a...
  16. raebates

    Making the Move to P3: My Journey from Dial-Up to High-Speed Internet

    That's right. Little ol' me, in the boonies with the dial-up. I switched. First, a wonderful man I met at NC, Jonathan from the tech department, sent me a CD. It had the P3 program with all of the current updates. That way I didn't have my internet timing out while trying to get everything...
  17. Shawnna

    Switching to P3 for Your Business: Tips and Advice for a Smooth Transition

    Okay, I have finally been able to get DSL here, so I am planning to switch from PP to P3. I have a few catalog show going at the moment, but nothing with a definate close date. So, I should have time to get the hang of it. Is there anything I should watch for when I switch? Is there...
  18. P

    "Welcome! Making the Switch to Pampered Chef - Advice Appreciated!

    Just wanted to stop in and greet everyone. I am about to take the plunge into the PC world, and am very much looking forward to it. I am in the minority (in this case, meaning male!) and am a cop in my "real life". Cooking is my passion though, and I am lookng forward to venturing in this line...
  19. M

    Making the Switch to MAC: Experiences of Fellow Cheffers

    OK fellow cheffers! I am looking to buy a new computer and I've really been looking at a MAC for a while...how do you like it? Here are a few of my concerns: 1. I've always used a PC - how difficult is the transition? 2. Do you have any problems viewing documents created in Word, Excel, etc...
  20. MomToEli

    Making the Switch: Ditching Your Landline for Cell Service

    Okay, how about this one ... Anyone drop their land line and only use cell service for their home phone? No 911 makes me a tad nervous, but not having two phone bills - well, that idea ROCKS!
  21. AJPratt

    Ready for "The Switch" and I Need Advice.

    I think I am ready to switch to P3. When should I do it? With my next show, next month... just not sure. AND is there anything I should or shouldn't do?
  22. K

    Is It Safe to Switch Consultants?

    My new consultant is asking me questions because it is their only choice - I am more than a little nervous to change over
  23. Tara1021

    Switch Consultants on Registry: Pampered Chef Bridal Shower

    to switch consultants on a registry? I have a girl that I work with who called me tonight. Her mom and sisters want to throw her a pc bridal shower. She is already registered with pc (for a long time), nothing has been purchased off her registry. She told me that she wanted me to do it b/c we've...
  24. ChefinHarmony

    Anyone Not Make the Switch to Pp3 Yet??

    Okay, I need to confess, I haven't switched over to PP3 yet. I honestly have not had the time! I have been so busy with shows, fundraisers, upcoming Host packets, etc. that I haven't even had a chance to look at the new program. I'm bad. :eek: Anyway, is there anyone else out there who...
  25. quiverfull7

    Switching to PP3: Feedback and Tips from Experienced Users

    Okay... I've done the tutorials... got through the rush of February and am teetering on the brink of making the big switch to PP3 but I must admit I'm scared... I'm not sure why... if I was just beginning PP3 would be all I have right? I had no trouble getting to know PP ... except that little...
  26. amerrigan

    Interested in a Spanish Switch Over Kit for Sale?

    I have a Spanish switch over kit that I received from another consultant that is no longer selling. I have no need for it...so if anyone is interested PM me. I would be willing to send it to anyone, as long as they pay shipping. Thanks andrea merrigan
  27. B

    Is There a Way to Switch Directors?

    I'm asking this question for a friend of mine. I love my director but hers is very pushy and over bearing. (sounds like she's concerned about meeting her goals not helping her team) So my question is if you sign under someone are you stuck with that person as you director or do you think she...